Wendy Williams Flaunts Her Bikini Body

wendy williams bikini body

Wendy Williams and her husband headed off to Barbados to enjoy some fun in the sun, and Wendy flaunted her bikini body.

The talk show host revealed back in February that she had lost 50 pounds and it shows. That waist is snatched!

“This is as good as it’s going to get. I’m not gonna fight my body anymore, I’ve lost the weight, I feel fantastic.” – Wendy Williams


  1. Why she look like LaToya Jackson? It is as good as it gonna get but this is bcuz wendy on the cocaine & pills diet. Sometimes on the show it look like shes just could barely keep it together. She be high af most times, rambling, saying incoherent shit. She better behave for those white people start airing her out. She look the best she ever has.

  2. She looks sick, like she is dying.

    When my mom was in her 50’s she had a six pack so age is no excuse. Being skinny is NOT the be all to end all, shit tone up or something….smh.

  3. What’s with the yuuuuuge boobs but flat butt? At least inflate both top and bottom Wendy!!

    • She grew up around neanderthal females… Hence the psychosis for inflate-a-raft boobs while noAssAtAll prevails.

  4. You’re insane if you think that waist is “snatched”. Wendy looks like she’s suffering from an eating disorder ! The pics were shocking when I saw them yesterday. I still can’t believe that she looks so bad and all those bruises and scars on her legs. Wendy does not look well at all. She needs to eat !! She looks emaciated…

    • Well technically it is because she had a tummy tuck yrs ago.

      But she does look sickly thin, with that pasty, droopy skin.

  5. Glasses to big for her face,glasses almost bigger than her whole body accept the tits.this bitch look like she on all kind of drugs like she jus came from rehab

  6. She’s got melanin and should be aging better than this so at 53 she shouldn’t be looking 67. Quick weight loss will do this to you either by starvation or gastric bypass surgery. Her skin is not keeping up with the weight loss thus it looks droopy. She needs to tone up to tighten her skin. She is top heavy, should reconsider smaller implants. It’s not sexy. Her barely there nose cannot hold the weight of big eyewear. She actually makes me laugh, so nothing against her.

  7. Strict vegetarian diet? yeah right! Lemme go ask Judge Mathis what he thinks.

  8. vegetarian diet doesn’t make your ass go away this is bullshit. that’s emaciation due to drug use I’m from the hood I know what it look like. Her and that Tamar fellow. That extra tick about overly clean is a dead giveaway. how to cover up being an extra clean for doing something so dirty that’s the way they think.

  9. They call themselves vegans and she never had a behind that I recall.

    The problem is she needs to tone that shit up or get a full body lift and take them fake tits out!

    It is time for surgery, not like she is a stranger to it!

  10. She looks too skinny and her fake boobs is ugly.. she’s just top heavy and a pack of ugly bones.
    She has a lot of scars on her legs and body. It hard to unsee what I just saw and she has no curves at all, she just has no shape at all, and skinny is not always what good for your body.. Wendy needs to gain a few pounds. she’s a bit too tiny and it’s not looking good..

    • Yeah, she should have left herself the way she was when she appeared in the episode of Martin. At least then, she looked more feminine.

    • Well they did a shit job because her shit is flabby af.

      Her legs look like his gut.

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