Zendaya Does Photo-Op With Her Dad To Prove She’s Black


“Zendaya would have been an amazing Aaliyah because she is a true professional!” ~Kazembe Ajamu

She may say she’s pulled out of playing Aaliyah, but don’t think for one second that Zendaya’s planning to leave that role for someone else to fill. Just ask the teen actress’ dad, Kazembe Ajamu — who Zendaya was sure to introduce to the public eye during a recent appearance.

The pair’s recent joint photo-op comes shortly after Aaliyah’s colleagues and fans spoke out against Zendaya’s casting. “People said she wasn’t Black enough,” reports revealed. “Many fans felt the biracial teen was ‘too light-skinned’ to play Aaliyah.”

Here’s what Ajamu — Zendaya’s “dad and bodyguard” — just put out there:

“Let me be perfectly clear!! Zendaya did not drop out of the movie because of haters and people who said she wasn’t black enough. In fact they only fueled her fire to kill this role. However the production value was very important to her it had to be done right. Issues around production are what caused Zendaya to pull out of this project.”


    • Aside from Barry Hankerson & co. not okaying the project, I blame #blacktwitter 🙂

      Cant see how taking a picture with her dad is proving shes black though. Nice to see a father involved with his child and with the mom regardless of skin/phenotype.

      • Because she doesnt look white you dumb f*cking coons, when a person has a black parent they come out with features that resemble thier black side since the genes are dominant

        • “However, if you plan is to get with whites, have kids, take their money, make your kids date only black to get white wealth – then I am all for it!


          Now there’s a constructive way to uplift the community, being a whore for the white man/woman!

        • Who sounds like a racist here? GET OVER IT AND GET A LIFE YOU COON/BAFOON. So what if someone doesn’t like you for your skin color? That’s their prerogative. The right to an opinion. Move on with your life. People like you are just as much scum as racist white people. You’re a racist black person. The bottom of the scum!!!

        • You have serious mental problems. A so called black man with a fictional white mans name fighting for the honour of black people. Coon/buffoon is correct description of you.

        • NotTrue Moron. Many bi-racial parents have children who look black and white.! KendraW’s husband -the out of work basketball player–his mom white, dad black. His brother is white and he is black. Racist thinking. Look up pics of all bi racial children and their parents. Aha-Eartha Kitt. Very dark skinned, her hubby white and daughter looked white.

          • Eartha Kitt was not hardly dark-skinned and she lamented that she was often referred to in her southern hometown as “that yallow girl”. Please know what you’re talking about!

        • Ten seconds reading your post that i cant get back… smh… so ignorant… sad…. praying for you.

      • her brown skin and nose and big lips would never pass for white, these are the struggles of a biracial person especially a blk/wht one, neither race wants to claim you, i went through it in high school

        • I LOVE THE COMMENTS TODAY! As someone part Irish two times over on my dad’s side I fully get this! I didn’t really know him growing up, he was a hard-core drunk. Any who, when ppl say BLACK NOSE, I would KILL FOR ONE! I HAVE A DISGUSTING BULBOUS IRISH NOSE, THEY ALL GET FIXED! BLACK NOSES, AND FEATURES ARE BIG ,SMALL WHATEVER! SO NEXT TIME SOMEONE WANTS TO BE SILLY! JUST KNOW IRISH PPL HAVE HUGE FAT UGLY NOSES, THIGHS AND MEN CAN HAVE PENCIL LIKE DICKS!. I am now fine with my features and how my family history came to be. Alot of ppl want to be stupid and not realise when you mix that with black, thats how you get certain features!! OWN UP TO IT, IRISH, GERMAN,SCOTTISH! THOSE ARE YOUR “COON FEATURES” sorry for the use of the word, but time they dealt with it to!

          • Thats funny
            OT I once dated an irish man who was packing a 10 in a half inch thick dick
            Dam i miss that man 🙁

          • I’m not saying some can’t be huge, but they hate the same stereotype. It hurts don’t it! When your women choose nose types and facial features, that’s why David Beckham was known for his face and golden balls. Cause as women we love to play with nuts! And….. lots ofblack ppl unfortunately drop the white history from younger generations. That is not cool! You do not know what they went through you should learn, same thing with A LOT OF WHITE PPL NOT KNOWING THEY ARE BLACK! HUMAN PRIDE!

        • blame your parents for the slights.
          that should have laid down with their own, instead of lust at some swine(white people)
          this crossbreeding has to stop.
          BLACK POWER

          • Oh bullshit. She says that she has come to terms with her racial mixture. Like any sane and well adjusted human being would.

            Get used to it Sean, because that train has left the station.

          • @Sean please grow up you are not mature in your thinking.work on that ….Black power

  1. The various comments from Black people around the Internet stating that Zendaya wasn’t ‘black enough’ is just sheer ignorance. This is why we continue to plummet in terms of social and cultural prestige: perpetuated intra-racism, the denial of self-hate, and the miseducation of the true concept of ‘race.’

  2. R u sure that is not her mama?

    The girl isn’t talented enough. ciara is the only one qualified for the role of aaliyah

  3. This girl is black and she does not have to do a photo op with her own father to prove it….If and when they do Obama story are they supposed to get a bi-racial actor to play the role..I swear black people are so ignorant sometimes

    • In regards to Obama – yeah, why not get a mixed raced guy to play him, why not? We are not all black just because we have a similar hue. Do the Chinese claim their mixed raced people? No, they do not. Actually no other race clams mixed as full apart from the black race. I am so fed up of them claiming black – when it suits them – then letting you know that as far as beauty is concerned that they are mixed thankyouverymuch! Black women love to live vicariously through mixed chicks: ‘Oh my this white dude dates a mixed chick, that means that I could date him too’. Erm no, not really, chances are that he would not date you as you are a black woman. Stop trying to live your lives through mixed raced women. They are their own race of people. I now that many (two black parent) Americans fight for their right to cling on to the one drop rule but just remember that you are slowly being replaced / erased in the media and that you fought for that right …

      • I swear I feel stupid responding to STUPID but I will attempt to try address your nonsense ….A dominant gene will embrace with a recessive gene and the latter will come more dominant …if this process continues throughout generations then the recessive gene will be eliminated all together (the greatest fear of the white man ) and the dominant gene is the only gene that can achieve this THEREFORE it is very safe to say that all races were generated from the dominant gene making it sooooo not necessary for any other race to claim its original hue ..you just sound like a very bitter dark skinned hued woman who has NOT learned yet to appreciate YOUR value so you deflect negativity towards the lighter hue woman …I STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT YOU GET OVER IT

            • No hun, I meant Cali girl’s arse licker stalker person. LOL at you, when America consists of only mixed people I wonder how you will all feel about that. You moan about black men only dating whites or Latinas but yet the product of their union – according to you – is black anyway so rather than complaining that black men date out so much you should all be congratulating them and encouraging them to do it more often no?

              Confused arsed people.

            • As far as I”m concerned BM can date whoever the hell they want. I’m fine with me and I have a husband, so I’m not concerned with who is attracted to whom. Grown ass men can do what they want.
              I accept that America will be a nation of mixed race people before the end of my life, and I think that might, just maybe, be the thing which finally ends inter-racial strife in this country.
              As the old white racists are dying off, and the younger kids of all races have a whole different way of seeing things than even my generation(gen X), I hope that an amalgamation of races will render bigotry and racism, as we now know it, part of a bygone era.
              I have always been more progressive than most folks, and I know I am in the minority
              here with my vision, but I am sick of the whole mindset of those who refuse to see that change can be a good thing.
              My greatest hope is that 100 years from now kids won’t believe when they read the history books, that there was actually a time when the races hated each other.
              I am open to such broad change in the hopes that the future generations will have better lives than we did.
              Sorry that I pisses you off Scorpiess. I’ve always enjoyed reading your take on things from the perspective of a Brit.

