Autopsy Reveals Angela Simmons’ Ex-Fiance Was Shot 13 Times


    angela simmons fiance shot 13 times

    TMZ has learned that Angela Simmons’ ex-fiancé, Sutton Tennyson, was shot 13 times when he was murdered in an Atlanta driveway back in Nov. 2018. The autopsy reveals he was shot in his chest, stomach, legs, and arms, and the Fulton County Medical Examiner says three of the bullets did an “enormous amount of damage” to his heart.

    Other bullets were lodged in his lungs, and pierced his stomach and spleen, and nine of the shots penetrated his body.

    Police have arrested Michael Williams, who reportedly opened fire and fled from the scene by vehicle. While witnesses tell police Michael and Sutton were arguin about money, Michael claims he wasn’t the one who pulled the trigger.


    1. 13 times, wow! You have to have a huge amount of rage and/or hate inside of you to shoot someone that many times in an argument. Angela Simmons is so not like-able; she’s annoying AF.

    2. A child just lost his father and you are gloating over that you are very miserable and pathetic worthless piece of shit.

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      • No this was not a hit by friends this was a personal sacrifice for Angela to move up just pay close attention to her this year also the number 13 is very symbolic to them. Came very close to being Vanessa.

        • Looks like if I meet a female celeb, i’m hittin it and quittin – before I get hit up myself! No wonder it was a weird situation to begin with. People still want to act like that illuminati for cash and fame does not exist. Everything in Hollywood keeps repeating itself – with everyone in it! Now you know why they keep dealing with each other.

    4. “13” times huh? Not 14, not 15, not 10, not 2 – but 13! If it made sense, they would have shot him 33 times! We know what this is – a Rush Productions – backed by the Jhews.

    5. I don’t know much about guns but it looks to me whoever shot him was heavily strapped……..I mean does it take 13 bullets to kill someone?


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