50 Cent Wishes Death On His Son!


    50 cent son bus

    When a picture of Supreme McGriff’s son and 50 Cents’ son Marquise was posted online, the rapper made a shady comment in resonse.

    Here’s what he had to say.

    Is 50 just joking or is he out of line?


      • I think his sons mom has brain washed him to hate 50 because they were young they had a good relationship Alot of bitter women do that put you on child support and tell the kids that daddy aint shit.

        • STFU Bitch…just because your POS hamite mother wasn’t shit doesn’t mean that is the case here…

          Some dudes are just trash, like you & this Clown.

    1. This is the epitome of self hate. What self respecting black man would say this out loud to the world.
      Even if he thought it – why? Has he ever said anything like this about a white boy/man?

    2. Supreme.was supposed to.put the hit out on fifty

      It’s rumored supreme might be 50s dad

      50 think his son betrayed him.by hanging with the son of his enemy

      Supreme was also affiliated with Irv Gotti and ja rule

    3. I wouldn’t wish death on anyone and here this sick fuck is wishing it on his own son. It’s definitely going to backfire on him.

    4. 50 Cent should listen to the rap song by Ed OG and the Bulldogs, “Be a Father to your Child.”

    5. Oh my My What Father Can Be This Childish,And Stupid,Are you playing with A Full Deck 50? Please Take Those Words Back,Please! I Lost My Two Sons To A Stroke,And A Heart Attact,Yah What I’d Give To Have Them Back,Get Angry,But Don’t Lose Your Mind,Teach Him If He is With the Wrong People,You,My son, Will Regret Those Words,I Saw you On The Beat With Ari Melber,you sounded So In Control,and Mature,I Can Not Believe You Are The Same Person,May Yahweh Forgive You,I’m Going To Die Without My Sons,We Have A Defect In The Family,We All Die Of Strokes,And Heart Attacts,I Sent Them To College,I Lived For Them, You Can Not Imagine My Pain!

      • They didn’t give him or any of those other clowns shit…they did plenty of sucking and taking it up the ass, among other things, to have those ill gotten gains.

    6. Nobody really knows why he does what he does but in all aspects its on some family ish….. I believe his mom does have something to do with it….. but i would throw $100,000 in the sky to bet if the money didnt change 50 cent. It happens to every single soul on this earth except for 144,000

      • @Jake…
        Um no, it takes 144 cubits of LIGHT to transcend. The way whitey wrote it in the ‘Bible’ is to confuse you.

    7. Words are powerful, look what happened to the guy working on Power! people please be careful what you allow to come out of your mouth. It may not come back on you, but to your, family, friends and just people in general you care about. Wonder what 50 is feeling now!


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