            • @Caligirl’s arselicker.


              Please take moment to consider Brazil and how their mixed raced society has worked out. The lighter will always be the righter and if you think that racism will ever be demolished then you need to have several seats my dear.

              I live in the real world and I am offended that you think that it would be better for the black race to entirely disappear. God help us.

              Nice talking to you.

            • I prefer to use Cuba as an example of how race mixing has succeeded. I’ve been, and it is truly a different world. I agree that Brazil has as many issues as the US.

              I guess I’m a glass half full type.

        • Go f*ck yourself, you snide bitch. I was with you until you got to the race baiting portion of the program and then I remembered you from previous threads. You dick ride for Beyonce and folks who.don’t agree with you are supposedly ignorant or stupid….and inevitably darkshinned and jealous of both you and your idol. You have a lot of nerve and hostility toward dark skin your damn self so take your hypocrisy and blow it out your yellow skinned ass, trick.

          • lol ummm like when you attempt to use the word hostility to describe another person you probably should not display that action while doing so..IJS

            • All these dark skinned people on here hate themselves and project it on lighter skinned people and then get mad when you defend yourself, and her response was not nearly as intelligent as yours

        • I have nothing to get over. I am brown skinned for the record. In the UK we all feel this way about mixed people and we acknowledge them as their own damn race of people so hun, YOU get over it. How intelligent is it to call a 1/4 black & 3/4 white person fully black? Dumb, beyond dumb. Americans and their one drop rule ha ha ha.

          Have a nice day.

          • so SAD that white people and your obvious anger has convinced you silly BLACK UK’s to SEPARATE from lighter people who are also viewed as non white…I guess ignorance truly is universal …so in your mind they may have benefits that exceed some of yours but they are still on the low end of the totem pole as compared to other whites ….people of color are ALL on the titanic some are below deck and some above deck but we are ALL on a sinking ship and only working together can we battle the forces that aim to bring us down….I cannot tell you how dumb it sounds for a darker person to say that lighter people are considered their OWN race ….and WE STILL HAVE TO ASK WHY WE STAY LOSING AFTER knowing a lot of us actually think like this…SIGH..we sure got a long way to go …1/4 black I have never ever in my life heard of such crazy nonsense..remind me to NOT got to the UK to visit because I loathe stupid

            • You bugging out right now little one. Yeah we are sinking, but just because someone is considered” non white” by Caucasians doesn’t mean they down with the black struggle either. That’s the main point. You see someone has a little color on them, trust me, they’re trying to take you down right along with the beasts. And that’s just the reality.

            • Just because someone is as white as snow doesn’t mean they’re down with the Tea Party or the right either.
              Not everyone sees the world through a black/white prism as you do. Winning, losing?
              I concentrate on being in the game. I’ll know if I won or loss one day, but I am not depending on some group struggle to get me where I want to go. That shit is from the 1970’s and it’s over.

            • @ the realness ..wow the mind is such a terrible thing to just waste on nonsense and rederick NEVER did I say light people were automatically down with a certain cause..as far as that is concerned there are just as many dark skinned black people NOT down for the cause…BUT the KEY POINT is THEY see us just about the same..so the treatment is NOT changed based on how we feel the treatment is based on how they feel…..WE just have to learn how to accept our strengths and start using them..an IGNORANT mind is just that and that is what creates division amongst people…..the titanic is sinking whether the people that are on it think they are better or NOT ….GET IT …GOT IT..GOOD ..I swear the pee brains be having my head hurting because they respond swearing they are saying something but even be sounding more foolish

            • @Cali, @Anon14:37, your utopic post racial mentalities will only aid in your justified demise. Sad but true. It’s all about black and white kids. Get with it or get left……..for dead. You can’t stop it;)

        • Are you kidding me Cali Girl?

          It will take abut3 generations of that mixed race boy or girl to totally become white. Just ask the descendants of Thomas Jefferson. Yes, even the strong black gene can be erased.

          First Man started in Africa, yet we have the Asian an the white man.

            • Thomas Jefferson’s descendants from Sally Hemmings are WHITE.

              Everyone will be white and Asian, particularly Chinese and many browns. Don’t believe the hype.

            • it truly is basic math one on one ..I do not get why it is so confusing to US because they sure are well aware of it

            • Our genes are dominant for about 3 or 4 generations.

              The bones of the FIRST MAN was found by Dr. Blakely, a British archeologist, in the Nile Valley in the area of what is now modern day Kenya.

              Europe is a continent of white people. Clearly, their historic ancestors are black, yet, they are not.

              No the racial gene is not dominant forever.

          • all I can respond to you and see it please go read a more accurate book…okay I will give you some suggestions…how about the destruction ot the black civilization by Chandler Williams or Before the Mayflower because you are greatly misinformed

            • More accurate?

              Facts not theory. But I did read some of the destruction of the black civilization years ago.

        • Cali Grl:

          To say that you don’t care who black men date demonstrates the callousness you and many other black women have for our black daughters. Yes, many black women are marrying outside of the black race, and sadly, many are not. To not acknowledge the black man’s disdain for his woman and community for what it is, which is the future erasure of black families and black women is to like saying, “I don’t do drugs and I don’t care who does and who doesn’t.” And then, ten years later, when there is no affordable housing for our people because the neighborhood is destroyed we are crying about gentrification. If you don’t care, fine, then say the real reason you don’t care, which is that you cannot do anything about the self-hatred of black men and their desire to be loved and accepted by their oppressors.

          Media has played a major part in the black man’s self-hatred and casting a woman of a different race and hue in order to change the symbolism of an icon is part of that agenda.

          I am glad that you are a married Black women; know you are in the minority. Just don’t have a black daughter because the chances of her getting married are very slim and don’t get divorced because your chances at remarriage are even slimmer.

          For you not to recognize that and believe that we are moving toward equanimity due to race-mixing is rather naïve. In Latin American, esp. Brazil, there is a large mixed race population and the black race communities are totally disenfranchised.

          Part of the reason other races and nationalities surpass Black Americans in education and income is that there is cohesion and a shared cultural unity. The focus is not to “f*ck” their way in, but to move forward as a group and press their economic and political clout as a unified cultural group. Black folks swallow the rhetoric so much, the white power structure doesn’t even try to hid its shit dumping on us anymore. They know that they can shows us the toilet paper before they squat to take a dump on our mindset.

          • First and foremost I am far from naive so allow me to share some facts with you …95% of the world is of color ..that means that if this world were to relate with one another as equal then the sheet race would be eliminated and that is the ONLY reason why white SUPREMACY EXISTS..it is the extreme fear of annihilation…”Until you understand white supremacy everything you think you know will only confuse you “ Dr Francis Cress Weilsing The Isis Papers ..the main problem with BLACK AMERICA has been and IS the fact ,we do not know our value…we got this distorted image of white man being so much greater than IT truly is..WE GIVE white man all his power because kit surely does not come from his great virtue ..as a black person why would you even care who is dating who because you already know that the chances of a white and black couple of producing a child that looks like Obama is far greater than producing a child that looks like a brad pitt….white people truly have the bigger fear of interracial relations ..I truly do not understand WHY any person of color would remotely consider this an issue knowing the POWER OF THE DOMINANT GENE..BLACK IS BLACK with many hues and IGNORANT people are using confusion to make you separate yourself from other black people..THUS making it even harder to create unity..you better realize who the true puppets are in this country ..they are the ones who actually fall for the HYPE

            • correction TYPO * I meant the word WHITE race on line 4 as opposed to the word SHEET

            • Brilliant!!! That’s what I’ve been saying, Obama is by far the more prevalent example of mixed race than Halle Berry. You wouldn’t even think Obama was mixed if you didn’t know better.

