Maia Campbell Responds To LL Cool J’s Offer of Help… She Doesn’t Want it!

    Maia Campbell is responding to former co-star LL Cool J’s offer to help her out, but she doesn’t want the help. In fact, Maia doesn’t want him to see her in this way and she says her mental health is an issue for her.

    LL reached out to Maia following the publication of video showing Maia is a bad place, figuratively and literally.

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    1. It seems like the majority of ppl in Hollyweird is strung out on something. They start out innocent and end up being drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes, dead or molested.

    2. she needs to be institutionalized or given long term in house treatment. she can’t live on her own and needs to get those weeds of friends cut out of her life.

    3. Maia doesn’t want the help. We can not help someone who doesn’t want help. Maia Campbell is gone. We have to move on family.

    4. Black children please learn from Maia Campbell’s mistakes. NEVER EVER USE DRUGS! This also includes alcohol and cigarettes. I do not want to see another black woman suffer the same pain as Maia Campbell.

    5. She dont want his help cuz she still kno how the industry works…nobody trying to end up yo blood sacrifice. Junkie or not, fuckk that nigguh.

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