Yo Gotti Named Person of Interest In Young Dolph Shooting

yo gotti young dolph shooting

Yo Gotti has been named a person of interest after the Tuesday shooting of his rival, Young Dolph.

Both rappers were staying at the Lowes Hotel in Hollywood when their crews bumped into each other and started beefing.

A short time later, shots were fired outside of the hotel. Witnesses at the scene told officers Gotti was involved.

This comes as no surprise since Gotti and Dolph have been beefing for years. Just this February, Dolph’s bulletproof SUV was hit by over 100 shots. Blac Yungsta, one of Gotti’s affiliates, was arrested in connection with the shooting.

Dolph remains in the hospital in critical condition, and Gotti seems unbothered and is working on picking out a name for his new album.

Tryna Name My NEXT ALBUM… #NEEDideas #Comment ??

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Can we all just get along?


  1. Wow niggas shootin niggas; u don’t see that everyday.

    Couldn’t these 2 millionaires leave that bs behind in south memphis?

    I betcha the whole thing erupted from absolutely nothing.

    Get well Adolf Thornton? i always liked you. U couldn’t adopt that singing/rapping crap that these new niggas do; your horrible voice couldn’t be helped. Not even with autotune. You had a be a traditional rapper.

    Fuck Yo Gotti. He wants to be jay z sooo bad. Country ass nigga got his nose all up jay’s ass.

  2. Yall playing straight into Trumps White Supremacist hands! Because of your ignorant Nigga beefs, Why you have to take your s#it to Hotels where Upstanding Decent Black folk want to stay without you dragging us down, with your Stupidity of crime!! Go Away!!!! ~

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