Khloe Kardashian Is Pregnant

khloe kardashian pregnant

Khloe Kardashian’s about to BLOW up because it was just announced that she’s pregnant by her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson.

According to TMZ, Khloe is 3 months pregnant, and she wants everyone to know she conceived the baby naturally.

That means Kim’s surrogate, Kylie, and Khloe are all expecting.

In case you forgot, Tristan is also the father of a kid with his ex-girlfriend, Jordy. Their son was born in December 2016.

Welcome to the baby mama club, Khloe!


  1. These house Negros is disgusting and I hope she takes him for every penny he has.. He left the one who was by his side when he wasn’t chit for this TRAMP who has slept with soooo many other black men it pathetic.. She’s going to do you the say way she did Lamar, these witches drive men, especially weak ass black men crazy.. Go ahead and honor the tramp of a so call plastic surgery junkie..

    • Then why is Lamar still broken hearted over her? He would do anything to get her back.

      She is a nice person and she will be a good mother, just like Kim is.

      • He is NOT anymore and he did have brain-damage after his overdose, so not being in your right mind disqualifies any actions or words said during that time.

        And since when is grooming your children being a good mother.

      • @19:43… LMAO… delusional… It’s that crack, IF and I do mean IF he still has a thing for that big foot ape!

      • Lamar is a CRACK HEAD. He doesn’t know up from down. This industry whore is making a COMPLETE FOOL out of Tristan. Too bad he doesn’t know it yet.

  2. Uncle Tom ain’t shit

    Damn he did that? What is soooo appealing about khloe. I do admit she has a sweet personality but…….

    I hate the kartrashians but ole khloe wtf? I don’t understand.

    • She’s not really nice either, it’s just an act.. My lamy that’s what she use to call Lamar and she knew he was a junkie.. She lied to him the whole time they were married, but she took a chunk of his money when they divorced.. I have nothing for the dumb black fools that run after these covenant witches..

      • #AbsolutelyCORRECT!!!

        In this interview at around 5:54 mark (rewind a little for the full context), watch Kourtney reveal the KKKardashian coven strategy, while the others uncomfortably attempt to shut her down or cut her off, thereafter.

        … And that’s exactly what they’ve been doing to these black males who are dumb enough to get with them.

        • I don’t have to read anything.. I see very clearly and my comprehension is very well.. I know and understand people well, I grew up with manipulative siblings and I they are/was the very best, but I see through BS real quick.. You can’t fool me, if you think you are you’re fooling yourself.. My sister RIP was so damn beautiful, but she told you to your face what you are going to do, and she told you to your face.. I come to conquer and divide and I want everything you got, I want it all. Men would trip all over themselves to be in her company..

          • Welp, reading is both fundamental and definitely one’s right. But no one ever said you couldn’t see clearly nor comprehend. To have to go overboard explaining that was a bit overkill and a bit overcompensation ? (if you know what I mean)… At any rate. The link (VIDEO) is there as more proof of what most of us know and some hypnotized black males seem to be ignorant of.

            • I’m sorry if I sounded harsh, no harm no foul. This family only goes after weak ass rich Black men.. If a black woman had all those boyfriends, they would have names to call her, yet all the sluts have men after men and they are called socialites by the media. The Black media is no better. It’s called having something that was taboo, and none of them are nothing to write home about..

              • LOL…good one!
                Let her and the entire clan have all these WHACKED out brothers…who cares
                Chloe is ugly…seen her in person…she slowly changing with all those injections…On day Tristin will roll over and be like…WTF…

    • do you know her, how would you know that the plastic girl is nice…. she nice at sleeping with many men lol

      • IKR???!! This wookie azz bitch flat out committed adultery while her husband lay dying in a hospital bed and mostlikely even before that. And all this zombified clown can say about her is she is nice???? WOW

  3. I hope they all destroy each other and pick each other off, best possible scenario at this point. How can one entire group of people represent sodom & gomorroah all by themselves?

    • Lol. ?????Agree, these ppl disgust me. I dont eveb understand how they keep landing n–ga after ni—ga after ni–ga. Like what are these nig–z not understand about these kardashians.

  4. Chewy, chewy, chewy all that surgery was a fucking waste!

    Why bother if you were just going to get preggers.

