Dame Dash Blasts Lyor Cohen: “He’s the one that ruined Roc-A-Fella”

Dame Dash vs Lyor Cohen

“I’m calling him out publicly and I want him to stop trying to rape my culture… go make some money with some other people.” ~Dame Dash

Lyor Cohen is back at the center of Dame Dash’s ongoing, no-holds barred Culture Vulture expose. This ain’t the first time Dame’s gone in on Cohen — who could very well be one of the industry’s leading Culture Vultures. But this time Dame’s made it clear: Lyor Cohen is to blame for he and Jay Z’s split… and their alleged beef was nothing more than smoke and mirrors concocted by the man.

“Never had a beef with Jay, always with Lyor and his whole crew. He’s the one that ruined Roc-A-fella, Lyor Cohen… he’s the one.”

Check out how Dame breaks down Lyor Cohen:

“He’s a fake CEO… makin’ money from people that they don’t care about. Stop havin’ your agenda be Hip Hop. Why don’t you do something besides rap? If you care so much about Rap, what have you done to give back to the community?

[It’s a] perfect example of what they always do to us… have us divide so they could benefit and take the focus off of them. It was like they have people that their job is to create beef. So, that they can monetize it. Pause. But they don’t let their culture feel it. But they make money from it. And they can’t make any money or get any respect in their culture. That’s why they’re in our culture.

What ever he’s doing is robbin whoever he’s in business with, so I suggest whoever’s doing business with him to check their books.

Of course you don’t see the puppetmaster. So, it’s time to see him. Bring em out. Call out Todd Moscowitz…Ask them why they got their jobs. That’s what I want to see. How did Joie get the job president of urban? And what does that mean? I need to see credentials. And culturally anyone that’s taking orders from that man should be asking ‘Why should I be taking orders from you?’ Period…’I don’t care.’ He said it. Joie said it. ‘I don’t care.’ ‘How you feel about the culture?’ ‘I don’t care.’ ‘How do you feel that someone relevant from the culture thinks you’re robbing it?’ ‘I don’t care.’ And nobody’s gonna question that? Aight.

That’s why I’m Dame. I’ll just continue to be Dame. I’mma have fun being Dame…Too much divide and conquer. So, that’s it, man. I’m just saying reverse the prospective. Let’s stop talking about rappers beefing. Let’s start talking about these people and educating the culture.”


  1. dame needs to quit he wasn’t talkimg this chit 5 years ago.




  2. A coon with standards, I see. Maybe he should tell his sell out cousin the same thing.

  3. Fuck dame!!!
    What did those russian jews that really owned
    Rocawear do for the culture?
    Nigga should been buyin up all the property he
    Could in harlem instead of poppin bottles and tags.
    Now white folks done took over harlem.

    • Didn’t grow up with hatred resentment of Jews t stems from jealousy f them. They work hard for what they get. Tey take their people. Something Black people don’t

        • FOH, anything they got, they stole. They ruin education, economies, culture and lives. You might wanna pick up on some history before you start praising the devil’s representatives on earth.

    • Self hating black trash is ruining this culture and whites know they are like pets and minions and they will do their bidding.

    • Those Russians are the ones that Jay used to force Dame out and caused him to sell his stock in Rocawear at half the price.

  4. His brash attitude is what brokeup rocafella!!!
    U smart dummy dont u know theres more than
    One way to skin a cat!!

  5. BETCHA Beanie sigel has a lot to say while hes in prison.

    biggs should have some interrswting things to say too.

    wonder if amils still at k mart.

    glad we don’t have to hear anymore mephis bleek albums.

    tell dame to write a book about it.

    • Its never to late to right a wrong like the old song goes “i once was blind BUT now i see”. He’s right they dont kno the real black struggle whether Dame is broke or has a lil doe he did things the average muthaf*cka couldnt he fought hard for rocafella its not his fault niggaz aint loyal. White ppl are benefiting off black talent and at the same time being cutthroat ass f*ck!

  6. This the same dude whose cousin is a staunch Republican idiot Stacy Dash. He must really know about divide and conquer.

  7. To everyone that commented.. yall are absolutley right. now he and his little squad are broke and broke down… he wants to blame everybody but himself.. investments in Harlem would have kept him on top.. what a dumbass!!

