Torrei Hart’s Instagram Gets Hacked!

torrei hart instagram hacked

Looks like someone has it out for Torrei Hart! Right after her Benz was vandalized in Los Angeles, someone hacked her Instagram account.

Here’s her message to the hackers:


  1. That’s right, no weapon formed… Tell em to get back Torrei!!! Haaa Haa, LOVE IT!

  2. Eniggako got found out – just like Tori said she would. Yeah they need to leave her alone she’s messing with divine forces!

  3. As for people attacking her thats not cool at all would not wish for harm to come to her .but she is a bitter bitch..The man dealt with the bitch for as long as he could and moved be a latenight fuck stop for years to come..stop hyping her.thank you.

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