50 Cent Clowns Young Buck & Those Gay Rumors


    50 cent young buck transexual

    Young Buck and 50 Cent have been feuding all year after Buck sued 50 for back royalties and 50 sued him for defamation. 50 is now clowning Buck’s sexual orientation in this since-deleted Instagram post.

    In case you forgot, rumors that Buck allegedly has a thing for transgenders have been floating around for years.


    1. Yes I do believe that they have been together sexually and buck can’t say anything because he signed some type of confidential agreement. Now 50 just get to taunt him and buck gotta take or he’ll get sued for the everything 50 left him with and then some… but then again what do I know? Maybe I read to many books.

    2. As these trannies get more clout they will become more emboldened stubborn. Those things will start thinkin they’re women for real. They won’t be dl brothers dirty lil secret where they’re stealth like solid snake to get some tranny head in a alley somewhere. They gon want u to take em out to eat, pay them bills, and generally act just like females. Why do niggas fuck with trannies? Because they do the freaky things these new age masculine women won’t do.

    3. Uh, 50 gay. Even before the industry, 50 was someone’s girlfriend in prison.

      Buck is nasty af for that, but at least he’s not a scumbag like 50.

    4. The pic with 50 hugging a shirtless Soulja boy is gayer than Buck’s gayest moment. Even Birdman was probably appalled.

      • Right and What grown man calls another grown man daddy that’s not his actual daddy? My son 20 and he call his daddy dad. Us woman still say daddy but at some point a male stop saying daddy and shorten it to dad, I notice that a lot, but I’m rambling I hope u guys get my point I think I smoked to much weed tonight. 😁


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