Meet Paris Jackson’s New 38-Year-old Boyfriend

paris jackson boyfriend

19-year-old Paris Jackson has moved on from her allegedly racist ex-boyfriend do a 38-year-old man!

His name is Trevor Donovan, and according to sources, he’s an actor. Is this a step up from her last boo or do the Jacksons need to make another intervention?


  1. Hard to beleive Michael bestowed his entire wealth on these 3 kids. Her life of nothing.

    • Of course, cause he had white-itis. The most deleterious disease in ameriKKKa. #MakesMeWannaHollaThrowUpBothMyHands

  2. Demonic junkie white build-a-whore bitch. Fuck Michael Jackson and his confused, boyloving ass. I curse his name everytime i see this funky white bitch or the other two knuckle draggers. Michael you make me sick, u hated for ur own people and urself had no bounds. This white bitch will od prolly and then the zionists will find some way through the other two to take all that mikejackson money. The same ppl he spoke out against. Fuck mike jackson, u are a disgrace to the black community i wish u were still alive so we can draft u to the white team….id take angelina jolie evil ass over u, at least she appreciate black skin & melanin.

  3. Seems like mikes only real sin was b Howard and this guy didnt come out or mikes affair with Miki Howard til after he died then mikes other boy toy omer bhatti gets a record deal and mike and omer took some strange pictures they look like lovers

  4. What is a nice black girl doing with a dumb white man like that?

    Besides, he likes dudes.

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