            • Okay, you have the black race as a “spectrum”. But a race is more than just a spectrum of color.

              It is about money and culture. Most IR (black man/white women) — the money and the culture defaults to white. Which is why the utopia of mixed race people will not usher in an era of equanimity. That can only happen when injustices are righted and economic fairness is implemented.

              We can have 10 white folks on the planet. If they control the resources, they make the rules. Joos are only 6%of this country, but because they run Hollyweird, their images of black people are splattered across the screen and internalized by black folk.

              I am not separating from anyone in my race, however, I will not allow black folks to be redefined. There are plenty of black actresses to play the role. Even trained black actresses, not rappers or singers who are being coached.

              The ultimate goal is to be blinded by the game which is to have us hand opportunities from our hands into the hands of our oppressors because we accept the agenda without argument.

            • Yeah. That’s worked out real well so far. When are we going to stop being professional victims and get in the game like the Koreans and Vietnamese? I grew up around a mess of VN and they were the poorest folk in the hood. Now they all have their own homes and businesses and no one gave them nothing and they barely speak English. But they worked 7 days a week and never took a day off. They did whatever they had to do and they won.
              That’s who I want to emulate. I’m not waiting for any wrong to be righted. I’m making my own opportunities and so far it’s working.

              Or, you can wait forever.

            • @Anonymous 14:44

              You need to read the thread. The VN stuck together which is my point.

              Do not worry, like the Japanese Americans, thy will gain political clout and get reparations for being bombed out in an illegal war (Viet Nam). And don’t think they came into this country with nothing, I don’t care how poor they were. You go by sight, not by research, not good.

              But they will call folks out in a minute if their culture is is respected, unlike us.

            • Feel what ? Please speak for yourself ..so sorry realness I obviously do not subscribe to the same issues that you do ..I have no major arguments with light skin or dark skin people ..and I do not walk around carrying a heavy load of racial burdens… I am a strong black woman who knows her worth and no white mans opinion of me CAN EVER CHANGE THAT only I can ..I understand Racism clearly and that clear overstanding wont allow me to submit to it…I refuse to give the white race power by showing IGNORANCE towards other black people because they are more favored by the white man or more despised by the black man..ONLY an uneducated FOOL would submit to that nonsense

            • @Cali, You’re half right. A white mans opinion is invalid to any black person male and female. BUT, like it or not ignorance is irrelevant to who’s in charge of everything in this world. You can be a “scrong” black female all day. The question is what are you doing to build your own people? So yeah, either you’re with us or against us. And pretending to not care will only aid in your demise. Try again.

            • Therealness. What r u going to do but go about pointing fingers. What r u doing really. Love thy nieghbour like you love yourself. God will revenge for us. Till then spread love. Cause your turning into what you hate.

            • People like Cali Girl are the ones who will succeed and through her personal strength and success she will in turn move her immediate family forward. That is how my family did it one generation at a time. And now 50 years since the first one graduated college we have built a strong and secure future for all of us. If each one of us would make it our goal to insure that the next generation in our bloodline would be better off than we were, in the next 50 years we would be a true force to be reckoned with.
              But to hold an attitude that we are at war and what is the government going to do to fix it will keep you down forever.
              I know that The Realness has issues and I understand how he/she became embittered, but if she stays in that bitterness she is only hurting herself. Compared to my dad’s generation we have nothing to deal with. If they could make it through that time, we should let nothing stop us now. Our ancestors were so strong and so righteous, we owe it to them to live and embrace the opportunities they never had.
              The choice to live for revenge is a self imposed life sentence. You are in a prison in your mind, and you’re never getting out.

            • @Anon23:00/23:31, bird of a feather flock and will get stoned together. Its sad that people like you and Cali thrive off of pseudo intellectualization. Just more distractions that will get you and your familes killed in the end. No bitterness here kid, just realism, something most people like you can’t handle, so you come up with statements like yours and Cali’s. Lol. Oh and since your so “scrong” why are you still living under white rule? What Economic and social power do you have right now? I’ll wait.

            • What’s this bird of a feather stick together shit. What u call real is nothing but bitching. I ask again what r u doing to help the situation?

            • Obviously saving those who want to be saved, along with battling distractions like you from getting them killed. Those who have a chance at freedom. Now answer my question, what power do you have socially and economically? Troll. I’ll wait.

            • I don’t want no power. Food on the table, roof over head and my peoples laughing. That’s it for me. You can hate the system like I use to, but in the end that’s what they want, to be sad, mad and powerless. Don’t be a sucka.

            • We all die. But how ya soul going with that hate balled up inside you. This life ain’t nothing but a ride to the non materialistic person. Enjoy your hate filled days.

            • What am I’m denying. Focus on the real enemy. Your aiming at innocent bystanders. Just because people don’t look like you.

            • Way to play the race card. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Look I’ll go away. But girl like caligirl are big picture thinkers it will be you left behide with all your hate.

            • All that I’ve stated was the big picture. And those rose colored glasses will be the death people like you and Cali, so enjoy it while it lasts. Good ridance;D

            • U keep saying death like ur trying to scare. What’s gunna kill us, getting on with people, not pre judging people by race or colour. Come on man.

            • Grow up yourself. U CAN NOT UPLIFT UP PEOPLE BY
              HATING OTHER PEOPLE. Once kings n queens. What happened. They took over. Now u wanna half the people in you camp and take the throne back. With all the weapons they got. Wake the f*ck up please. Good peolpe gotta stick together.

            • Practice what you preach child. You’re nothing but a troll put in place to get an entire race killed. Black people will learn to stick with their OWN. Or they’ll simply die. Bye bye.

            • That’s how you answer my comment. Calling me troll. B real. That’s a blowoff. How u gunna retake the thrown by divide the black race even more. You lost when you had the numbers and in power. How u gunna reclaim it. What’s the plan.

            • It appears you have a serious comprehension problem. Where did I speak of division? Ignorant black people are continuing to divide themselves by interracial relations. They’ve been warned. Repeatedly of what’s to come by doing that. History repeats itself clearly. And yes you are a troll. As for the plan, no true warrior speaks such things to strangers. Worse, trolls. Whatever your response, is invalid and irrelevant. Good riddance.

            • One of the longest back and forths on this thread. As for anonymous, well. Your debate holds no weight to what the realness has been saying. You’re all fluff. A lot of bark and no bite. Simply put just plainly full of shit. I’ve seen so many kick that shit about “loving your enemy”, but that’s if you are black yourself. Maybe you are in fact just a troll like realness said. A troll trying to get a rise out of people on the internet creating nothing but arguments among black people. But in the end the realness put that ass in it’s place fair and square and you have nothing to show but be the troll that you are. Typical.

            • Ok if you do it your way. Nothing will change. It’s to far gone. People who really want change don’t care about colour. It’s gunna take 99% to beat the 1%.

