Angela Simmons & Ex Were in Custody Battle 4 Days Before His Death


    angela simmons ex custody battle

    Four days before Angela Simmons’ ex, Sutton Tennyson, was killed in the garage of an Atlanta home, they were in a heated child support battle over their 2-year-old son, Sutton Jr.

    Page Six reports Tennyson was paying around $1,250 a month in child support, but she wanted more money.

    In December 2017, she received temporary custody of their son and was also granted an order of protection against Tennyson after she made domestic violence claims against him. Prior to his murder, he was preparing to ask the court for joint custody.


    1. I don’t put nothing past people ESPECIALLY these weird ass celebrities. Sacrifice is looking more believable ?

      • You are absolutely right but I doubt that she carried the hit. She probably tipped his enemies about where he would be and then they smoked him

      • Agreed she may not “directly” be involve with the the so called “hit” but you best believe her daddy and his cronies have been watching frm a distance….waiting,any father would do the same mho

    2. I don’t get it she knew he sold drugs but why have a baby with him. Some people like drama. So now she gets what she wants the baby all to herself.

    3. And Angela has her dad and her uncle Russell to cover up for her

      I’m convinced these women.mess with a dude only for child support and other benefits

      I mean I know women who only get 200 child support

      • What I don’t get is why want more money ? Isent her annoying ass already rich asf from just her father and uncle? I don’t know why baby daddy does for a living but I’m sure she got more money than him ??‍♀️ Never liked her

    4. All I can say is remember the movie tougher than leather and all I can say is DMC what did you do LOL

    5. Does Angela have income from the reality shows? Her sister Vanessa has a baby by one of the Wayans brothers. Its really sad if Angela had something to do with this.

    6. Im lost…I thought she hooked up with Yo Gotti after he made that song about hoGottiis in love with Angela Simmons…anyhoo I bet he’s glad he dodged that bullet …literally!


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