Andrea Kelly Describes More Abuse Allegations Against R Kelly


    andrea kelly abuse

    Andrea Kelly continues to talk about abuse allegations against her ex-husband, R. Kelly.

    Andrea told the hosts of The View that not only did R Kelly almost allegedly kill her while they were driving in a Hummer, but he also left her hogtied one night. The professional dancers said anything would set the singer off, including if the milk he was served in the morning with his cereal wasn’t cold enough.

    She also says after speaking out, the singer stopped paying child support for their children.


      • It doesn’t pertain to us. This is what I discussing with a young brotha on FB and he swore up and down that it did.

    1. Ok we know Kelly is a freak he’s bisexual, he likes teens, he likes when girls fuck him in the ass with strap ons, he likes orgies, he likes urinating he gets off on infecting with stds

      Pansexual ass behavior hr has herpes, he dresses up like the pied Piper letting us know he lay pipe in little girls

      What’s next Kelly gets his ass tickled by a feather

    2. Couldn’t be me in that situation……..I would have been a GRIT COOKING SLINGING MAMA every morning if he even thought about HOG TYING me. Word is bond!!!!!!!

    3. His brother told this story years ago. He said that Kelly had him to video him when he used to beat her ass. He is scum and I pray that some day he pays for all of the shyt he put people through.

    4. How come none of this came out when she proudly proclaimed her wifey status on that ex show?
      It’s popular now to confess. Next year no one will remember or care.

      • We don’t have to worry about history because he is still doing the same thing to the women is “harem” today…he just hasn’t wifed any of them, that we know of.


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