            • Who u trolling. Jumping in. Thinking your some kind of ref. bing ding joker. Find your own argument. In full control toll.

            • I hope that Blaq movement, realness and any others realize that you are not arguing or discussing with one person calling themselves anonymous. I know this because I am one of them but I am not all of them. I will remain in the Cali Girl camp, rose colored glasses and all. But my glasses aren’t really rose color because I see things very clearly. My people and me have all worked, sacrificed and stood together as a team and we are now reaping the fruits of our endeavors. You can laugh and say that we have no political power and we are fooling ourselves, but do you own 26 businesses and employ over 300 black folks? Good if you do. But if you don’t, don’t throw stones at folks who have put their money where their mouth is and are helping others as we help ourselves.
              Black folks most certainly can win. But it isn’t easy and it takes a hell of a lot of determination. But it’s just wrong for you to preach your fatalism as if no one here will ever have anything to hang their hat on because of racism. There are a lot of families just like mine who have proven you wrong, and for those who are reading this, keep your mind and your eyes open, but don’t be afraid to reach high for the prize. 25 years ago my daddy was raising 8 kids cutting grass for a white man’s apt. complexes. That same “evil racist white man” so admired my father that he helped him to buy his first franchise of a national chain. My dad now owns 18 franchises and has bought one additional for each of his kids. Of course, realness probably thinks my father is a coon for accepting a hand up from YT. smh

            • @23:19 I know where Realness is coming from and I’m sure they wouldn’t down you for turning the tables to help black people. As long as you’re helping YOUR OWN. And to assume Realness would throw stones at you for what your father did and what he did was help his own, well is that not ignorant of you? Have you read all that Realness has stated?

        • Our genes are dominant for about 3 or 4 generations.

          The bones of the FIRST MAN was found by Dr. Blakely, a British archeologist, in the Nile Valley in the area of what is now modern day Kenya.

          Europe is a continent of white people. Clearly, their historic ancestors are black, yet, they are not.

          No the racial gene is not dominant forever.

    • First who is US second 2 color blends produce a different color…not HALF of that color….if stupid was a job some of you would get paid some serious dough

      • I agree. We claim Halle Berry, Shermar Moore, Lisa Bonet, and others as black but not her.

          • The media is not in cahoots to racially brand
            people one way or the other. In the world as a whole, if you have a black parent you are black. That’s it. The end. Get over it.

  4. SOO… we just gonna ignore the fact that in the last post she said she pretends to be Aaliyah anyway??… CREEPY! I mean I’m seeing to many up and coming artists trying to be the “next Aaliyah” I mean Tinashae, Sevyn streeted, MILA f*ckin J, Zendaya has Aaliyah written all over it! I mean what happened to being yourself and original??

  5. Also in my opinion Keshia Chante doesn’t look shit like Aaliyah , and she can’t dance. the only similarities is the fact they both had a big head and long hair! thats all. she too was trying to be the “next Aaliyah” but look where her career turned , Aaliyah stayed true to herself and it showed it came natural!

  6. if zendaya wasn’t in hollywood she would be considered a light skin black girl, she shouldn’t try so hard to prove to people how black she is by taking pics with her black daddy. I mean melyssa ford is mixed with black and white. and considered the baddest black female video vixen ever

  7. Zendaya’s black father don’t give a damn’ about ya’ll, yet, you wanna defend these Toms. Blackwomen are being marginalized by these same blackmen, i don’t understand some of you women…I Really Don’t!!!

      • @Scorpiess

        This is the problem…Most blackmen in IR relationships hate on blackwomen to justify the union. Never made sense to me, but, they want us to recognize their offspring as black…Why?

        • Precisely. I date out but I don’t hate on black men in order to justify my preference. Black men like to call mixed “black” so that they can only date mixed chicks but yet still insist that they are dating “black” women.

          Willie Lynch did a number on all of y’all.

          • @Scorpiess

            I agree 100%…This issue was created by whitemen. Let biracials be mixed as they are for christ sake. Blackwomen wanna claim Zendaya…No! She is a colored woman. We say black is beautiful, do some among us really believe it???

            • No. They are women of colour but that is it. They are not black. Black women just want to live their lives through them as they know that they would feel left out otherwise.

      • @The Realness

        Real Talk…A clique of blackmen on this planet assume they can X blackwomen out of the loop by seeding colored babies with other women. If a woman is not african, east-indian, or polynesian…she can’t birth a black child. Caucasian women can birth brown or high-yella babies…true enuf. Black…That’s A Stretch!!!

        • Her Father Is A Washed Out Ol’ Coon….Who Thinks His Half Baked Daughter Is Something Wonderful But She’s Not!!
          There Are Plenty Of Light/Brown Skinned Blacks People Who Look Better Than Her!!!

          Some Men Do’t Consider Black Women As Sexy Which Is Sad But True.. Black Women Are Sexier Than “Red Velvet Cake”

          • @Action Jackson

            All of this insanity based on an assumption that every biracial person will love black as we do…Not True! The arrogance of some brothas astounds me. This downgrading bs is not pro-black. Zendaya is not the problem, her father is confused, It Shows! Our black sisters give us all we need, but, some of us are greedy. Sanity has to rule the day…Bottomline!

          • @Action Jackson

            The Raw Truth…Blackmen and Whitemen see creole women in the same way…A Combo Meal!

            Brothas See Whiteness…Whitemen See Blackness

            Both races of men want to claim a group of women that belongs to neither…Racial Summary!

      • @Scorpiess

        In all honesty, blackwomen in the US don’t wanna cut the chord once and for all. I don’t see us as blackmen fighting tooth and nail to identify biracial men as black, only the females…Why So?

    • Who cares what what her father cares about? That doesn’t change the fact that anyone with 2 eyes and a brain can see shes black. You are perpetuating bigotry within the race. And there’s already too much of it.

      • @Anonymous

        My beef is not with Zendaya. However, the blackmen that create chaos and malice among us…Yes! As blackmen, we gotta call out the hypocrisy of some in the brotherhood. Black Nationalism Meets The Swirl…Gotta Destroy It By Any Means…It’s A Trap!

        • Miss Tyrone your slip is showing again.

          If you truly wish to perpetuate the myth that you are a man, you should temper your remarks a bit more. You literally come across as the stereotypical pissed of BW.

          But hey, keep it up. I am always in the mood for a good laugh and you’re always here to provide it.

          • Well that’s an insult to black men itself. You think black men shouldn’t be racially prideful. That’s pretty much what you just said. And the fact that you think black MEN who talk like that sound like pissed off black women to you, speaks volumes about your character.

            • No. What I do think is that I never met one BM who spends all day online bitching about how BM are too into WW. Never heard one bitch about it offline neither.

            • So being engaged in a spirited discussion is bitchin online?

              We ain’t gonna ignore the obvious.

            • @The Realness

              This Tom outed himself. As if, every heterosexual blackman is naive about neopolitan ice cream. Yeah, sugar is sugar, but that’s a trivial concept. I could smash 100 white females, sex is not love. I love sistas because my mother gave birth to me, have no reason to hate my reflection. A man can lust other women, but those with sense are not gonna place another above their own…The Realness!!!

          • @Anonymous

            You sound like a pissed-off Tom, stalking me like a rapist. So, blackmen are supposed to stay quiet about this bs…I Think Not! You’re mad because i’m exposing you frauds. Calling me a woman, you think that’s impressive. Your oxygen is dying…RIP!

