Actress Accuses Jeremy Piven of Sexual Assault

jeremy piven assault

Hollywood is finally getting aired TF out!

Jeremy Piven, the actor who played Ari Gold on Entourage, just got accused of sexually assaulting actress Ariane Bellamar.

Bellamar spilled the tea on her Twitter and says she’s trying to gather the receipts!

Who got next?


  1. This dude has always been a perv and if I am not mistaken he is a stalker too, just ask his ex.

  2. EVIL is failing and falling… THE POWER OF PRAYER… Now is the time for all communities to pray (or chant or whatever you do) for the fail of GLOBAL evil or no more evil IN THE WORLD FOREVER..! not just hollywood… or corporate america… or inside of the household… EVERYWHERE..!

  3. The women came out first, then some of the men, now the pedos are being named, and then more men are coming out with their own abuse experiences. Hollywood is as it has alway been, filthy. So glad they are being exposed, now this needs to catch fire around the world. Evil loses in the end, aways.

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