Al Sharpton Calls Out Travis Scott


    al sharpton travis scott

    Al Sharpton weighed in on Travis Scott’s Super Bowl performance, basically calling him a hypocrite.

    Al thinks Travis should follow everyone else’s lead by boycotting the NFL in support of Colin Kaepernick and his protest. To put it simply, Al says, “You can’t fight Jim Crow and then sit in the back of the bus.”

    You can watch the interview here.


    1. Just cancel the superbowl. TS wasn’t even poppin until the momager got involved. Maybe she’s the one paying the NFL to allow him to play! It’s all about the money either way.

    2. Forget Travis Scott. These so called pro blacks should call out the big buff coons who play football and the black parents who enroll their sons in little league football. Stop feeding the beast!

    3. Al STFU. I bet if Al was getting something out of it, he wouldn’t have a problem with Travis performing.
      I don’t watch football. And dont give a f*** about these no-talented b**ches.

      • Yes Al needs to stfu. I could rant facts on this fbi informing ,tax evading,fakN da funk azz clown for days but i digress.Why does the media always go to these out of touch fools smh…off topic everyone have a safe and blessed holiday peace out HSK

    4. They really irritating me. It’s so much stuff that should be boycotted, and they want to take the young mans shine away from him all because Colin was mad his career was getting ready to end so he stirred up the black ppl to save his career.

      Boycott Beyoncé and Jay Z satan worshipping Azzes, boycott cardi b new video. Boycott hospitals that allow oral circumcision .

      All this is, is a bunch of Niggaz jealous of anothe niggaz success.

      • What success?

        Most people don’t know who this clown is and wouldn’t if his name weren’t attached to the superbowl.

        • I don’t know none of his songs either or what he do besides date Kim k. That’s why I’m saying, take away his success. People gone know him after he do the Super Bowl. Jay Z is a hater.

          If they gone Boycott the NFL, they need to Boycott rap music with cussing, blaspheming, naked woman, Instagram models, dancing on stage in underwear singing ride it like a surf board and a bunch of other shyt that make niggax look stupid.

          I like how they only pointing out the NFL, when that’s the least that make niggax look dumb. Even though I listen to it, Rap seems more of harm to the community than anything.

          • Shame only black.rappers are called out for naked women, cursing, and bad behavior when.these white entertainers do.the same thing, promote lgbt, do drugs, talk about death, killing, satanism

          • Travis the monster dates the silicone clown known as kylie jenner. Not kim K- shes married to CoonYe.

    5. Al Sharpton and many other fools think he is a leader. Well a REAL leader doesn’t call people names, and he doesn’t call them out publicly.
      Al Sharpton however knows all about hypocrisy , google Joanne Chesimard ( now known as Assata Shakur ) and Al Sharpton.

      So many people don’t know their history and support this guy like many support Ron Karenga(who led a group that served as rivals to the Black Panther Party and Kwanzaa. Google Ron Karenga and what George Jackson said about him. Sheet just google Ron Karenga.

      I am against Travis Scott performing at the Super Bowl, I stopped watching football when Cam Newton claimed there was no racism in America or in his words America is beyond racism. The treatment of Kap and the continuous mandatory random drug testing of Eric Reid ( 7 times thus far this season) has kept me from watching

    6. Fact: The NFL makes $15 billion dollars a year

      Fact: There are no black owners in the NFL

      Fact: The average NFL salary is less than $8 million dollars a year.

      Fact: Recently Lebron claimed that the NFL owners have a slave mentality

      Fact: The NFL combines are very similar to the antebellum slave auctions

      • All sports owners have a slave mentality and Every sport that has a draft is akin to a slave auction…so lebrianna has no room to talk.

    7. Al acts like his hands haven’t been in as many pockets as possible.

      If anyone knows what a hypocrite is, it’s Al Sharpton.

    8. IMO this gladiator sport should be abolished. Frances Welsing tried to tell y’all about these ball games!
      Research it.

    9. Colin didn’t stir anybody up. Things been stirred up since the first slave ship docked in America.
      He just called it out. He may not have all the answers (i.e. Nike) but he got attention and made people lose their minds including the president of the United States!

    10. Jay Z, Boycott rap first?

      Can’t believe these niggaz really trying to mess with the NFL. Jay X is in over his head. And I will be watching the super bowl. Until they start boycotting everything that make black ppl look dumb including rap, they need to sit down somewhere and let niggaz get they money.

    11. Most black men are addicted to football the same way many white people are addicted to opium/opioids.

      PS: America declared war against Afghanistan. Afghanistan has the worlds largest supply of poppy plants. Poppy plants are used to make opium and heroin.

    12. Jay Z is a hater. Football ain’t the only thing racist.

      I’m sure Justin Bieber make more than Chris Brown. Justin Bieber prob got all of 4 songs and work once every 7 years. I’m sure Taylor Swift make more than Beyoncé and for what other obvious reason?

      So boycott the music industry too.

      How he gone boycott the league but then perform at they stadiums? like the same ppl that own the Sports teams don’t own the stadiums too??‍♀️

      Jay Z makes my stomach turn.

    13. So why did Jay Z and Beyoncé have concerts at these NFL stadiums, if they care so much?

      Let’s do the math here…

      Recently while they boycotting the NFL, they performed at:

      1. At&T stadium-Dallas Cowboys
      2. Fed EX Field- owned by Daniel Snyder-RedSkins
      3. Century Link Field-Owned by Seattle Seahawks.

      And I can name a bunch more. Sooo what exactly am I missing here????!