            • @Tyrone

              Last Yesterday I Went To A Carnival And There Were Lot Of “Black And White Couples Holding Hands”

              I Asked Myself Would Black Men Proudly Hold Hands With Black Women!!??? And My Answer Is No!!!!!

  8. we need to embrace more black love, the black ethnic group is slowly fading awayyyyy…. according to a study by 2015 or something like that majority of this country will be mixed race! have you ever noticed that mixed race people usually have one or both parents or ugly??… anybody ??or is it just me??

    • Lol, they are ugly and they are using ones who can’t get anyone to date them in their own race. I saw a big nasty yt with a black chick and I had to laugh. She was looking like a proud princess and he was looking shrek. And I had to laugh, If he wasn’t garbage, a white woman would have him. And I saw ugly fiona with a black dude.

      Just disgusting

      • I agree 100% the unattractive ones in their ethnic group, are the ones who mostly say I’m gonna date outside my ethnic background, or sumn like that, like a ugly black man who can’t get an attractive black girl. Are usually the main ones bashing or talking shit about black women as soon as they get with a white woman or a woman of a different ethnicity


            • First of all, take yo cap lock off when you talking to me. I said exactly what I meant puppy. So come correct when you speaking to the big dogs. Your words let me know you’re ugly on the inside, which reflect the outside. Do me a favor go “run it, run it” in another direction b4 I make you slap yo self.

            • 18:32 of definitely a yt troll. Ans there are others. Their slang is pathetic, lol

      • That is hog wash. Halle berrys men are all handsome and she’s a beauty. Eve’s dude look good too. And Robert Deniro and his wifey is cute too. So speak for yo ugly self.

  9. Sometimes “daddy” is just the nigga wit the best job that mama is f*ckin.

  10. One black parent doesn’t make you black and I notice how many of these mixed race kids end up using black but when they are done and they get what they want, they run around. I am not black. I am not feeling her or him.

    • they only do when its beneficial for them. Halle berry , married a white man who is racists , she doesn’t want her daunter being called black. like being called black is a bad thing! but as soon as the award for best black actress comes around, IM SOOO PROUD TO ACCECPT THIS AWARD BLAH BLAH BS! As soon as u call a mixed person black , woah hold up I’m not black I’m mixed( better than their black counterparts) Only claim their blackness when its beneficial to them

      • Completely wrong. She considers her daughter black and its the child’s racist white father that insists the kid is white. Nahla is way too dark to pass for white, that shows you how dominant black genes are. Even w a biracial mother she looks mixed at best, not white. Her skin is fairly Holden brown. And Halle never married him, she is married to oliver Martinez, not her daughter’s father. Halle always refers to herself as black, she even told a story about how the white girls accused her of stuffing the ballot box when she won prom queen at her high school. She’s a basket case when it comes to romance but her black identity is solid and its just wrong to try and say otherwise about her just because you don’t like her.

        • I like when Halle was a little girl her mamma took her to a mirror and made sure she knew she was a negro. She explained to Halle on what the world would see her as

  11. Aaliyah was not half white and this thing should not have been playing her.

    Notice how they starting to feel roles for black people with either mixed raced, African, or black hispanic (only black when they want that role).

  12. This had everything to do with the family’s wishes not being honored. The family did not want their daughter being portrayed in a negative light not to mention the r kelly thing. Respect the family!

    • TRUEEEEEE! why can’t people just call it like it is! thats the reason she didn’t take the role! can u imagine the blacklash if she would’ve continued without her parents consent! (money hungry chick in the making)

    • NO that is NOT true. The family wants a big screen film not a Lifetime movie. Their objections were not because Zendaya is biracial. You have it all wrong. It was Black Twitter who set it off about the racial issue.

      You wanna see the family go ape shit? Cast a young lady with Lupita’s shade skin. Black Twitter gonna go ballistic saying she too dark? I doubt it. But the family wouldn’t like it one bit.

  13. Too right. It is not about ‘hue’ it is about majority DNA. Mixed raced women are not light skinned black women.

  14. The hate expressed here for her is an embarrassment and a shame. We are so messed up. What is wrong with you who blame her father for his white wife and compare it to a BW with a Shrek like partner and all the other crap? She is black period. If everyone here had to have their DNA researched there wouldn’t be a one of you who didn’t have 20% Caucasian DNA period.
    It has been seen over and over again. It doesn’t matter how dark skinned you are. My aunt is as dark skinned as it gets and she found out she has 25% Cauc DNA. We need to get over this division and move on.

    Between this and the BET shootings we are looking worse than ever. Yall complain about the folks cooning on the BET Awards and how dumb it looks, well this whole Zendaya mess makes us look ridiculous too.

    • general question . whats wrong with being black?. is it a bad thing nowadays to be black? not taking anyones side here just asking a general question. its like being called black now is soooo badddd…. i embrace my blackness always have! black people do love claiming having some type of whiteness in them though. or ohh my favorite I’m dominican bs

      • I understand what you are saying about the word black and our blackness and it is the very reason as to why the . White European went desecrated the Egyptian temples because it was too black for them

        • Black people we were once kings and queens and rulers of the world… but what a way to destroy a group of people from within than to Divide and Conquer.

      • That’s what all this ra ce baiting is all about. Who wants our DNA? Why map it out? I bet the scientists behind all thus dna test pushing have a very insidious agenda. And once again sheeple are playing right into it. Be wise people. Question everything!

        • Be wise about what? Science needs an wants to know what way the population is shifting. And it is shifting whether you like it or not. The study of sociology deals with just that.
          Only a very old or very blind person believes that change is not going to occur. It always has and it always will. Multi-racial people will be in greater number in 30 years than what we now define as “black Americans.” This will also serve to shift a great deal of the prejudice and lack of opportunity which currently exists.
          Sometimes it seems that we can’t see what is best and what is progress. It’s social blindness.
          Two years ago every conservative in America was hollering about stopping gay marriage and not guaranteeing gay civil rights. The gays stood up and organized, something we cannot seem to do, and fought their way into acceptance. NOW, not even the most stuck in the 1950’s Republican conservative dares speak against anything gay. When the new multi-racial Americans make a voting force to be reckoned with, and they continue to grow exponentially(unlike pure blacks) the Tea Party and other bigoted types will finally have to give up their dreams of things being like they were in the good old white days.
          Whether you, me or anyone wants this to happen, it’s going to happen.

          • You really don’t know your history.

            Muattos were the buffer between the slaves and the white man. Guess who they always sided with?

            Mulattos were created to help the white man destroy the black race.

            If you think YT is worried about mulattos, forget it.

          • I didn’t say that at all! I said that the mixing of the races is an inevitable and it’s happening at warp speed now. I don’t give a damn what YT thinks. I know that if you go into a middle or grade school outside the deep south you will see mixed kids proliferating in the more affluent neighborhoods throughout the country. When it has reached the true middle class, it is well on it’s way to being a major factor. These kids are going to be given advantages, education and family guidance that, sadly, most black kids do not have.
            And these are kids who will have grown up in a country with a mixed black president so they see no ceiling in their future like we did. And I’m tired of hearing that it’s all about the BM marrying WW. In my kid’s school there are quite a few BW who have married WM. It does go both ways. Very educated and attractive BW with professional husbands.
            No offense, but you seem to have a very dated outlook like someone my parent’s age.