    • But he always hollering harl this and harlem that
      Well nigga why didnt u build harlem up when
      U had the money????
      Fake ass nigga wrote himself into the movie paid in full
      Dame was a nobody in harlem during that era!
      But all the niggas that give the facts in him are dead
      Or cracked out… Ole boarding school ass nigga
      How was he sellin crack at 16 when he was in boarding school?

    • He was too busy buying his 20 million dollar London townhouse. Who cares about Harlem when they are rolling with Jade Jagger and London socialites?

      Believe me, he’d still be there if her could.

      • U sound like a bootlickin ass uncle tom..
        Thats searching for validation from
        Crackers that could care less and will never
        Be impressed by ur black ass… Ur still a nigga
        To them!!
        I bet u have no facial hair!

        • WTF? I sound like a bootlicking Uncle Tom because I pointed out that he spent his money on a huge house in London so he could pal around with Jade Jagger and her pals instead of investing in Harlem real estate? And no I DON’T have any facial hair I’m a female you idiot.

          • I apologize.. Thought u were co signing
            Him not doin anything for harlem the
            Place he claims to love so much.
            Blacks cant even afford to live in harlem

            • Typical black person. Poor comprehension skill, and willing to curse out a black person at the drop of a hat just because you thought they had a different opinion. Sad.

  8. I blame Black people for allowing this garbage to permeate the culture. We are a very easily led people.

  9. And lyor is waitin for bump j to get out of prison to rerape the culture.

  10. the new ‘culturally aware’ Dame Dash????? this character is the perfect example of what someone could become on realising they are no longer relevant.

  11. You know what every other week now since the elevator incident between salonge and Jay dame has been coming for someone from Jay z camp. Why?

    • “THEY” allow him to spill it the tea now and he has back up power .Timing is everything and they say when.

  12. I hope someone shuts him up before it becomes permanent. You do not mess with Russian Jewry. They make the Illuminati look like Sesame Street.

      • The question is, do you think he would have awakened and spoken out if his fortunes hadn’t fallen away? I’m not criticizing, I honestly want to know what you think.

        • Remember Brother Malcolm’s humble beginnings. He went through a lot before he fully realized his potential. In no way am I comparing the two but sometimes you have to go the dark side in order to get to the light. Give him some space – he just might be the spark to pop off the reclaiming of our heritage & culture… We are in desperate need of a restructuring…

        • no I don’t think he would have spoke up about this if his fortune/fame hadn’t taken a tumble. I always looked at dame as puffy… camel wanted to be biggie.
          None of them (dame/puffy/biggie/camel) have ever been about uplifting anyone but themselves and own interests.
          Like a poster said earlier he would have been buying harlem property, or been focused on actually owning things instead of being a 24/7 advertisement on materialism and cooning.
          Funny thing is it seems whether black or white the people who want to portray coming from poverty, struggles, a drug selling/taking environment aren’t people who really went through it. No one who really has wants to glorify that, especially from a one dimensional side.
          Nice that he’s saying this now, but a little too much too late. If this bothered him so much, he would have spoke up about it sooner. He would have left rocafella before he was assedd out I also think a good indicator of a person’s true character is by how they treat the oppositte sex and him and camel are misogynists galore. Someone needs to come up w/ a nick name for dame hahaha

  13. Now damon wants to expose people now that he ain’t with roc nation??? Or whatever. Damon stop acting like you weren’t too busy running through Aaliyah and Rachael Roy at the same time.

  14. And he knows that if he was with Jay z right now that he wouldn’t be doing all of this. I’ m sick of dame acting like a female. He need to carry his business minded educated black ass back to the drawing table and start over again.

  15. And why he looking like Krusty the Toe man. All the damn time. He’s too educated tor this.

  16. Now all of a sudden dame wanna “so called” call out the culture vultures?!?! Why now? I would respect what dame is saying more if he didn’t wait until after the ravishing of the hip hop culture to now want to speak up smh…. when it was happening he should have said something then….

    • He was cashing checks then!
      He knew better than to go against
      His paymasters!!

    • IIRC Dame tried to be pretty vigilant about wanting to keep Rockafella separate from Def Jam but there was no way he could keep things that way on his own. I also read elsewhere Dame, Irv Gotti and others(I can’t remember) were trying to branch off and create their own thing away from Lyor and others but Jay Z sold them out. As a result of that Murder Inc was indicted and Dame was left out in the cold. I’m just surprised they still let him live. I give Dame credit for at least trying to do his own thing if that story is true.

