Woman’s Has A Violent Encounter With Phoenix Police!


    A bystander outside of a Wal-Mart in Phoenix, AZ yesterday witnessed Phoenix police attempting to take a female suspect into custody.

    Going off what is shown in the video, the woman is accused of stealing from the store. While the struggle takes place in the car, the woman screams as a Phoenix police officer tries to arrest her. While in the process, she’s heard saying “he’s choking me!”

    At one point, the officer is heard threatening to SHOOT her!

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    1. It doesn’t matter if she is trail or trash that does not give anybody police or not to handle a women or man like that he threatend to shoot her wtf i reckon the only reason he didn’t shoot was because other people were watching not right at all this

    2. If she would’ve gotten out of the car it would not have happened. The officer was trying to take her into custody and she refused..of course you’re gonna get beat up.

    3. #Facts ….if she was black she would’ve been shot…..lucky for her she has no melanin but the sun ain’t a cop and will burn her to a crisp…..


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