Wendy Williams Denies Husband’s Cheating Rumors

wendy williams husband cheating

The Daily Mail launched a year-long investigation into Wendy William’s husband Kevin Hunter’s “double life.”

The website claims Kevin had been having an affair for over ten years with a 32-year-old woman named Sharina Hudson.

Kevin was allegedly splitting his time between the New Jersey home he shares with Wendy and a 2-bedroom condo in Ft. Lee that he purchased for Sharina.

Just days after Wendy was showing off her sexy bikini body with Kevin in Barbados, he was pictured hanging out with his alleged side chick.

After the news of the affair leaked, Wendy’s rep had this to say:

“One plus one does not equal three. This woman is a friend but there is no ‘there’ there.”

Wendy caught Kevin cheating in 2001 after the birth of their son. But she said the affair made their marriage stronger.

You can read all the tea on Kevin’s “double life” here.


  1. She knows that he is cheating. He probably abuses her, she is probably on drugs.

    Her bikini body is not sexy. Being skinny doesn’t always equate to sexy. She probably should have incorporated exercise during her weight loss.

    • Yes. Rapid weight loss will guarantee you saggy skin. She is not that old for her skin to look like that, specially for a black woman.

  2. Even if she does know all about it, there is no way I would let some man use MY money for ten yrs (that we know of) to put up some tramp. Without her he would have no “job = $”.

    You can’t talk shit about everyone else w/o being transparent about your own situation WENDY!

    A plus one does equal three, no matter how much you deny it!

  3. Deflection, hummph, everybody from Miami to New Jersey knows that he has a type and that ain’t shim.

  4. She needs to put a fork in this marriage. Remember Mary J. Blighe, I have a feeling this man will make the same demands on Wendy, maybe worse. I don’t think in 1997 she would have felt the need for a tight prenup specially since she blew up in the last decade. While I agree there richer partner should pay their proportionate share of child and spousal support, I hate the infidelity display.

  5. It’s not cheating when it’s an open marriage.

    Like the previous comment or say – I just hate that infidelity display. It’s very apparent that there together- his name is on the doggone mail that’s received at the house.

  6. So he goes upside her head, chokes her in the studio, and got some muslim chick on the side, giving her that halal beef? Chile cheese. Them whites@ Daily Mail have pulled every damn card wendy had. 10 years? She gotta ring? Her name on the mailbox only a few miles away for some shit you and ur tv show is paying for? BITCH!, this nigguh has NO RESPECT for you Wendy! This side bitxh got on dashikis and all types of shit, wit your money!! She even got her mama or sister name on the house..chile!

    Wendy this is a new low, even for you. Then you on tv today flashing the ring??? GIRL. Them white womens aint gonna go wit this so we shall see. Dont be surprised if you hear some shit went down at fox, they might tell her she might need to turn on him for optics and to save face. What message is this for women Wendy or better yet your son? You are raising the black ted bundy Wendi he will be a monster just like that no good as nigga u got now give them muslim hoes halal beef for 10 years while u knew about the shit the whole time.

    You gotta beilieve you are better than that wendy. Many women need to.

  7. This shidd is juicy daily mail got receipts on his ass she won’t b talking abt this on hot topic with her fake ass

    • She did address per the blogs, but she said they stand united as one.. This man has been cheating in her, Whitney told her crack ass off.. She called Wendy and told her, don’t get it twisted I will come over there and beat your ass, quit align about my husband.. Your husband been cheating on your ass, some of the women you pay he’s sleeping with them.
      That man has beat her ass into submission and she ain’t going know where.. I can’t stand a person talking about my skeletons, when you gave a closet full yourself.. I also thought she like women and he was caught a while back with a trannie… sucky now..

  8. Daily Mail live to reveal the splits / divorces / scandals / mistresses etc of ‘black couples’. You barely hear or see them promoting black love at any other time.

    • Do any of these sites really support or encourage black love?

      I ask because this is really the only one I deal w/ since it is so easy to post.

  9. “This woman is a friend but there is no ‘there’ there.” LOL
    Bill Clinton would be so proud of this statement.

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