    • He’s in his own way conceding to the fact that he’ll never be a commercial Success ever again so what does one do when they’re in misery?They seek Company.

  17. I agree with Dame whites have been deliberately holding blacks back from owning their own businesses, distribution deals, etc. Why isn’t there a black grammies? Spanish people have latin grammies. Black magazines are slowly fading away. Jet magazine anyone.

    • Whites, Asians, Arabs didn’t force Black people to guzzle 40s, buy bullions in weave. We did this. They knew weren’t intelligent enough to question anything and we go right along with everything

      • No,they didn’t force weaves and 40’s but all the people you’ve mentioned with the exception of Asians forced Slavery on the so-called African Americans.Did you not know that does Arabs built the ships and sold us into slavery in conjunction with the whiteman?Well,if you didn’t know now you do.DJ Khalid needs to be kicked out of hip hop.FCK him.

        • Did you know that it was the African Kings who sold captured tribes to the slave traders? That how they got to us. What is going on in Africa today is exactly what happened 400 yrs ago. We don’t stick together & scheme against each other. What race will kill each other over some Jordans? Why didn’t take Arabs, Chinese, South Americans? Cause they stuck together & didn’t buy what they were selling. That includes liquor, weaves, dope, hip/hop

          • I’ve said many times that those filthy African hamites not only captured and sold us to the Whiteman,but during the sub Saharan slave trade they sold us amongst other African Tribes for profit.I have no love for any Africans and the most high have not forgotten about those heathens.

  18. Oprah will not do anything of the sort because she don’t want to piss off her Luciferian worshipping bosses and have that “Knight Of Malta”membership revoked.Ask that dirty Hamite Mandela what that means.

  19. Instead of Dame accusing Lyor of dismantling Rocafella perhaps he should be accusing him of identity Theft for claiming to be a Joo when he’s nothing but a damn Edomite. Lyor nor the rest of those imposters are descendants of the people that wrote the bible we Black Americans are.These people are a joke and the know they’re not gods people.

  20. This was a hot topic back in the day on another message board. I am starting to notice some are here on this site.

    But hey back to the topic in hand ……..

    Dash needs to stop eating sour grapes. The same ‘culture vultures’ Dash messed with, in his days heading the Roc-a-fella ’empire’ have since rendered him irrelevant. Dash (like many others in the music biz) discovered too late you have to actually own ‘shit’ to be ‘shit’. Roc-a-fella would not have been much without the backing of Def jam. Funk Flex referred to his very point when addressing Dash’s ‘culture vulture’ rant against Joie Manda.

    ‘Hip Hop’ did not make Roc-a-fella, and ‘Hip Hop’ did not generate Dash’s wealth, Def Jam did…yes Lyor and Co. Probably something Dash doesn’t want us to think too deeply about. In truth Dash became redundant as soon as he inked the deal. Jay-Z was gone.

    The rumoured attempt with Death and Murder etc, in setting up distribution to rival the majors is likely to be true. Jay-Z was obviously not with Dame Dash on this move and walked. However, whatever you think about Jay-Z you can’t blame him for protecting his own interests, after all where would Roc-a-fella had been without Jay-Z

    The more Dash complains about ‘culture vultures’, the more people who naturally side with his opinion, question his motive, after they dig deeper and begin to understand how events ACTUALLY unfolded in his circumstance. The ‘culture vulture’ issue is in a long list of many highlighted by those who question the ‘demise’ of Hip Hop culture. Dash’s input so far, is the last thing the issue needs to give it credence.

    Hindsight is a bitch at times and it seems to have made the biggest moaning, whinging, bitch out of Dash.

    People do your homework before you side with anyone on this subject, they are ALL shady.

    • Well said, but can you tell me what could be done to prevent the cultural appropriation of all things black? I agree that it has been done from the 1950’s on, BUT I don’t see that there’s anything to prevent it. No one GAVE anything away. There isn’t a copyright on black style, flava and culture. If others want to copy it, how can it be prevented?

      If it stopped making money for others then it would
      stop happening. But when you have people like Madonna who took half her act from the ballroom scene up in Harlem in the late 80’s and out her name on it and became a megastar, I don’t see how there is a solution to the problem. What do you think?

