WTF?! Heidi Klum Calls Her Sons With Seal ‘Sexy’

heidi klum seal sons sexy

Heid Klum just used an inappropriate term to describe her two sons with her ex-husband, singer Seal.

Here’s what she had to say:

“My boys are very sexy. They’re very young and I probably shouldn’t say that, that they’re sexy. [Henry] looks like Seal and I think Seal is very hot and very handsome. He looks just like his dad — he has this little gap here in his teeth.”


Someone call CPS.


  1. Of course it is wrong. She admits it!

    Like I say adults are the problem, sexualizing children is not okay.

    She could have said cute, handsome or a number of other terms. Why these sickos just won’t let children be children, while they are young and innocent is beyond me.

  2. Not a fan, but I have heard that she is a very devoted mother, so I’ll cut her a little slack.

    Plus, she’s German and they are all weird.

    • That is no better than someone saying he was always nice, about a serial killer.

      They are sick in the head, weird is too tame a word.

  3. The bitch is weird. I remember when she said they leave the bathroom door open @her house when they taking shits and piss and that half the time shes shitting naked. Jay leno was like so if im in your house walking ur ass might have the bathroom door open, she was like yes. She weird af. I always say white womens are fascinated by black mens. She see her black ex in her kids and get excited sexually. weird european bitch.

  4. Uh yeah that’s wierd af to say. If she said I have some handsome sons okay cool but sexy um nah

  5. Fuck that being a devoted parent shit.

    All these fuckers want to do is blur the lines between male/female…children/adults and this bitch is adding the subliminal incest is alright into the mix.

    Stop falling for the okie people!

  6. Heidi- Even Trump said your no longer a 10.

    This comment makes you look even more like a meth head.

    No decent white man will have her so of course she takes her raggedy bag to any black man who will have her. When will ignorant black men stop picking these Neanderthals women as the mother of their children?

    I stopped listening to Seal’s music when he wifed
    This slewfoot whore.

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