Wendy Williams’ Husband Spotted With His Mistress Again

wendy williams husband

Wendy Williams’s husband, Kevin Hunter, is bold AF because he was just spotted out with his mistress AGAIN. This time, he was picking her up from an office building in midtown Manhattan…driving the same Bentley he used to drop Wendy off at her studio.

Kevin’s affair with Sharina Hudson was put on blast by the Daily Mail back in September. Wendy had his back and said Sharina was a family friend.

Here’s what sources had to say:

“Kevin is with Sharina three or four times a week, often staying over. He’s living a double life.”

wendy williams mistress

Is Wendy passing out at work because the stress of her cheating husband is too much?

You can see more pics of the two of them here.


  1. I cant understand how a woman can be attracted to a married man or a man thats in love with someone else. I could just be super competitive but I cant come 2nd to no n–ga. Both of them are second, the mistress and Wendy

  2. That ain’t no mistress that’s new Bae.or old Bae cause that ring on her finger says I’m here to stay. Lol smh Wendy to old,sickly,and proud to be internationally known that her marriage failed. She already looks like she’s bback. To her snap habits playing in her nose. That faint looked like she od’d and they got her with the narcan. Her face was flush after the commercial break and beer voice was quivering. And the way she pounded her fist .when she said I’m back and that cake smile looked more like the emts blew my high. Lol

  3. if a mistress look like THAT i would pass out on the fuckin stage too AND be in a coma for a few days! Lol

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