Who’s Worse? Nicki ‘Lookin’ Ass N*gga’ Minaj -OR- Iggy ‘Slave-Master’ Azalea?


HSK Exclusive – Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse than Nicki Minaj being championed… not only for the great example she sets for Black youth, but also her sheer disrespect of the likes of Malcolm X… it just did. The diss-publicity is now on between Dirty Nicki and Aussie Azalea, who both need to sit their ridiculous fake implants down!

You’ll recall… Nicki had this to say during her Young Money “Best Group” BET Awards acceptance speech: “I’ve been placed in a position to do something and represent women in a culture that is so male-driven… But my point is, what I want the world to know about Nicki Minaj is, that when you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it.” Now, here comes Aussie Azalea talkin’ ’bout “the only true insiders are the musicians themselves.” I’m sorry, but either Iggy’s taken in one too many of Nicki’s Pills and Potions — or she’s surrounded by one too many Tom’s — to actually make believe being a musician. Just ask Peppa…


Thanks to the likes of ISH like that… you’ve now got Iggy ‘Slave-Master’ Azalea paving the way for racists like Paris Hilton to straight up jack our culture! Just ask Dame Dash!


Here’s Iggy’s response to Nicki:

“I have never had any musicians tell me that I wasn’t authentic for being white and Australian, No one.

Even I had a warped perception of how I would be received in this business.

What I’ve come to realize is that it’s the people who write about music–or who are outside it in some way–who have a problem with what I am doing. The only true insiders are the musicians themselves.”

Let’s go!


  1. iggy might not last long female rappers has the shortest life spans ever.

    by next year yopu’re gonna be like iggy who.

    white girls get so called hood passes cause they let black dudes run trains on them so they can hangf with blacks and even use the n word.

    rather hear nicki than iggy anyday and I barely listen to nicki.

    • iggys just a token white girl in hip hop anmyway these whites barely have any street cred.

      these white rappers like fergie, miley, robin thicke maY BE GOOD AT WHAT THEY DO BUT THEY GREW UP RICH AND SPOILED And were kid stars.

      some may like Justin timberlake but you can’t compare him to Michael Jackson because unlike timberlake mj had to work from the bottom to the top mj experienced poverty and the chitlin circuit.

      while bieber, timberlake, robin thicker, miley and other white imitators were already born rich or started out on Disney or some other tv sitcom now they wanna pretend they’re black.

      thicke cannot compare with real soulsingers like marvin gaye, luther, el debarge, smokey, al green, and stevie wonder.

      • Is street cred important?

        I thought it was about your skills on the Mic

        That’s one of the problems with hip hop today, too focused on dumb,irrelevant things like street cred.

        Lets just be focused on how nice they are on the mic

        • Street Cred hasn’t mattered in Rap, not Hip-Hop, for years now, hence the success of rappers like Rick Ross, Drake, Wayne, Tyga, and Plies, just to name a few.

          • and what HAPPENED TO THEM.


          • Dre, Ice Cube and a bunch of older rappers are studio gangsters but people always act like they don’t remember that. At the end of the day, people will always give passes to rappers they like.

        • think you’re the only person that made sense on this whole page that is so true I agree with you.as I grew up it wasn’t very easy for me but I’m not going to take my life and just make it seem like I had it rough more than anybody in this world people make choices, choices doesn’t make them unless their parents raised them that way which in many cases they didn’t.

    • iggy wont last cos she sounds like every female rapper before her. she copies eve, shante, gwen stefani(not a rapper but she does sound like her)

      on every track she sounds like a 90’s female rapper- be it her flow or the voice

      iggy is a parrot



      • That chick who writes for her(Mia?)writes some catchy stuff, so I guess she should get the credit.

    • @CrazyChris

      Dr. Dre…Eminem

      Tip…Iggy Azalea

      Timbaland…Justin Timberlake

      Selfish Negro Ish…Pimp Whitey For Cash/Sellout The Culture!!!


      • Pimp These White Swagger Jacker Out YES!!!! Remember White People Pimped Black People Out!!!!!

        Iggy Piggy Azleaa Is A Black Wannabe Black Men Stop Hyping Up This Pasty Cloud She’s Nothing Special!!! Can’t Stand This Bytch

        Bytch Needs To Go Back To Aussie Land A (Racist Country) And Jump In A Kangaroo’s Pouch!!!

