Bobby Shmurda Affiliate Arrested for Forging $8K In Courthouse Checks

bobby shmurda jay roney forgery

A member of Bobby Shmurda’s gang has been arrested for stealing close to $8,000 from Glen Rock Municipal Court.

Jkwon Roney, 26, of East Flatbush has been in custody since April for forging $350,000 in money orders over the previous year. He was also recorded threatening to “snap” a bank teller’s neck who threatened to mess up his “money scheme.” Roney flaunted his stolen money all over his Instagram account, traveled the world, and drove luxury cars.

Detectives were tipped off to his forgery scheme, and a Glen Rock detective said Roney forged and cashed four checks totaling $7,945.72 using the court’s account number.

Roney remains in jail and joins Shmurda behind bars who’s serving seven years for gun possession.

He was eatin’ and livin’ good for a minute tho…


  1. God damn………..Niggaz! Arrrrgg!

    The stupidity is makin me curl up into a ball so i can wail.

    Threatening a bank teller did him in. Fuckin dolt.

    The police should just kick their feet up and moniter all social media; niggas just can’t fuckin help themselves! Self fuckin snitching!

    • You disagree??

      He is a special kind of dumb. Stealing from a Court house? WTF? Why didn’t he go rob a prison?

  2. Dang, surf and turf plus mac & cheese and a bloody mary, lol. Welp at least he washes his ass and goes fresh with Dove.

    Lived large for a minute, poor critter… smh

  3. So, basically, you defrauded the local government/law??? You’re going to jail and then some son!!! These local law is about to make a MAJOR example of you, boo!!! Then you making terroristic threats toward a women that is employed in said municipal??? You ain’t gonna see the sun for a long long.. LONG TIME.. #Idiot2xs

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