Russell Simmons Calls Out NFL Players Who Stayed In Locker Rooms

russell simmons

After Donald Trump lashing out at the NFL for not punishing players who refuse to stand for the national anthem, some players chose to lock arms during Sunday’s games, while others decided to stay in the locker room as the Anthem played.

Here’s what Russell Simmons had to say about their decision:

russell simmons nfl national anthem


  1. It’s called tip toeing the fence my old dl brother.

    Staying in the back lets them quietly denounce and curse the anthem w/out alienating the fans and overtly disrespecting their precious flag.

    They can always cook up an excuse as to why they were late to keep their job.

  2. locking arms is cowardice. colin got down on his knee…either your with him all the way or no way. your taking your anger out on trump but missing the point. dallas couldn’t wear a decal on their helmet to honor the 5 police that was killed…the nfl said no! so now that you were called sob you mad boo? the president was calling out the ones that wouldn’t stand not the whole nfl teams. hypocrites…if these owners were “down” with the brothers then give colin a job! liars.

  3. Russell need to shut up, he contributed to the downfall of america and then want to get mad at some NFL players GTFOH

    • I hope you meant, the downfall of BLACK american…. New Greece AKA New Rome (AmeriKKKa) is bound to fall according to prophecy. So why care for the geographic cage the keeps you complacent?

      • Yeah I did mean Black America. I just cant respect a black mans opinion on anything that has to do with black ppl when they dont even want a black family, like seriusly Russell?? You should have let Rev Run come with this statement, but you sir do not qualify to speak on us, you dont even want to be us.

  4. These are gladiators supposely alpha males….now they are becoming social justice warriors… russell is right us black men continue to take Ls. When is the last time nfl players pool in money for black private shools, hbcu, black venture capital. Nope but then a ho will always be a ho

    • Reformist the last time they did it was when you did,y’all did it together right?

  5. Reformist the last time they did it was when you did,y’all did it together right?

  6. Russell is a thief with his late Rush card,didn’t they get rid of that garbage,nope I just googled and it still their to rip people, mainly Black people, off!

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