Steve Harvey: Don’t Judge Me on My Meeting With Trump, I’m Woke!

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Steve Harvey posted a beautiful picture of his family on Instagram, and one of his followers decided to bring up the meeting the TV personality had with Trump earlier this year.

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Harvey clapped back and got her all the way together by telling her to stay “woke” because he is!

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That’s when the follower backtracked.

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Harvey has already said his wife tried to talk him out of going to the meeting. Looking back on the events, he says he regrets going to Trump Tower in the first place.

A woke “Uncle Tom”…that’s something new…


  1. How’s he a Uncle Tom? Don’t get it! I have a real question: what Black Man do we have that OUR people do’t throw dirt on? I ever get rich and able to help, it will definitely be in silence, because Black People kill all their heroes, leaders, and good people! Y’all villain-ize your own people before anyone else does!

    • That’s what people called him after he met with Trump. That’s why I included it and that’s why it’s in quotations.

      • Steve Harvey doesn’t represent me, or the Black race. He can do whatever the hell he wants to do.

    • Do you ask the same about the black women who do great things are villianized and no one bats an eye?

      We won’t have to worry about hearing about you or anything you do, so being concerned should not even be on your radar.

      • YES! I do ask the same of the Black women that do great things. Ben Carson, Omarossa, Stacy Dash…Uncle Toms, absolutely! They have no history of doing anything positive or uplifting for our people. Chrisette, Tina Campbell (who i can’t lie has brought a lot of hate on herself), and other Black Women shouldn’t be called Uncle Tom’s and Coons because of a bad decision, when they’ve done more for our culture and people than those that call them those names.

        He voted for Hilary, and met with Trump as advised by President Obama, and people came for his head as if he’s Ben Carson or Uncle Ruckus! I’ve seen Oprah, Shonda Rhimes, and numerous righteous progressive “WOKE” Black women get called names unfairly and feel the same way. So what the hell are you talking about?

        • Acknowledging it! Like you just did.

          When you make a statement here or anywhere else do not single out one gender only, because the same treatment is shared regardless of sex.

    • God forbid a black man ever have his own opinions. Yeah, we all drones, forced to think alike and act alike. No wrong-think for the black community, meanwhile all our shit is in shambles. Hillary called us super predators who have to be brought to heel, but black people love her stankin’ ass, don’t they? Bill Clinton said Obama’s presidential run was a “fairy tale” and also signed legislation that locked up more black men than anyone else in history, but “muh first black president, he smoked weed tho lolXD”


  2. Lol yall funny. Talk about steve harvey is a coon but tell me what obama & hillary even did for the black community? Lol chicago still murder capital obama was president 4 8years he could have sent a task force, anything. The number of black small business & home ownership was the lowest ever in many years under obama. Michelle talkinbout save our girls yet her & obama had their daughter working for a rapist. What about all the black girls disappearing in ur home town michelle?
    Obama sent poor black peoples jobs overseas to mexico & china. Did obama ever give the money to the hbcu’s like they beg trump to do now?
    How about when obama demanded blacks to vote for hillary to protect his & michelle lageacy LOL legacy of what?? Black people rejected the bullshit just like whites hispanics did & now yall want to call names when black ppl support jobs here in america & lower taxes to support small business & home ownership.
    Democrats only want to promise black ppl free shit, free social governments handouts and get them reliant on the state instead of encouraging independance from the government taling care of u. Stop calling ppl coons when half ya nigguhs didnt even vote.

      • We are always calling anyone a coon that is black & meet with trump…i dont understand that Sasha. My thing is nothing wrong, the president-elect thought he was important enough to invite him to a meeting, whats the problem?

        • I think Harvey was dragged because Trump showed blatant signs of being racist and discriminatory towards blacks and other minorities long before he was in office. Why would ANYONE want to be associated with someone like that or even attempt to have a civilized conversation with him?

          • Ugh, sasha! Fine have it your way but i dont think hes as racist as people make him out to be. Yes he never apologized for the central park 5, and hes a clown sometimes, but i guess im more willing 2 give him the benfit out the doubt than most of yall.

            • It’s not about “having it my way.” My opinion has been formed based on facts that have been reported and some of his own words he has used in the press and to the media. You can feel free to give someone the benefit of the doubt the first time (maybe) that they cross the line. But after numerous violations/offenses? Nope! He’s an habitual line stepper but his time will come soon enough.

        • The problem is that it was nothing more than a self serving PHOTO OP for Trump. That’s the problem. Steve Harvey spent MONTHS trashing Trump and his racist rhetoric then turned around and got SCREWED WITH NO VASELINE by allowing himself to be USED. He has admitted it was the biggest mistake of his life.

          And when you step and fetch for someone who has TOLD YOU AND SHOWN YOU who they are, that is being a COON.

      • Its not.any president job to fix black.america Chicago was already fuckef up.before obama got in office

        Try writing Larry hoover a letter asking him why he started a gang organization that represented death

    • @ Anonymous 12:44

      Oh the LIES YOU TELL. Obama accomplished a LOT…which is why folks like you try your best to tear him down and tarnish his legacy. And he did it with both hands and feet tied behind his back and the albatross tied around his neck aka the Republican Party.

      YOUR CURRENT PRESIDENT can’t accomplish shit and has the majority in both the House and Senate. So shut your trailer trash ass up and have another beer.

      OBAMA saved the auto industry, which employs thousands of blacks
      OBAMA signed a bill so women could be paid the same as men
      OBAMA implemented paid training programs for various industries during the economic recession…which a lot of unemployed and under employed folks took advantage of

      OBAMA regulated the banking industry so that folks can’t be fucked and fleeced out of their 401k like they were under Bush

      OBAMA implemented a healthcare bill NO OTHER PRESIDENT WAS ABLE TO DO that keeps insurance companies from refusing to insure you if you have a pre existing condition and they can’t put a cap on how much they will spend on your medical needs.

      OBAMA DID NOT SEND JOBS OVERSEAS and to Mexico. BILL CLINTON DID. Clinton signed an executive order that led to the loss of tens of millions of American manufacturing jobs to China. He then signed NAFTA, which sent more to Mexico.

      So before you talk shit, know some shit.

  3. And it wouldn’t hurt if he would ditch that funky, arrogant ass attitude and HUMBLE HIMSELF. He has a reputation for being a real ass. That doesn’t help either.

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