Janet Jackson Breaks Down In Tears

janet jackson cries on stage

Janet Jackson returned to the stage to perform in Houston on Sept 9th.

While performing the song “What About,” Janet was teary-eyed during most of the performance. She even broke down and started sobbing on stage.

The song is about an abusive relationship, and as we all know, she’s currently in the midst of divorcing her estranged husband, Wissam Al Mana.

Peep Janet get emotional starting at the 2:30 mark.


  1. Props to her for having a plus sized dancer. It’s nice to see the diversity cause we all don’t come in 1 size. The Jacksons, at least some of them, are known to be prejudiced against fat ppl.

  2. What did she think was going to happen entering into a relationship with a man whose culture have no respect for women.

  3. Janet Jackson is full of shit. It’s a concert! She’s tryin to sell the song lmao.

    If anybody should be crying it should be him for usin money to test the love of a blk woman. Janet was like a pacing prison mate who couldn’t wait for that date to get out.

    Oh chubbs nobody wants to see fat unfit ppl dancing with the best. Fat ppl like u can’t dance.

  4. She pulled that crying at her concert shtick years ago AND when she was running off the stage, you could see her straighten her face out, she faked it.

  5. Maybe she was crying thinking about all the “servants”(slaves) who died during Wissan al Mana and her sexual torture sessions.

    her karma will never outlive that

  6. Bullshit. As much as I love her,The whole” marriage ” was contractual. He was her handler and she was his beard. Janet lovesssssssss the ladies!

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