Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant

kylie jenner pregnant

Five months after dating, Kylie Jenner is already pregnant by rapper Travis Scott.

Sources say 20-year-old Kylie began telling friends earlier this month that she’s knocked up. And Travis has apparently told his friends that Kylie is pregnant with a baby girl.



    • Remember when BC and Rob were a thing and people were wondering how it would all end. Now we know. Rob will be paying CS over the next 20 years. I don’t see that man alive in 20 years. Over the long haul it won’t be happening for Kylie and Travis either so expect them to war over the kid and of course, yes, she will have to pay him.

      • Why would you say something so evil? People are really crazy. You should not soeak death on anyone. Thats crazy

  1. Apparently he didn’t learn anything from BC. You don’t permanently entangle yourself to these people. He should have neutered himself. Now Kylie will have a little black doll to manage and mold like clay. smh.

    • If by little black doll, you mean that idiot Travis Scott – you aint NEVA lied. What an idiot. These coven bitches wish they COULD build-a-black person to worship them 24/7. That mutt they have will be a Jenner-racial.

      • A black child like Dream or this one have no business being raised by incompetent people like Kylie and Rob. Kim barely makes it and Kanye has basically abandoned those children to the whims of this family. I expect him to be out of the picture like they jettisoned OJ after they were done with him.

  2. LOL…that Baby will look like the real Kylie Jenner…BEFORE ALL PLASTIC MAGIC SURGERY
    Ugly long chin no top lip and flying saucers for ears!
    Lol…can I come to the Donkey Shower

  3. I guess these devils got another dumb black fool…Besides him getting fucked in his spider looking ass head,you knock up this plastic, wannabe,fake, delusional, Devil worshipping whore!

  4. I fear for that baby. These people are demonic. Has Kylie made her sacrifice yet. This woman has a net worth of $50M. 50, built in a matter of less than two years, on absolutely zero talent, academics, creativity, quality, productivity. How does that happen. The people behind her money are not nice people, soul less. If others are making their offerings, I’m sure they are demanding the same from this family which has amazed tremendous worth out of thin air.

  5. These ugly blk niggas must be in heaven now…with all these so called exotical chicks fucking with them…and going as far as to carrying their seed…hes fucking gross…I wouldn’t even screw that fool in the dark….

  6. As they’ve already said on twitter…

    In a plot twist- Kylie is Kimye’s surrogate…

  7. PimpMamaKris must have upped the game as Kylie’s new show is a ratings fail. That woman is fucking evil. No doubt, she was all on board for this. Anything for ratings and $$$.

    On a good note, Kim must be pissed that her surrogate pregnancy coverage will be shared by Kylie.

  8. O my god! Another stupid N*****! He is such a coon! Really ask your boy Koonyesus! You have really messed your LIFE up! Kartrashians strike again!

  9. We should have a list of how many Black rappers/athletes have ruined their semi-careers over some Kartrashian/DeJennerate sunken place cooch (though that list would be quite extensive). Travis Scott is just another name on that list.

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