          • @Anonymous 15:05

            I respect your observations, however, for you to say that, you don’t care about BM and WW, shows just how well the stealth campaign of BM (moving in a group) to achieve the goal of the normalcy of being with WW and marginalizing black women.

            Black Women take note: now let’s go with our stealth campaign. And to the sisters who have started: more power to you!

    • YES!! All whites have Black DNA because all people come from black origins. That has nothing to do with us being butthurt about some visibly mixed chick getting a part before a “pure” black actress.

      What if a “Real Black” actress with as light a skin and as European of features as Zendaya had got the part? And yall know there are plenty of them. Would that have been magically okay? Is it just the classification of mixed the real reason?

      • I’m saying that if Zendaya had a black mother bur looked EXACTLY the same as she does now, and that could happen depending on the mom, nobody would have complained about her looks or her ability to do the part. This is all about the fact that her mother is white.

        • It is all about white mothers of mixed race girls taking opportunities away from black folks.

          There is enough for white folks in this country. Why are whites always coming to the black side of town to steal?

        • If it was reversed and her moms was black an her daddy was white would you feel the same? Just wondering.

        • @Anonymous 23:12

          Good question, I must ponder that. BW marrying out of their race is a necessity. There are many BW for BM to choose from. So a BM with a WM and a mulatto daughter would not be seen in my eyes as a race for resources for BW.

          And don’t give me that “BM like what they like” BS. Nations go to war over resources so spare me the philosophical BS.

  15. Zendaya’s father needs to have several seats! He forgot to mention that the family would not release any music to them. Keyshia Chante said she was supposed to play Aaliyah and Keyshia even spoke to the Aaliyah’s family and respected their wishes not to play her. I’m sorry Zendaya someone needs to teach you some class!

    • i agree totally, it just proves how money hungry people really are, she was gonna continue the movie anyway, even after she heard that her parents didn’t want the production to continue

      • When has an actress ever turned down a paying Role based on the disapproval of someone’s parents. The Haughtons don’t want that movie made because their wild child daughter was the victim of a pedophile who possibly experimented with lesbian sex and coymd also be called promiscuous. I liked Aaliyah but it is what it is. The parents ate in denial and trying to present a white washed version of the truth.

        • YES THIS! I read that the REAL reason they pulled the plug was that the movie was going to tell the absolute truth about her and Kels. And the family flipped the f*ck out and said no way this is going to happen.

  16. Tiger Woods never considered his squared behind black he identified as asian. I dont see Zendaya identifying herself as black Ive seen her mother. She identifies herself as mixed. Aaliyah was black and should have a black girl playing her. I applaud the family for sticking to their guns!

    • That is bullshit. He never once called himself Asian. He made up that word Caublacasian because he wanted to acknowledge his mom’s ethnicity. He doesn’t not consider himself anything but black in the sense of black v white. He might wish he had been born white, but he wasn’t and he knows he is a black man.
      BW can be so emotional about any man who chose to mate with a white woman they make shit up.

        • I have no interest in cave p*ssy or any other p*ssy because I have one.
          You assumed I was a BM because I said something that you perceived as a defense of a BM who married a YT. All this crap is driven by BW who hate YT women more than they love themselves. I don’t hate myself at all. Therefore I don’t give a shit what a man chooses to do. If he passes on me, that’s his loss, not mine.
          If you truly believe that you are the best there is, then there’s no reason to throw shade at other women. And when you have that attitude, the men look at you very different, trust.

          • I don’t “throw shade” at other females. I speak truth. And whether you choose to see it or not is your burden to carry. The black race is at war, period. With their own fragile mind and the world itself child. Don’t get it twisted!

      • If he wanted to acknowledge his mother’s ethnicity, he would have learned to speak and read Thai instead of just verbally reppin’ it. He is about as knowledgeable about Thailand as I am. He wants to let the world know that his black ass ain’t black.

        He don’t claim me, I don’t claim him. A lot of his money went to his ex-wife. Mo money mo money mo money out of the black community. But he was taught to hate being black by his father.

        And BTW, what could he learn from his mama. Heard she was a U.S. base comfort girl.

      • Um he’s actually come out and said that he “wasn’t black.” So what you’re saying is bullshit. You should get your facts straight…anyways, these “mixed” children aren’t mixed at all as there is no such thing as being mixed. You are what your mother is and that stongly has something to do with the mitochondria dna that is exclusive to women.

    • If you wanted a black girl playing her, you all would have raised the money to produce the show yourselves. But of course you wait for a white man to risk his money and then complain about it.

      • Yeah, let’s go ask the ballers, oops, their money is with their wives and other whites.

  17. Zendaya’s dad is a typical negro black who was turned down by black women and had no choice but to turn to white women. Look at Micheal Jordan, Dennis Rodman,Tay Diggs, Dikembe Mutombo, etc. I dont like to call people ugly but you get my point.

    • hmmm …i ponder this too. I’ve also heard abe lincoln had sum black in him?.. yes?? no?? anyone??

      • If Abe Was Half Black It Would Explain The Reason Why He Wanted To Stop Slavery…..

        • Civil war wasn’t about slavery. History books r a joke. Cb u need to crack the books and learn somthing more than ” how to spot coonery”.

          • Exactly it was about money capatilism and the competition between the north and south

            • It wasn’t TOTALLY about slavery.

              Slavery was about capitalism. The justification for that particular capitalism is the science of racism.

              Just like terrorism is the science for the justification to bomb the Arabs out of their land to grab their oil.

              Let’s not get so pseudo-intellectual. Whatever it was about, ain’t you glad the North won the Civil War?

              Southern krackers still cryin’ over that one.

            • Yes I am! But on a serious note since you brought it up, if the whole Iraq/Afghan 12 year mess was to “grab” their oil, why haven’t we grabbed any? Why are all those wells inoperative and why are the Repugs hollering about drilling in Alaska which is pissing of all the Democrats? If we had obtained the Iraqi oil, we wouldn’t need to mess up Alaska. I’m pretty sure that the wells were divided among the Kurds and the ethnic Iraquis and we didn’t take possession of any of them.

            • Ifyou rally think we went to war and didn’t get that oil, I got a bridge too far to sell to you.

              Because we are at PEAK OIL which is why we are drilling in Alaska. The oil wells in the Middle East got about 40 years before they dry up. Why do you think we are f*ckin’ about to go to war with Russia: oil in the Caspian Sea.

              And yes, many Euro-American oil companies got their piece of Iraq. You truly must be a mainstream media sheeple.

            • I think it’s about keeping the ” petrol dollar ” intact. Ask Lebanon.

    • OK but we claim Shermar Moore, Halle Berry, Thandie Newton etc. as blacks and they are mixed. So why isn’t she black?

    • Are you honestly saying that if his “white brothers” did not define Pres. Obama as black, no one else would? Are you blind? Obama doesn’t even look mixed. He got full on African ethnic features as has been stated by many here before.

      If Obama was a nobody walking down the streets of Chicago, do you think you would say, there goes another damn tragic mulatto? gtfoh

      • But, Pres. Obama was raised by a white woman and it shows. He don’t claim black folks and really seems to be annoyed when taken to task. Remember, this mixed-race man signed NDAA which means we can be picked up and held without trial on suspicion only, and that we can be stripped searched on a misdemeanor. So much for stopping police brutality.

        Will he sign an executive order to extend the voting rights act? I don’t know, but he damn sure will sign an executive order for immigration AMNESTY. And then we will have this totally multi-cultural society where utopia reigns supreme. Yeah, right.

