Wendy Williams Gives Health Update After Passing Out

wendy williams passed out

Wendy Williams is resting comfortably at home after passing out during the taping of her talk show.

She posted this message to her fans to let them know she was well and staying hydrated.


  1. I believe Wendy had a MK-ultra breakdown. I have fainted before. I didn’t act like Wendy. I just fainted. How else can you explain a no talented old hoe getting a nationally syndicated tv talk show.

      • I have to 100% agree… it seems she realized a malfunction and tried to respond without it being caught. The way she fell most definitely gave it away smh

  2. Why y’all acting like you cant see what is right before your eyes, now you know damn well that heifa didn’t faint and that other video is a staged prop. Who really does all that to prove anything when so called rich folks go to IV bars and clinics to get re hydrated. That would have been more believable than this bs. Looking like they dope fiend asses done stole somebody’s snap card and ran to Walgreen’s and asked the Pharmacist want do you take for dehydration.

    Vanna!!!!! can I buy a vowel so she can get a clue? Geez people…all you have to do is look at her eyes…. Ask AL Roker, can you say The Holy Ghost?


    LOL #Ain’tFallingForTheLies #ClonesRUs #BreakingProgramming

  3. And the back screen is not helping. How You Booing? O_o! Really? Wolf howling on the side I cant…

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