LL Cool J Makes Right Call With Maia Campbell Rejection Response

Keeps it CLASSY!

This week actress Maia Campbell rejected LL Cool J’s offer to help after disturbing video of her surfaced online

LL responded with only this tweet:


  1. She had the dignity to not beg. That’s the way I saw it, especially when she suggested that he do a benefit concert for mental health INSTEAD. I thought that was commendable. So that he would not be helping just 1 person, many with similar illness would be helped. There are many Black people suffering with mental illness especially with being in this land. Why not take the opportunity to help many vs 1?

    • Her suggestion was a good one and at least she is now getting help. I can see how he would come forward since people were saying “where is he in all this and has he come forward to offer her.” So he had to do it publicly. Mental health is still heavily stigmatize so the concert idea for awareness is great.

  2. We have to warn our children about the dangers of working in hollywood. If black parents have to throw away the television to properly educate their children, don’t hesitate to do so. Television has hypnotized black children to chase after the fictional hollywood dream/nightmare. That satanic industry has destroyed too many of our children. Todd Bridges, Gary Coleman (RIP), Maia Campbell and Lark Voorhies are some of the child stars that hollywood has damaged. Just say no to television, drugs and hollywood.

  3. I don’t even think she fully understood what was going on in the video to be honest. She is definitely not all there and trying to have a rational conversation with her is not going to work. If he really want to help, he will have to make the effort to go find her and actually pull her off the streets. If she rejects him then, then there’s nothing he can do about it. But I don’t even think she understood what was going on in that video.

  4. In his position, he could ask her family if he can take control and get her to a treatment center. She’s like his neice.

  5. While what LL Says is true, just remember that the “help” she might have received from LL could have come with some strings attached. People in the industry don’t care about you, and only look out for themselves while lining their own pockets. Hell her own friends just fucked her over by leaking a freaking sex tape of her; which could have been in retaliation for her refusing LL’s help. With the way blackmail works in the industry, we never know. Sad shit all around. Hopefully her family can reach her before the vultures in Hollywood do.

  6. That was not classy. Classy would be more along the lines of if you ever need me, I”ll Be.eThere. That sound more like fuck you then bitch.

    • I wouldn’t say that, but I feel you.

      I think their history should make him try a little harder. If I was in his position, I would. I mean, he should have pulled her to the side and did everything quiet. That’s another thing. He shouldn’t have made an explicit statement. He should have said, “Anything concerning Miss Campbell is between her and loved ones blah blah I fully support her and wish her well blah I’m here for her.”

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