    14. Jay jealous Z is just scared, Travis gone get on and bring Kanye with him.

      Why Jay Z wait until Victor Cruz retire to start up this shyt?

    15. I doubt Mr. Scott is going to lift up black people with his performance. I want to see the stadium’s reaction when he takes the stage and says the N word or a whole list of other vulgar lyrics. Isn’t that what he’s famous for?

    16. Its a sin and a shame BLACK PEOPLE can’t come together on this topic. Unless I’m mistaken Kap already had a contract with Nike. Regardless of Kap capabilities he decided to protest against the modern day lynchings of BLACK PEOPLE. This should remind people of the 1968 Olympics and the BLACK FIST and their protest about how BLACK PEOPLE were treated back then (no different from today). Travis Scott should remember Chrisette Michelle who had a promising career until the white house debacle. Black people we need to stick together and FOCUS on the task at hand…….INJUSTICE OF BLACK BROWN YELLOW AND RED PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Kolins intentions were not to help black ppl, is the prob. He was trying to save his career. That’s like a police officer that watch 20 black men get wrongfully shot by his racist partners, but only snitches on them the day he’s getting ready to be fired.

        That’s what Colin did. I’ve watched Colin and many of these other fake activist celebrity men including TI & Jay Z, be at LA, New York, Miami and Las Vegas clubs and request that no dark or fully black woman be let in and or anywhere near them.

        So excuse me if I don’t take them serious. I guess when it comes to clubs, they bouncers and security can be racist but not the NFL.

    17. I was partying with Colin and his teammates one day in Vegas and watched his agent instruct the bouncers to turn away darker blk woman, with him standing right there. I’ve watched TI, Snoop, JaY Z, Chingy any many others instruct they security to do the exact same thing. The only one honest and public about it is Lil Wayne. And I did not care or think much of it at the time because it did not include me and I was having too much fun. So I would never go on a rampage and start no campaign like this, if I ain’t do shyt when I seen racism taking place right in front of my eyes and kept dancing.

    18. Well I guess since the majority of BLACK PEOPLE getting their modern day lynchings are of darker hue this doesn’t concern a lot of folks………so let the FUN continue!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Travis Scott should take role call of the modern day lynching roll……… He could be NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • To be completely honest. A lot of black people that don’t like other blacks, stems from bullying in grade school and it actually has nothing to do with color. A lot of the ghetto black kids of darker skin were bullies, especially the females. Always talking about the way people looked, who was ugly and etc. so Travis maybe one of those guys that don’t even like black ppl growing up.

        The only reason I did not develope an issue against blk ppl, is because I really did not understand what was going on, I came from a all white school to a black school. I got bullied for having green eyes, too much hair and big lips and teeth. But my bulling lasted one period before I got up and snapped back. Then I became popular and never had those issues again. But it ain’t work out that way for everyone. Because I found my self stopping a lot of bulling for ppl that did not know how to get back. So I understand why there is a stereotype against black ppl. But it’s not all black ppl, just the ghetto ones with ignorant parents.

        And no I ain’t losing out on no super bowl performance for them. F—k em

    19. Black Ppl. Stop talking negatively about the way ppl look!!!!!!That’s why a lot of blacks don’t support blacks. Decent blacks want they kids away from ghetto blacks, for this reason alone.

      • STFU Bitch…

        That is the FIRST thing you jump on when someone calls your Bitch Ass out on the Dumb shit you say on here…Talkin that, how you look shit and calling someone Fat etc etc… unfucking-beweavable a Triflin ‘ MF like you has the nerve to even try to pull that card out of your Stank Ass.

        • I call you that because I know you are that type of ghetto black girl that I’m talking about. I know you’re that type, So yes, I know how to strike back. But the only reason I be messing with you is because you always down talking ppl, so I have to hit you where it hurts. I know you fat and envious. Anybody with sense can see that without even seeing you. So yes I know how to be a bully back when need be. But I never start stuff, I just end it.

          There is no way you are cute, not the way you act. You can’t be, cute girls don’t start off conversations saying shut up bit—, just ghetto fat girls do that.

          You not fat?

          • You don’t call me anything You Hump Back Slore.

            Only a Hit Dog Hollers so the fat one between the two of us is you…I know you still have plenty of baby weight jiggling all over and your man has cheated &/or left you for someone worth his time…that is why you are on here talking shit.

            Only a Loser self-haying Bitch like yourself thinks talking shit about someone else will make them feel better.

            i am going to roast your Piglet Ass every chance I get, because you aren’t worth the shit on the bottom of a shoe.

    20. There’s a book called ON THE REAL SIDE…… BLACK PEOPLE need to read it………it may explain the reason why most BLACK PEOPLE especially the young ones crack on other young ones.

      • Because they mothers are trash!! Hood, trashy, mean, hoes, that’s envious of anyone that ain’t worst off then them.

        And they children pick up that same hateful energy.

        The problem is when they run into a person like me. I can be sweet and nice but I can also get mean and bully your azz right back.

        Then you gone be crying saying ppl bipolar…

        • YOU are the Trash here…and you deserved that Ass whoopin you got back in the day…too bad someone else hasn’t bust you up lately…maybe my prayers will be answered and they will.

          You damn sure won’t talk that shit to anyone’s face, because you def would get your Fat Nasty Evil Ass handed to you with the quick.

    21. Al Sharpton need to stop taking money under the table to say one th8ng and do another.
      There’s no leader in the Black Community because they all been bought and paid in full..

      • That Bitch ain’t white she is a Self-Hating Coon, who is mad because her dude left her for a real sister…


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