Aretha Franklin Owes Millions in Back Taxes


    Aretha Franklin taxes

    Aretha Franklin reportedly more than $6.3 million in back taxes from 2012 to 2018, and an additional $1.5 mil in penalties, according to sources.

    The massive tax lien is the result of several audits over the past 6 years. The attorney for the late singer’s estate, saying “The Estate is diligently working to resolve any remaining issues.”


      • @Maria Conchita….She sho ain’t lololo. IRS better say a lil prayer if they think she coming out her grave to pay them back taxes lolololo

    1. 6 Million Dollars In Taxes = 24 Million In Taxes = 7 Years !!! 100% Fact !!! ~ P.s. I owed $100 and Now It Is $400 Max !!! This Is The Only Way To Put Rich People In Jail !!!

      • Pay your taxes Dumb Ass…Better yet don’t so they can throw your Broke Ass in Prison so we won’t have to see your comments!!!

    2. What’s up with black celebrities and nonpayment of taxes?

      I’m starting to think they don’t know HOW to pay taxes so they just forget about it. All of em think they slick too by just ignoring em. Rich black folks gotta know how to play the tax game just like every other rich person. This just shows that we don’t know what we doin and can’t handle money.

    3. It ain’t just black celebs…whites don’t pay either including your prez.

      Some have people that are supposed to do this shit for them and they find out later they didn’t and or don’t…it is a set up or have you not figured this out by now.

      • No it ain’t no fucking setup. Watch your money. Even if you hired a accountant. Check in once in a while instead of just buying toys.

        • It is a setup…

          Anytime they want to touch any of those fools they pull the Tax card…how Stupid are you to not see this?

        • Taxes are a scam anyway, this country was set up for us NOT to pay taxes.

          You have people who worked for the irs and now don’t because they know the truth who say this….they also no longer pay taxes.

    4. That’s what happens when you insist on getting paid in cash only and not taking care of that little tax part. SMH, no will and now this. I’m disappointed that her shit wasn’t straighter than this.

    5. This goes to show you that celebrities live above their means….. if you only have 17 million to your name why the hell would go and buy a 14 million dollar house ….. forgive me im talking about lil wayne…….


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