T-Boz’s Cousin Shot 18 Times By Police

    t boz cousin shot 18 times police

    T-Boz of TLC shared the news on her Instagram that her mentally ill cousin was shot 18 times by the police.

    Here’s her plea for her family:

    My Cousin Was Shot 18 Times Including the Face and Back of His Head! He Harmed NO ONE EVER! He Had Mental Health Issues AND THE COPS KNEW THAT! Anything he's ever Done Was minor and NON VIOLENT! Eddie Russell Jr -A Human-Being -A Son- Brother-Friend-Nephew – Cousin-HUMAN! The cops told his mother to call him out on a bullhorn ? USED her saying "WE WILL GIVE HIM THE HELP HE NEEDS" and He Came Out Because He Heard His Mother and They used beyond excessive force to gun him down also with heavy artillery used in warfare! 18 times? Shot eighteen times??? IF THEIR GOING ON WHAT HES HOLDING AT THE BANK THAT ISN'T A GUN! (Picture Is Posted)They Keep saying he had a gun! I don't see a gun in his hand at the bank they say he tried to rob! That's NOT A GUN! They blocked everyone off including neighbors at a 4 block radius including his mother and father and family!People could NOT go home! So no camera phones accessible is that why? COPS DIDN'T HAVE ON BODY CAMS now isn't that convenient! They Lied and told family members Eddie Jr was at the hospital to get them away from the house knowing he was dead outside the house where they killed him! They kept his BODY OUTSIDE ON THE GROUND FOR MANY MANY HOURS! First they reported he ran out shooting =LIES! Then one cop shot =LIES! Then 5-6 shots =LIES! Then 5-6 cops shot YEAH CLEARLY! But why SO MANY TIMES? Why THE AR15? They didn't even wait for the negotiator to arrive or is it that the negotiator took his time getting there? They haven't Even Gave my cousin the RESPECT of trying to call and explain WHAT HAPPENED IN DETAIL TO HER CHILD! He needs JUSTICE! His Mother and Father and Family need JUSTICE!!!! This wasn't a hostage situation! He didn't threaten anyone's life! This was a mentally iLL young man who needed help and should have received just that! PLEASE HELP HIS MOTHER AND SPREAD HER STORY SO SHE CAN GET THE HELP SHE NEEDS AND JUSTICE FOR HER SON!!!! His Mother Has Tried For Many Years To Get Her Son Mental Health Counseling He Needed! The system Failed Him and Her! #AmericaIsTainted #TrumpIsAChump #TakeAKnee #BendAKnee #JusticeForEddieJr #Shot18Times #tboz #tlc #tbeezy #tlcarmy #justice #peoriaillinois #EddieRussell

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    1. Damn… I guess she was going to have to cross that line, and give up that sacrifice sooner or later. You can’t be in the game this long without giving something up. With all the success TLC has had, it had to come sooner or later. This does come across as kind of odd. Chilli might have her sacrifice as well.

    2. 18 times is a lot whether he was tring to rob a bank or not….I doubt he would be mobile after the first depending on where he recieved it..hmmm,

    3. Think the police is trying to kill as many blacks as they can so.in that I do believe in a satanic offering and TLC has a new album.out whether they blow up again dont know tlc first offering was left eye and I think left eye knew she was gonna die

      I mean it was first reported that left eye went missing and t biz and chili acres dumb left eye was beefing with them and not even.doing TV appearances with them guess they all kind of knew left eye was marked for death

    4. People need to wake up and realize that there is a war against the Black Male. That link I posted least month about the boy getting shot on the roof while he was talking on a cell phone that both officers could clearly see before the just shot him twice, once in the head and once in the foot.
      They told his family that he was in the hospital too. When they arrived there they told his mom that she could not see him because he was considered to be under arrest while in the hospital, for what charges I wonder? I don’t have a Facebook page to see if he posted anything on his page, his is under Jerry Smith in Milwaukee Wisconsin if you want to follow the story. I cant do it anymore, it’s been so much senseless killing I cant even keep up.

      There has been no further news or information regarding his well being or the case. But you tell me, could he have survived a head shot fired at close range (less than ten feet) by an officer? Then he (the officer) broke down and started crying after he shot him saying he didn’t mean to do it. They could have tasered him or just tried to talk to them, he told them “I don’t have a gun or any drugs I just want to talk to my mom and let her know that I’m okay” and they shot him?!?!?

      I’m so tired of them saying I was in fear of my life…. So get a new occupation then, SMH
      Unstable scary weak ass cowards with a license to kill if you ask me…

      I don’t know if T Boz has an agenda or not but I do know that these officer involved killing should be labeled as “genocide” instead of “justifiable homicide” and its getting closer to home for many Black Families across the united (Kill Zones) states.

    5. It’s obvious that she mentioned perpetually the sacrifice numbers (5+6=11) he was shot (1+8=9) the 9 is an inverted 6 ! Ak-15 (1+5=6), and the number 4 ! 4 blocks ! an inverted 6! #666 ! These are all Masonic numbers that are consistent with association of the illuminati! Not to forget , she mentioned the number #666 , with the last 6 disguised as an inverted 4 ! (4 blocks ).
      Please don’t feed into this race war propaganda that we are currently in , and always facing in our Black Community! These celebrities are modern day House Nig’s and quick to sell out and prey on their own people for a quick dollar ! What’s really her motive here people !?!? What can we do to help, like really ? When she has millions of dollars , and resources to resolve this problem easily! FOR EVERY ACTION ! THERE’S AN REACTION! always QUESTION everything! Sorry she sold her soul a long time ago ! And she is only being told and instructed by her( Masters, the oath )she has taken in return for riches and fame. Even if she is out of the spotlight and irrelevant! The Light Angel Lucifer(Satan) will never give her rest !

    6. Hse didnt wanna advocate for justice and to stop the killings until it hit home . Don’t let this be you !!!

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