Tyrese Offers to Pay Kid’s Tuition With Will Smith’s Money

tyrese kid harvard tuition

Even though the funds haven’t even hit his account, Tyrese is already finding ways to blow the $5 million gift from Will Smith and Jada Pinkett.

Ty posted a video of a little boy who came to his defense about his custody/abuse battle. In return, Ty offered to pay the boy’s tuition to Harvard:

“I feel you….. I feel you….. Who ever this genius kid is just know that your full scholarship to Harvard University will be paid for as soon as my Will Smith Wire comes in……… Nothing will change if we don’t change it he’s a game changer just like @zothemotivator FROM COMPTON TO MOREHOUSE#ClassicMan#MyPresidentLooksLikeYouAndZoTheMotivator”

Here’s the video and click the arrow button to see Ty’s response.


Didn’t Will and Jada tell him the money was supposed to be used to pay his debt? And instead, he’s outchea offering to pay tuition for an 11-year-old kid that’s not even in high school and hasn’t even been accepted to Harvard LMAO

Someone please, make it stop.


  1. Many questions! Do the Smyths understand mental illness? Is Tyman blackmailing folks in HWood? When is the court decision going to be made about the restraining order and supervised visitation? Is he auditioning for a reality show? Does he inhale the cigar smoke? For now, this is all I got. How about some more questions from the listening viewing audience!

  2. His MK ULTRA programming is failing thats why he is breaking down in front of the whole world. He reminds me of Amanda Bynes episodes of breaking down and she had ro be reprogrammed.

  3. Lol I thought the little boy was acting or it was scripted until he said Dragon Z Ball. ?????. No way did that fit the into a script.

    Go ahead Baby Obama!!

  4. By the time that kid is ready to go to college, Harvard tuition costs will probably BE $5mill.

  5. He is a stunting queen. He did that to deflect blame in case Will Smith doesn’t send the money..

  6. Tyrese is a bitch and any woman that is with him is not with a man ! This dumb ass coon had over a million dollars from those fast and furious movies and now he wants to cry broke. I think he’s on drugs and his so called career is over!

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