Leaving Tidal Costing Kanye West Millions?

This nucca supposedly been going broke on 12 years now… ? If he is, it sho not because he left tidal!

According to Crazy Days and Nights, he is.

Blind Items Revealed
July 7, 2017
Look for this former A+ list rapper to decide to sell his home for some crap reason about buying and renovating some other home. Thee truth is that his recent decision is going to cost him millions and he doesn’t have the cash to pay it.

Kanye West/Leaving Tidal


    • At this point, she is the higher earner and he can reap the rewards should she decide to divorce him.

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  2. So an exclusive deal with a streaming service, does anyone know for how long this one is. This is why these artists need to learn to go at it alone and make less money instead of strapping themselves to energy vampires (they all are). It’s like indentured servitude. Don’t do it. Create your own music level and be a low level player until you get more successful. There are hundreds of very talented musicians who refuse to sell themselves to these people. Look at MJ and Mariah.

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