        Well, your “black” or mixed race president can always give you encouragement by telling you to put your marching boots on and get up and stop complaining. Remember that one.

        • And we will all be working for peanuts because the wages will be suppressed, but hey, the Tea Party will be neutralized.

          My people, my people, for a lack of knowledge…

        • I did not say anything about his mindset our attitude, I said that race mixing more often than not produces people who look and identify as black. And he is and he does.

          As for Immigration Amnesty, are you kidding me? He is being hammered right now for rounding up Illegals and not granting amnesty. That man can’t win no matter what he does. The Repubs have an idea a year ago, and he adopts it now and immediately they are against it.(like freeing that AWOL POW.)
          Then he starts issuing Executive orders as fast as he can, and Democrats say he isn’t doing enough. You wait and see–these last 2 years he’s going to do some very dramatic shit, since he doesn’t have to worry about re-election. He’s already told the DEA agents to stop focusing on weed usage. He’s trying with Holder to get folks out of prison who are there for non-dealing drug charges. He’s raised the minimum wage…just give the man a chance. He HAD to take it slow the first 4 years because of the 2nd election. But he is definitely showing signs of having a WTF attitude now and the conservatives/Tea Party realize it. They are all on Red Alert hence the Boehner planned impeachment.
          Yall may hate him, but once he’s out of office and the status quo returns, and Jed Bush or Ted Cruz is POTUS, you will wish Obama had 4 more years.

          • You still waiting for Santa Claus. Pres. Obama and the Dems played both sides to the middle with this immigration DREAM act and the illegals took them at their word. This is his Katrina

  18. gurl bye gurl fly gurl you didnt deserve the role in the first place you cant act sing dance nor have swagg.that mess you wore the awards proves just that and as fore having a black daddy giving you pass to be black no no no boo boo both parents have to be black

  19. and if u really wanna get pacific what ever race your mother is is what you are. its all in genetic makeup your uncle tom pappy being black dosent exempt the fact your mama not he aint do nothing but donate the blood and the sperm.

    • Please don’t get pacific around here. We do not want to be in your boat. But to be specific, you are what your father is. To be frank if you’re mixed you’re mixed.

    • So then why all the shit about Evan Ross being white? Diana Ross is black. Hmmmm?

      Is that pacific enuff for you?

      • omg your the same person with two diff screen names and wanna talk bout trolling lol! any way to answer the q who is saying evan ross is white not true he is black mulatto not the same or equal to being exactly black the genetic make up is all the same the mowry twinns debarges faith evans traci lenny kratvitz all come out of black women from white sperm and blood and they all identify as black.can u speak for them too?theres distinct difference zen wasnt fit the role because first she looks nothing like a a was admixure not biriacial and zen dosent look the part.now for the pacifics lol black woman and only the woman womb can produce the beauty brilliance zeal and talent and the message zen is putting out there rather and daddy knows it there try to say its all reverse hate on her for being half from black women when her beef should be the folks who fired her.

  20. Baby girl needs to sit down. They always want to be in with us. Go and debate with whites for roles. No? Then sit down and stfu please!

  21. makes no sense for anybody to feel because of of the color of there skin or because there half somthing or mixed with other that there better or some how above .the amount of years of dissaproval the down play of the black woman mind body and hair gets from non black and mixed blacks alone z would never wanna go threw. she feel some kind of way bout being half black getting turned down from one role could never amount to blacks back in the day not even being allowed on the tv screeen without playing the slave butler or bugged out step and fetching.

    • Why do you think that mixed folks think they’re better? Because you would if you were? NO ONE thinks there any better because of having two races of parents.

      But they are no worse either, and that’s the point. They should be treated and thought of as part of the black community. There are too few of us to be splitting off into separate groups.

        • Because the black community comprises a pathetic percentage of people in the US and we do not need to be shutting folks out of our numbers. We are marginalized to death because our numbers are a joke. Do you think that white people need more whites? Hell no. And the Latins are doing just fine growing their numbers every year. But we stay at the bottom for 400 years. We need more people who are of African American lineage or soon we will be an asterisk.

          • You cannot claim someone who don’t claim you. Period. The boxes now include mixed race and that was lobbied for. So while I agree with you about the numbers game, you cannot do voodoo accounting on this.

            Yes, our numbers are declining. Black men are shooting each other down in record numbers. More black men have been lost to the dope/crack game than lynchings. More black men either marry out or don’t marry at all. So you make good points, but direct them at the appropriate audience, the Black man.

  22. She looks a lot like Naima from ANTM about 5 years ago. Very cute girl from Detroit who was multi-racial.

  23. Elizabeth Taylor played cleopatra, Angelina Joilene played a black women, Jlo played Selena. The list goes on and on. I see nothing wrong with Zendaya acting out Aaliyah

    • I don’t need to look up anything kid. History, facts, LOGIC. Will prove that the black is doomed to be replaced by non blacks in every aspect. It’s up to black people to change that. Don’t get it twisted child.

      • And if you werent such an ignorant ass you would know that black genes cannot be replaced by any other genes, if blacks bred with every race on the planet and produced mixed kids guess what the planet would still be full of brown skin brown curly hair melenated people. then all those brown kids get together and make more brown kids,.wouldnt be a yt person in sight so U get your dumb ass facts strait

        • You got your ass backwards f*ck tard. Its black people who are being breed out, getting lighter LOSING MELANIN. This is simple logic. Something of which you need practice in. Fall back cunt

          • Melanin can never be bred out because you need it to survive on this blanet you dumb f*cking waist of human life! If melanin disappeared the sun would kill off everybody! oh and fyi blacks arent the only ones with melanin!

            • It WILL be breed out just enough to kill off the original black race, to be replaced with hybrids who can withstand the sun. You have no knowledge of existence. Just someone who runs their mouth to hear themselves speak. An empty barrel indeed. You Stupid f*ck you.

      • Thats what the wite race is afraid of, blacks having offspring with thier yts and making brown kids! You dumb self hating blackies might not think they are black but to whites WE R BLACK and they dont want thier offspring to be brown, subconsciously they know theyre genes r weaker, look up eugenics, they are afraid of being bred out dumbass! whit peoples genes are not designed for this planet they will never replace black people

          • Thier time is running out because they are inferior,never in history has this entire planet been white nor will that ever, you must have melanin to live on this planet

            • Most black people are going to die regardless, because lack of self knowledge. Fair game for the beasts. Like it or not. They’re just getting started.

            • Well they’ve been here for 400,000 years from those bones they found in Russia in a cave.
              What makes you think they’re fixing to die out now? They obviously have enough melanin to survive the elements.

            • my phone messed up that comment but im to lazy to correct it so just ignore it

          • they will never accept a brown skin brown eyed curly haired person to stand in the place of blonde hair blue eyed white skin, YOU see it that way as a black person but to THEM mixed kids are black period, and they want to protect thier blue eyed blond haired bloodlines

            • You think as a mixed race person i havent been called a nigger? Come.walk in my shoes we get it from both sides of the fence, not black enough for blacks and not white enough for whites, might be better to have a race of mixed people rule the planet so we can finally get over the race issue and work on the real f*cking problems

            • @Realness:

              Than you for kickin’ the real, would say more but HSK is erasing comments

  24. 1) When Black People And Other Race Marry And Date White People Their Weak…..They Could Of Looked Hardly
    They Think By Marrying A White Person They Will Be Accepted Into The “White Community” Which Isn’t True

    2) Mixed Breed Do’t Like Black People Manly “Black Women” On Saturday I Was Sitting Down Minding My Own Business When A Mixed Breed
    With Her Overweight Old Looking White Mother And Her 2 Sister Were Staring At Me!!!!!

