Blac Chyna Gets the Hand at Espy Awards Event


    Word on the curb is that, Blac Chyna “threw a fit” when she wasn’t allowed into an exclusive pre-ESPY Awards party, a source close to the event tells Page Six.

    According to PageSix, Chyna was not invited to Tuesday’s Body at ESPYs party at the Avalon in Hollywood — where stars like Lamar Odom (another Kardashian ex), Aaron Rodgers and Lindsey Vonn were celebrating — and that she “tried to crash.”

    “They didn’t let her in because she wasn’t on the list and had a bad attitude,” the source said.


    1. Trap queen tries to crash without and invitation. Maybe she turned in Rob a little too soon? Why would she think she could get in.

      Go to the hooker after party. No THOTs st respectable events.

      • No, she forgot she’s in the middle of a war. Fuck playin, she needs to get serious – she has a bunch of coven hatin ass bitches after her now. She better get prayed up, retire h0e card and get right so she can get a little help from “upstairs”… She’s gonna need it.

        • ?????????? lol right because she done fa sho started a war with satan and all his demons.

    2. Chyna was tryna get chose, AGAIN. Although fruitless, I don’t knock her ambition tho. If I was a single celeb, I woulda been there to. Amber should’ve had her dumb ass there instead of layin up under that lil thug, D list, baby rapper.

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