LOL! Rihanna Claps Back at Makeup Competitor

rihanna makeup forever clap back

The makeup industry is still in its feelings over Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty launch.

The singer debuted 40 shades of foundations to cater to women of all skin tones. Major brand Make Up Forever must’ve been in their feelings because they tried to drag Rih Rih. But of course she fired back with the perfect clap back.

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  1. Looked at the match sticks magnetic trio packaging in the shape of hexagons on top bottom and sides, unmmm, I’ll pass. I see you LVMH, bye Rihanna.

        • Yes, both are owned by LVMH who I’m sure will put the kabbash at the two throwing shades at each other. Both too dang expensive. Keeping the $1.99 stuff from the local beauty shop.

          • I find dupes for mostly all of them but you cant deny the quality and luxury of truly high end products, its just messed up what the industry is doing in the background. I was lucky enough to have family members with MUA discounts to try many of them.

            I like NYX and elf but I’m sure if I dig deep enough there is just something not quite right about them either. I have been doing some research for Black owned make up companies to support and recently ordered the Nubian eye shadow palette from Juvia’s Place to rock this fall.

            I will say that I make a lot of my own hair and skin products but would really like a natural mineral based make up geared towards Black Women only and like I said before a Sista is always looking for that perfect shade of red! I found one Black owned mineral based make up company but they were asking for waaaaay to much information, dang, can I just place to cocka doodie order already? O_o! (trying to stop swearing so much) SO the hunt is on.

            • I have always loved the cheap stuff. I am an avid animal lover so for me, Sleek, Makeup Revolution, NYX and ELF are sufficient. I can’t do ‘tested’. I would avoid Rihanna’s label for that alone. But I still hope she does well ?

  2. New Self Hate Alert !!!! Dark Sking Women Are Wearing LIGHT SKIN MAKEUP !!! ~ Black Women …. Just Shoot Yourself In The Head !!! (the only way to stop the self hate)

  3. This is a silly made up fight. For eons, the black woman skin tone (all skin tones from light to very dark) has been neglected or ignored. Considering that Black women spend billions, mostly for hair care, someone like Dany Sanz, a white makeup artist, saw a window of opportunity and created her make up line, MUFE. When Rihanna created hers, it highlighting the void even more. Both companies sell the exact same thing. Both are expensive but Fenty is really over the top expensive like all the other snooty fallulting brands. Now black women have wider choices, including products by black companies which are just as good but more affordable.

  4. So the he’ll what! People are homeless children being abducted and this is news?

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