    3) White Women And White Men Ain’t Better These Other Races Needs To Stop Worshiping Them. They Pooh/Shyt/Eat Like The Raise Of Us
    Want Makes Them So Damn Special???

            • Half Baked People Look Down On Black Women…. Like Black Women Are Shyt Their Think Their Wrinkled White Mothers Are Better Yeah Right!!!

              These Half Bakes Needs To Remember During Slavery Days When These White Women Got Pregnant By A Black Men Who Had To Look After Them When
              Their White Mothers Didn’t Want Them A Black Women Did

              Black Women Had To Cloth And Feed And Look After Mixed Breeds Cos Their White Mother Didn’t Want Them

  25. No reason to put anybody on a pedestal for the way they look light skin, dark skin, mixed, etc.. Nobody is immune to pain, disease, abuse, dying etc.

  26. I knew a girl who hated being light skin because her siblings were brown skin and dark skin and she was the only one who stood out. She went through alot of abuse by her mother who was lightskin. Her mom hated her and she hates her mother. I guess the mother wanted to be the only token lightskin in the house.

  27. I believe what Zendaya’s Dad is saying. There have been too many problems with this movie. I am positive she would have done Aaliyah justice. #team Zendaya

  28. This whole argument about who is black enough and who is not is absolutely ridiculous.if one parent is black than the girl has black in her point blank.why debate how much black is black enough? Really?
    We gotta do better and invest our time and energy on more meaningfull things in our comunity.

    • Only people who deep inside are mad at their blackness debate this stuff. If you like who you are, why do you care what other people look like?
      Do you think white folk go around comparing who’s the whitest? Hell no. They are fine with being white so they don’t give a shit. Only folks who are miserable in their skin feel this way and it’s very very sad.

      • You don’t know white folks very well.

        The stocks of companies that make Blond hair color and colored contacts are something we should be investing our money in.

  29. I’m I the only one that sees that the pic of her is doctored and she is not that dark.

  30. I had no idea my mother wasn’t Black until I read these comments. My grandmother is white and my other grandmother is half-white. If asked what she was, my mother would say Black. I would say Black as well because that is what I am. I can easily trace my roots back to slavery via my mom’s great-grandparents.

    You’re telling me she’s not black?

    • Only the fools with their heads up their behinds think that way. Normal reasonable people understand.
      Ignore these bitter people.

      • I appreciate it. My niece has blonde hair and green eyes. My sister is black and her fiance is Black. I just found that out that she can’t be Black now because of her hair.

        • If both parents are black then she is black with blonde hair .Genetics can skip a generation .

          • Maybe also some other race in the bloodline either way we all are God’s babies.

  31. she’s not black cause if she was she would know black folks love to tear down their own . Black people aint got a pot to piss in but got plenty of advice about everything

  32. LOLITA PRICE looks like her

  33. Why the f*ck are you dumb idiots mad at someone for thier race which they cannot control anymore than you can? its so retarded to hate someone because of physical apperance, you might physically be out of slavery but mentally your still in a cage

  34. Kazembe Ajamu???

    It is always the so called Black Power radical kneegrows with the white wives.

    Aaliyah represented the innocence of the black girl next door. To make her half-white is to revise her symbolism to black girls. Black beauty was all over the media in the 1990s and Aaliyah was the icon of that. Now, all of a sudden she is half? All of a sudden a light skin latina can play Nina Simone whose beauty was her dark African features, the 1960s symbol of Black is Beautiful?

    Sorry folks, but black women ain’t sittin’ down for the re-definition of their identity or God-given beauty. Someone is trying to erase us. We are not in the future of black men or Americana or media – and we ain’t goin’ down without a fight.

    So don’t try and tell us to suspend our eyesight and disconnect our intellect. Ain’t happenin’. If black men want to create a new race with WW, Latinas and Asians (and other black men), go ahead. But don’t think your kingdom where black women don’t exist is going to be our self-vision.

    Ain’t. Gonna. Happen.

    • I don’t agree with you, but I respect the hell out of you. Very well expressed. A+

  35. Z needs to sit her conceited mixed ass all the way down. She is not black she is MIXED. PERIOD. Obama is mixed no big whoop BUT she DOES NOT RESEMBLE A., NOT AT ALL!

    Like the rest say, can she play Madonna? Can this snitty chick play Marilyn Monore not why she is half white. BP so quick to claim ANYBODY as black how the hell can she be black with a big ole fat white mama!!!!! Basic math. Bish is mixed how can she rep Miss A!??

  36. So you do think that half whites are mixed/mulatto?? Then why say she came out of a white p*ssy so she’s white?? A bit contradictory I would say, she came out of a white p*ssy which was implanted with a send from a black man so yea I would say she’s MIXED not white or black..it’s a pretty simple equation lol

  37. hey dummy bear if you cannot tell the ones that look black then EXACTLY what does that tell you ..DONT WORRY I WILL WAIT ..smh and lmao at the same time…wow

  38. Damn It’s Been 2 Days And You Guys Are Still Talking About This Half Baked No Talent Girl And Her Uncle Tom Sellout Father

    She’s Doesn’t Consider Herself Black She’s Mixed

    • Please provide a link for that quote. I cannot find it through Google Search. TIA

      • She’s A Typical Half Baked Girl Who Thinks She’s All That…..But She’s Not Her And Uncle Tom Father Need To STFU!!

  39. Let the kid be a kid. I’m so sick of people making race an issue. My daughter has not met her dad, because his family does not agree with mixed children. Somebody please wakeup the Midwest.

      • I moved to midwest unfortunately, and damn they are more racist than those in the South! I lived in South couple years-USARMY and darn out here they are damn sneaky! The racism is often covert. So you are taking big chances here when you go to racist drs etc. who are hiding their hate for us. Intuition helped me but one Dr harmed my eye! Pretending to like latinos etc., Don’t ever come out here. Racist and in passive aggressive way!

        • Running from the Midwest, never. I’ll walk through any town like I own it. You’re a soldier right? I’m sure you were taught to stare fear straight in the face. Well, racism is fear. And I’m not scared of what man can do to me. So have a Happy 4th 🙂 Night

        • @guest. You said it. I worked for Midwestern company on the West Coast. Uptight and full of hate, esp. for those who don’t look like them. Like you said, they sneaky as f*ck and hide their contempt real good. Fuck who doesn’t believe you, they will learn the hard way. As my dad would say, those who can’t hear, will feel!

  40. No matter what is being said, every other child is mixed with something. Not only that, what is black in America? It’s sure not pure African. All of you pro black philosophers better find your family tree.

    • BBABY GIRL I am not racist. I too have Black DNA. Sorry you misread my comments. I speak from my family tree. I am not a moron as you portray me-judged.

      • @guest: Don’t apologize. The truth is like a lion, let it loose and it never needs to be defended — St. Augustine.

  41. The real issue is Zendaya whites it up normally but when but pulls the I’m black card when an opportunity presents.

  42. That is such a beautiful pic of her and her dad… go head man and defend your daughter..she is so cute my daughter loves zendaya and she was outstanding on dancing with the stars….such an excellent example of positivity combined with graciousness..the next person that talks about zendaya negatively is gonna get they internet azz kicked..she is soooo schweet and no i dont know the family…..

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