      • Yes I can tell you what can be done to prevent this. Knowing and properly putting value on our own worth. Valuing things that are black. We as blacks are totally Americanized and have bought into this idea that everything is for sell, our children our women our men our dreams our souls. Some might see nothing wrong w this, but when the lions share of the work is yours and the profit you gain is actually a negative and bad thing what is it you trully gain? The civil rights movement we sold our struggle. Only to gain access and inclusion amongst those who did and do not want to include or intermingle with us. With hip hop there have been tens of billions of dollars made off of it but, the true sell is the allusion of grandeur riches fame and fortune, that is really the product being sold and these artist are paying for that chance to live that dream with their sweat equity. So regardless of how one feels about Dame does that make his words anyless truthful? Should they not be heeded as a precautionary tale from his firsthand knowledge? Remember this story has been played out over & over again. Dont believe me ask Mowtown, Deathrow, Badboy, Suave House.

  21. Wow that I’d probably be a rich man if I had the answer to that.

    The elephant in that room is ‘TRYING TO CONTROL IT’,

    The short answer is, there’s nothing to stop the appropriation of some elements of black culture. Therefore we should never try to prevent it. In fact we need to expect and perhaps and embrace appropriation by others. Only then we will RESPECT IT enough TO OWN IT at least within our communities.

    Everyone else seems to want to take ownership of our blackness except us. Perhaps it’s because we have come to hate ourselves long enough for others to put a price on, undermine, steal expects of our culture who then cynically repackage and sell it back to us. We only seem to appreciate our self worth once we become to understand the value or significance of the extent to which something we created has been adopted within other communities or cultures.

    Instead most of us choose the easy way like Dame to blame whitey. Don’t listen to black people like him who spend all his time worrying about what they (White people) are doing rather than focusing on what he is achieving.

    Black people are incredible, emotional beings, we have and continue to suffer like no other race on this planet, yet our resilience pervades. However we have to drawn a line under this blaming everyone else for our woes. We need to take some kind of responsibility for our problems in order to find resolutions or even obtain closure. It’s only then we can take OWNERSHIP and progress as a people.

    I’m not saying I got the answers and I could be way of base here. So please anyone who doesn’t agree please, bear this in mind. It’s just my thoughts.

  22. If Dame cared so much about our culture (latinos and blacks) than he should’ve stopped pimping our women and pouring champagne on our asses. He was all about the “mighty dollar”, now since the checks stopped coming in, he’s an activist now. Look, I know there are other cultures jocking and stealing our swag, but he should look in the mirror first. When he starts representing our women and men in a positive light, then maybe I’ll take him seriously.

    • Now i like pouring champagne on plump and juicy
      Latinas asses. Whats wrong with that???

    • the women let themselves be degraded in these videos.

      dame ain’t dancing no more he has no label no clout all he can do now is complain bout how jay z did him.

      wel;l jiggas still standing.

        • not much longer how many black, not so easy on the eyes, 40 something year old rappers exist and maintain a position of power regardless if they have been good slaves or not? all his dirty laundry will be aired out to mainstream media just like all the photo ops/fake controversies etc make their way to mainstream media. Eminem, Iggy, mackelmore, and whatever other mainstream white rappers exist now. How many years has Iggy been forced onto the mainstream? Part of her name is stolen from a black female rapper who was out before her. Everything is hidden in plain sight.

  23. Blame black people who would rather be controlled by whites. Whites have all the money and control of everything. Somehow black people are programmed that white is right.

  24. Everyone is righteous when they are down to their last few dollars. Never heard this talk when had a swimming pool full of girls in his London home on MTV cribs!!

  25. This kneegrow is talkin’ major shit cuz his partners in crime against the black race kicked him to the curb. Yes he should have bought property in Harlem, but don’t think his joo masters didn’t dissuade him from doing so. Kneegrows like him only know how to make money off of black folk; they don’t know and don’t wanna know how to help black folk. Kneegrows in the entertainment industry are co-defendants in crimes against black people – they are the foot soldiers in the degradation of black women, the discouragement of black children and they advocate death to black me. If you listen to some of the lyrics of let’s say, Lil Wayne, the KKK couldn’t even get away with that shit. He was forced out because this damn ghetto, gutter, gangsta rap has placed black folks right where YT and the joos want us: in the mental slums.

    And to Taino: these fake hood bougie black dudes ain’t neva gonna rep us right. They are the enemy within.

  26. Dame is full of shit he won’t name the real ppl behind the breakup because his role in Aaliyahs murder will be exposed.

  27. Truth Mon88. But you know some people don’t believe that Aaliyah and the Rachael Roy situation with Jay z has nothing to do with the other.

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