        • This is like arguing over the relative merits of Syphilis and gonorrhoea. You dumb negroes will argue over anything.

        • CB You are so jealous it reeks. Just shut up. Everyone knows it’s you because you just repeat the same shit in every thread. We get it. You hate white and mixed chicks. I don’t doubt that you do. Message heard.

    • @darealpepa has had her head cracked to many times by Anthony Criss

    • wondering what does someone body or face has to do with anything they do for a living unless they were a model for Victoria’s Secret or something so shallow fake or real doesn’t matter it about talent.

    • Only a ignorant butler or demented mammy thinks that pasty face bish is natural. She is created in a board room and a doctors office you dumb fool @DaRadiant …thats how I know you’re a sambo butler.

      • Sorry but I’ve seen pics of her when she was 18 and she looks just the same minus some ass. You need to watch who you call a mammy bitch.

        DaRadiant1 is no mammy. She’s way smarter than your tired yapping ass.

    • Lmfaooooo yea white girl from Australia rapping like she’s from down south baaaah ok she’s real fake and btw her ass fake to

  2. DaRadiant1 Iggy butt is as fake as Nicki don’t get it twisted. Whites always steal from blacks, rap & hip hop is our culture (blacks). So now There trying to replace Iggy for Nicki.

    • U can’t replace anyone unless you clone them nicki wants to be a white Barbie doll ever question that?

    • Iggy’s butt is enhanced, she has admitted it. But she didn’t get a ridiculously overdone one like so many others have done. Her tiny waist and meaty thighs are real and her ass is in proportion now.

      • Liposuction on that fake bitch’s waist. Iggy probably was kind of a fat girl growing up to have those meaty ass legs she got. Her body doesn’t look good or natural to me.

    • Both sound like bubble gum rap for young girls who are just hitting puberty and both r using gimmicks to get their music played so I really wont join the debate on who is better ..I read where that rapper ke$ha has sold more record than both of them 38 million and she is truly whack ..but we know that anytime white people put their hands into our music then they can only produce sub par material and get notice as compared to the better material written by the black artist this is nothing new so even though Nikki has some crazy material we know she is telling the truth about this IGGY character in regards to how fake this industry can be

  3. I still on why was Paris Hilton there. Some people was thinking was this the bet awards are the MTV awards.

    • Lol true …I guess because she has the money to not that she knows anything about R&B and hip hop lmao

    • See is signed with young money…dont ask me why they signed her or what she will be doing but that is who she is rolling with these days…her and KIM K are arch rivals so perhaps Paris is trying to find her way into a rappers lap

  4. …Somebody tell Kreayshawn to sit down somewhere and shut up.


    What? That’s not Kreayshawn ‘rapping’ about being Fancy? What kind of repackaged Lana Del Ray bullshit is this?

    • What in the hell is all the Lana Del Ray fuss about? She is horrible. At least I get Iggy. She was manufactured to sell a few million albums and open for black acts on tour. She’s a novelty act. But LDR? How did she ever get signed in the first place?

  5. Need to replace both these no talent having heifers with some real female mcs. Fuck Nikki for that Malcolm X diss and this kangaroo riding bitch from down under can go to hell.

    • Hey leave the kangaroos outta of it. They ain’t co signed this pedo pushin train wreck.

  6. @Ianette what the hell? Education is key to writing out sentences that make sense.. Nicki does write her own lyrics. how do i know? Because my 7 yr old daughter edits them.

    • why would your 7 year old daughter be editing explicit lyrics like that what kind of mother are you? kind of hard to believe

  7. People need to stop comparing they are both beautiful human beings if you all forgot about that, white or black a lot of artists wernt born in the game but some study find it interesting and make that money (wayne, drake) its their job/ career haters only make them richer.

  8. Their on tv for a reason a lot of music doesn’t make sense these days I wonder where rap, r&b, and hip hop are all hiding nothings orginal so if u r made at one little white girl be mad at them all im done. I miss eve, missy, foxxy etc. Thats real hip hop Too much animation and everyone wants to be center of attention.

  9. Face facts, being rich and famous isn’t about who is the most talented, it’s about who f*ck, suck and swallow the best! Both of these no talented hoes must have superhead skills to become as popular as they are. Neither one can rap and they’re both ugly as f*ck! Hip hop is dead and weealthy white men like Clive Davis, Jimmy Iovine and George HW Bush killed it!

