Wendy Williams Collapses Live On Air!


    wendy williams collapses

    Wendy Williams just collapsed on air in front of her live studio audience.

    We hope she’s okay! Peep the scary video of her stumbling over her words right before she falls down on the stage.

    UPDATE: Wendy says she was just “overheated” and passed out because her costume was too hot. Mmmhmmm…


    1. At first it looks like she knows she is about to pass out but her facial expression doesn’t look imo like someone who is pained or scared. It was weird to watch.

      • The clone thing sounds far fetched but, if her only excuse for this is her costume was too hot then, you maybe right. You dont just pass out like THAT and not have a underlining serious medical condition. And she did not grab her chest, she went for her brain?. Soooo what ever was hurting her was coming from her head. Wonder what it could really be. It did lool like a malfuntion of a robot though. I have to agree.

        • Shut up bitch.

          Nigga tryin to analyze HOW she passed out abd whether it was genuine. STFU.

          Too much powder cocaine before the show(as usual). Lite cardiac arrest.

    2. Too much pills. Strong painkillers will have u passed out. Oxy, percocet, vicodin. She on tha shit & not eating. I mentioned here b4 about her pill usage and being inebriated on air, she hasnt stopped. U have to eat something heavy if u are gonna load up on painpills.

    3. Looks like this ugly, plastic looking piece of shit had a MK-ultra breakdown. Wendy is definitely possessed by something.

    4. Listen to that death rattle sound she makes.

      WAKE UP, SERVING BREAKFAST!!! CANT YOU SMELL THE COFFEE??? It cant get any clearer than this….smh


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