Tiny Professes Her Love for TI On His Birthday

ti birthday billboard

Now that they’re working on getting their marriage back on the right track, Tiny is publicly professing her love for her husband.

For the King’s birthday, Tiny rented a billboard that said, “From the one who loves & adores you the most. Mrs. H.”

Cute or…?


  1. Sorry, but I dnt think I wld’ve done tht for his ass, so not cute. Especially, whn during their hardship he publicly embarrassed her….his wife.

  2. Oh what a waste of money when he told you to your face, you’re a distraction to him..
    Oh hell no she’s your wifey who stood by your ass when you went to jail and held the family down..
    This lil he she is nothing short of a bitch and he thinks he’s talking about wisdom.. Wisdom is being able to take corrections and know when you’re wrong, then taking accountability for your action..
    It’s not when you on tour, you get a hall pass.. Hall pass my big ass, hell no that’s not in the real world.. Why do men not forgive their woman if she cheats, because y’all asses ain’t doing shit in the bed.. Y’all ain’t even knocking the dust off and asking is that good to you baby.. No it was good for me, but you got yours.. Lil man mentality.

  3. I like them too. They a hot mess but I believe they sincerely love each other and thats all that maters.

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