Tyrese’s Still Broke & Waiting on Will Smith’s $5 Million Wire

tyrese will smith 5 milion wire

Did Will Smith and Jada Pinkett change their mind about sending Tyrese $5 million to help pay off his debts? Because the singer is sitting up in the studio, smokin’, sippin’ on a free Coca-Cola, and complaining that Will’s wire hasn’t come through yet LOL!

SMH Didn’t they tell him to stay his a** off the Internet??!


  1. I have not read nor heard that Will or Jage confirmed the $5M. Yup he really looks broke in that fur.

  2. I don’t feel sorry for this sweet lady (Pun intended). John Singleton gave him work in movies; he should have saved his money.

  3. Will and Jada gave him the money because Will don’t want big mouth Tyrese talking about all their trips to Dubai and elsewhere. This man is not broke but I’m sure the 5 million $$$$$, will cover more than his lawyer fees.. He need to definitely stay off if Social media, he talks too much, he worse than a teenager….5 4 3 2 1. He’s going to start spilling secrets if he don’t stat off of social media or an accident will be next..

  4. So he needs a jet to fly to Atlanta????
    BWAHAHAHAHA, no wonder his ass is broke.

  5. Tyrese!!! Why are you on social media? If Will and Jada gave you money, why do you have to put them on blast. Saying Thank You publically was good enough, now hassling him about it publically is prob going to annoy them to not give it to you. You need a Jesus not 5mil

  6. I thought one of the rules for him receiving $5 Mill was to stay OFF social media.

    Test Grade = F.

    Aren’t you supposed to be meditating with Russell, Ty??

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