  10. I don’t like either one. People seem to forget that Nicki is a glorified Lil Kim impersonator… her music is just a half a step up from Iggy’s which isn’t saying much or in ANY way a compliment.

  11. uknw i just don’t get it! its like ppl turn a blind eye to these kinds of things. iggy is just as FAKE as nick. i mean nick wants to be all natural and shyt now, buh she clearly has a fake body, talkn boy being a role model puhlezze, and iggy is rap pin like a straight hood chick, wit a fake ass.. and guys love to wife up these pitiful hoe bags…we need better role models for these young lades!

    • Maybe. But if they’re smart they will have provided for themselves for most of their life. Who wouldn’t give it a shot when given the chance they were? I may sound like I’m all about Iggy, but I have read all about her background, and it takes a lot of nerve and heart to leave home at 16 and move to another continent with no money or sponsor. She probably has done god knows what to get where she is, but she has an incredible sense of determination and drive. She couldn’t be less like Paris Hilton.
      I heard her interview on morning radio(can’t remember which show it was) back when she’s just released “Workin’ on my shit” and she is way smarter than you would imagine. I’d say she may be smarter than Tip, and that’s prolly how she manipulated his total devotion to pushing her as an act. I guess what I’m saying is I may not care for her as an artist, but I admire her hustle.

      • Never buy into the press release Cinderella back story. All lies image & fluff. She was probably a prostitute…she has that flabby ran through look to her body. Pasty.

        • She’s very very white, but that’s part of her thing. If she hated it she would do a faux tan. I think pastiness is her trademark. As for her backstory, she wasn’t claiming to be a good, innocent girl. I think she was a stripper at one point. I just know that I can spot dumb from 20 miles away ans she isn’t dumb. I think she was “smart” enough to use TI for his abilities to get her a leg up in the game, so I feel she has a decent hustle.
          Flabby? Well I wouldn’t throw stones cause I’m not perfect.

        • Bish is a ho straight up she even got a mixed baby on the down low who is watching her mixed kid right now? Fake body face accent fake raps=dumb butlers and coons riding for that mess (black kkk, love and worship white skin!) but wanting everybody to cover them. BM got to take a stand or F it the world is watching BM embrace every dish water washed out wanna be black but failing to show love to Black Queens.

  12. Niki wouldn’t come after Lil Kim, Foxy Brown like she did Iggy. Iggy was safe, easy.
    When I saw Niki, Wayne that whole Young Money Ignorance up there on stage, it reminded me of pure ignorance.

  13. Both of these women are garbage! Their setting a bad example for young girls. I dont care for neither one. Their both fake and phony and ugly inside particular Nicki Minaj. I cant respect someone who puts others down to further themselves in life.

    • i agree, why refer to yourself as a bitch , i mean i hate being called a bitch, even by gay males, sorry i don’t walk on four legs and wag my tail every times i get excited! and why does she constantly refer to herself as REAL! nah u aint real wit all the work done! the girl can flow tho, IMO

  14. Iggy may not be an HSK favorite, but she should not be spoken of as a gateway to Paris Hilton who can do nothing. Even if Iggy is derivative, she can at least perform decently. Paris can do nothing credibly. Signing her was just a gimmick for YM and Birdman. He has no intention of pushing her as an “artist.”

  15. I don’t understand the dis from Nicki when she hated little kim for doing that to her when was top everyone has their time. Who cares if they fake or real we still listen to there music. Nikki needs to stop hating because she can’t stay on top forever .

  16. I also dont understand the beef. Nicki talkin bout she writes her own stuff, lets see those receipts and have her write/produce for another artist. btw yall check out my blog.

  17. Both of them can suck a fart out of Rick Ross ass and choke on his breast milk!

  18. Because we now not only accept – NO talent from our own people.
    NO TALENT like French Montana and IZZY…are okay.

    COUNTRY WESTERN artist would not have let either of these no talents having nothings in their circles.

  19. They’re both wack, they should stick together. Iggy needs to go back to Austria with the bitcoin.


    • Yeah take several seats. Cus this person here has many words in all caps. You’re def heading to the Grammys.

  21. did they really play lookin a nigga when she won her award tho? at the bet awards , really…. really…. SMH

  22. They’re both jokes, & I get such a Charlie Baltimore vibe from Iggy, although she could never walk in Charlie’s shoes!

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