Bobbi Kris’ Half-Azz ‘Apology’ Over Shadin’ At Angela Bassett


Is it just me or does Bobbi Kris always seem to justify her wretched ways by droppin’ the ‘don’t judge me’ spiel?

The troubled 21-year-old is back at using that same line again. This time it’s part of a cover-up — as we don’t really see it as an apology — over her disrespecting Angela Bassett for not casting her in the Whitney biopic being directed by the seasoned actress.

Check it:

“Bobbi Kristina apologizes if anyone was offended that she called Angela Bassett a man.”



  1. She needs to take her behind to school and get an education. Do something with your time girl.

  2. how can she say ANY woman looks like a man when she has the exact same face as her FATHER who is a what? MAN!!!!! Smh she needs to be in a rehab.

  3. There are only two ways to judge someone. By their words and actions. What a dumbass she is.

    • A grown man go around calling himself sweet dick and you are talking about her being dumb? If people are judged by their words your name speaks volumes about you fag.

  4. Damn right. She’s a spoiled brat and needs to stfu. Can’t get her way she’s crying via social media. Sit your gap toothed ass down.

  5. I believe She witnessed her mother’s demise (blood sacrifice)…..NOW is being taken advantage of and mentally ,physically and emotionally abused .She gets high daily and wants some kind of acknowledgement in the industry despite having money. She crying out desperately for help and cant trust anyone especially family.

    • Take her ass and get an education and do for self she has millions so build on it and develop your own projects if she wants to be accepted.

    • She did not witness her mother’s death,and
      there was no blood sacrifice or Illuminati involvement.

        • Because blood sacrifices usually goes hand in hand with the illuminati theories. Don’t act like you didn’t already know that.

      • Wit Can’t Sing No More….

        So Lets KILL Her, (after all she is just another Black Crack Ho that we made do ALL those things to get to the top) and Make MORE $$$$ off the songs she already did for us JOOS…

        Oh Yeah, and lets raise the Prices after she is dead. Nobody will ever Know.

        The End

        • No one killed Whitney or Michael, they both killed themselves with all their years of drug abuse. Even if you want to believe the conspiracies are true, TPTB would not have been able to carry out the “jobs” if it weren’t for M&W’s drug habits.

            • I believe they were addicts, I just think the addiction is a by product of the ritual abuse. I think we are gonna find out that Bey is an addict. I think it’s required so that you can be controlled easily.

    • If she saw her mother murdered she should notify the FBI. Believe me, they would love it and she would be elevated beyond her wildest dreams fame wise. C’mon now. Whitney was a severely troubled drug addict. I would have been shocked if she HAD made it to 55.

      • The Fbi coulnt help they were instructed probably to overlook some things. Funny how the cameras at the hotel caught NOTHING. smh

        • The FBI? Is that a joke? The secret service was in the mossad owned Beverly Hilton the night Whitney was killed.

          • So what? The SS are T-men not G-men. they deal with money crimes and fraud.
            And by the way, I didn’t say she was not killed. I said she was not “sacrificed” in BK’s presence and that her drug addiction was the cause of her death. Even if Ray J and co. gave her some bad shit, it wouldn’t have happened if not for her addictions.

            The Beverly Hilton is owned by Beny Alagem an Israeli who founded Packard Bell.
            I am inferring that you believe him to be part of Mossad. OK. You mean like Donald Trump is CIA?

  6. I wish Twitter had spell check……….A lot of celebrities seem to have fallen asleep during English class.

    • That’s a reflection on her parents! Celebrity kids have private tutors. I guess education wasn’t a priority. Drugs were. Its messed up because Whitney was educated. Smh.

    • SayCheeseReply WOW. Great site with intelligent credible information. nomorefakenews. John Rapport also writes about brainwashing,drugging of American children and people etc.

  7. Whitney’s family needs to step in and help this girl so she doesnt end up like her mother sorry to say.

  8. No, Pat should stop her inheritance.. Period! I betcha she’ll straighten up.

    • I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing but Pat has no control over Bobbi’s inheritance. At this point there really isn’t anything anyone can do to control that girl because it’s obvious she was never raised with boundaries or morals. I love and miss Whitney but it’s the truth. That’s why I laugh at people who think money is the be all and end all to happiness and perfect life. Bobbi Kristina and others out there have proven to us that couldn’t be further from the truth.

      • Money can be if you dont use it to buy drugs!! Geez. Drugs destroy lives. Buy therapy. Lol.

        • Drugs are only one of the many things that can cause child rearing to go astray. It’s a shame Bobbi doesn’t have the right people around to advise her to get help for her problems.

          • You know what their problem is: Cissy only knew how to parent as long as she could use money to control you. Once they came into money, she lost all control cause she never had it to begin with.

    • Gaps are apparently worse than being gay/lesbian, a sellout, and a part of the Illuminati and/or Boule on here. Watch out.

  9. I say drag that manly looking ho bk she ain’t doing nothing but using Whitney anyway her other lifetime movie Betty and Coretta which was was full of lies was a pre programming propaganda piece used to assist in the assassination of Malcolm Shabazz the grandson of Malcolm X.

    • OK now I get your agenda. Never mind the above question. You are on the YoutTube shit like a third of the folks here. smh

  10. Where is the EMPATHY for this drugged out child we saw her grow up with 2 junkies. And don’t make me say what happened to her Mother! If she was Britney Spears folks would be white knighting and caping for her lots of ‘oh she needs a therapist’ – which BK does.

    I have a relative who went through trauma and acts out, this child has a serious post traumatic stress disorder plus the drugs and a bad man and Miss Angela Basset could have been more sensitive towards her imho.

    • Angela did nothing wrong.
      I used to feel sorry for her but BK’s attitude is too much for me to handle right now. I don’t know what Britney’s mental behind has to do with this but I’ll tell you the difference between those two women. It’s apparent Britney has a mental illness that she’s working to control while BK is a young girl with a drug habit and a bad attitude.
      It’s very difficult to want to help and feel sorry for someone who doesn’t want to help themselves.

      • Well said Cheese. I agree that Spears has owned and addressed her mental issues and that’s the difference.

        • Exactly. I still feel sorry Bobbi losing her mom but her drug problems were there before her mom’s death. Seeing her mom in that bathtub should have been a wake up call.

      • Yall are sambos and caping and white knighting as usual. No love no empathy for BK but some fool giving Britney love and she is a meth freak a sex freak and a real nut. Yall are some cold hearted bastards. Cold as steel no mercy for the hurt and wounded BW. How many of yall would be in your right mind if your mother got done like Whitney? Hell yes BK is mentally ill and a drug addict and she needs help but I will step back and let yall cape for white women being delicate as usual.

  11. Bobbi chris we loved whitney, and grew to love you because your are her daughter. Get yourself together and come back to take a positive stand for yourself. The love we have for you mother is also yours once you show yourself worthy.

  12. Please stop disrespecting people through social media, instead pick up the phone and talk it out like the rich girl you are.

  13. This Little Girl Needs To STFU!! She’s little Brat She Married Her Adoptive Brother YUCK!!!

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