    There is a limit to how much shit your body can take, so before getting anything done after this baby, she better make sure she is not going to become a baby making factory!

    That picture still looks like she has a cum-stain on her thigh and her thigh fat looks like an extra vagina.

    • ROFLMMFAO!!!!

      Yeah, this baby is going to do a number on her “improvements”. It’s a wrap!

  5. They wear weaves also you dumb bastard, just because they’re not bald don’t mean they don’t wear them, because they do… SMH

  6. Tristan, bruh…

    Now you know damn well you are NEVER!!! supposed to knock up a Kartrashian! Especially Khlobeast! But then again, you already fell into the sunken place when you stuck your dick up in her raw.

  7. DUMB MOTHERFUCKER! Your money belongs to the human trash cans! Once again, a black man’s money will end up in white bitch’s hands!

    • I’m thinking the same… Something’s not right. I know that yeti bitch has rotted and rusted out innards.

  8. I believe some of our brothers have a fetish of sorts. It involves sleeping with someone who has a high body count. What drives it even more is if they know the people who fucked. You see it more in celebrities, but I’ve also seen my share of it in real life.There literally can’t be any tread left on that tire. I’m talking hotdog thrown down hallway type loose. There’s not enough keggles to tighten that hole period. The baby will waterslide out.

      • “There literally can’t be any tread left on that tire. I’m talking hotdog thrown down hallway type loose. There’s not enough keggles to tighten that hole period. The baby will waterslide out.”

        (coughing and choking from laughing to hard) Lemonade all on the screen, keys will be stuck later lol. Somebody slap my in the back, dang! To late… DEAD!

        Whew, that one got me off guard, dang… (cough cough)

  9. Just hope Khlogre’s baby is semi-cute. Tristan’s fighting some real uggmo genes…

    • That yeti’s hatchling is going to get all the unedited plastic surgery and ugly that hoe worked so hard to delete. The baby won’t be able to get plastic surgery right away so we will see the true nature of Khloe-beast shining through. LOL

  10. She looks great you jealous haters. And if anyone thinks she is after Tristan’s money, you are as stupid as you are jealous. He is short term money—she’s loooong money.

    • LOL… As long on money as she is on ugly – then she must be eternally rich. Bitch is hideous inside and out. If she’s not sucking a black man’s money, she’s sucking out his Soul. Much more priceless, but to the amoral weak ass black males who date ’em, the Soul has no value.

    • Only a sasquatch would defend another sasquatch, go crawl back into your cave, bitch!

      These bitches better plan on staying with their baby daddies, because that so-called long money will definitely be touched.

      Halle is paying gabrielle 16gs a month for child support and they were never married.

      • Not to be a smart ass, but 16K per month to Khloe would be like weekly Starbucks’ money to a regular person.

        • No really?

          My point is if she is paying that imagine how much those bitches would have to pay…please think before you type.

  11. Oh well.Tristan knew her rep its his dick his money, he gotta deal with her the kardashiabs are just rich white Armenian girls with money Which is why black men are attracted they think they came up and let’s not forget most black men dont start getting access to white and other women til they get rich and famous

  12. Quote from Dr. Umar Johnson, “When a black man marries a white woman, he leaves his money and his legacy to the oppressor.”

    100% Facts!

  13. Y’all putting this all on black men being stupid. You do realize that Khloe’s entire social circle is black women? And unlike Kim, Khloe these chick’s are really her best friends…not just “TV friends.”

    • LMAO…you really think that bitch would choose any of her “black friends” over her koven…I mean fam…smfh…please.

    • You act like this white bitch is somehow spellbound by the black woman. So the black woman/Original woman has extreme amounts of etheric power – I give you that. But this yeti bitch is in her “Rulership/Kingdom” right now. This paradigm is currently run by HER people and she can spin her “image” anyway she wants to with the help of ILLUSION aka TV. So you want to blame the black woman for HER antics? Just like a simple ass zombie. Nicca, your kool aid is spiked.

  14. Strange….the K/J females lose their long time boyfriends, then get pregnant by men they dated for a hot minute! Mama Kris is talking buying a house with her new idiot, and two are pregnant…. well they should have listened to others about the Kurse. I hope they know what they have done.

    • Not really new storyline/ plotline…they will prob call it growing up liketrashagain…

      or some time of motherhood BS, when it should be called kovenhood…

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