Will & Jada Save Tyrese from Going Broke With $5 Million Gift

will smith jada pinkett tyrese

After revealing that he was going broke due to the legal fees associated with his recent court battles, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett have just bailed out Tyrese in a major way!

The couple gave him a gift of $5 million to cover all of his court fees and to keep him and his wife “afloat” during their time of need.

But there’s one catch – they told him to stay his crybaby a** off of social media, and he agreed…by posting about their gift on social media SMH.

tyrese jada pinkett will smith

He has since deleted the post.


  1. Tyrese… shut up Man…. you gonna have them people all in that Family’s business. THROW YOUR PHONE ALL THE WAY IN THE FUCKIN TRASH. What’s next? A IG post on your next bowel movement? You almost fucked up Beats by Dre Apple Merger by talking to fuckin much. SHADDDUP!!!

  2. Will and Jada are good peeps. That’s a lot of money to let go and I don’t care how much you worth. People are selfish and won’t relinquish $10 when they have only a million. They just toss it in your face to make you jealous and if they do give it to you they put it on there social media page.

    Gotta respect Will and Jada for letting go of that kind of money and not bragging about it. But Tyrese need to honor they request and stay off social media. Because he don’t realize that when to be a A list celebrity you have to keep a poker face, not be emitional

  3. I wonder why they wanted to help him out. That’s a lot of money. Maybe the gift can be written off on taxes.

    • Will Smith is a move producer, maybe it could be something simple like him working it off by acting or maybe it could just be a gift. I dont think thete is anything behind it. Cause if that was the case, Ty could of taken out a loan from a loan shark. Even if his credit bad, his fame credit still good so, im sure some bank wouldve loaned hil money just to rack up all his risiduals from his previous movies.

    • aiint no dick worth 5mills. gtfo of here with that shit.
      the Smith helped him out, (allegedly). but trust and believe… nothing is without a price.

      • And I just said the same thing.. On MediaFraudOut. Nothing comes without a PRICE.

        Mrs.Real ?

  4. Hell yeah. Social Media will bring the Bitch out of the manly of men. Hang up your dress Tyrese, and stay your gossiping, temper tantrum ass off the inter-webs; because all of your Bitch came out for all to see.

  5. if true, obvious hush money because tyrese does not seem to be afraid to air out hollywood a list laundry, for attention and or for money… info like casting couches, satanic rituals, who partakes, etc… now he doesnt have to raise a stink to get paid…. that $5 million pay off just prevented tyrese from making $20 million or more from getting angry and writing probably one of the best hollywood insider tell all books ever written…

    • Highly doubtful. Tyrese is a Hollywood “Homeboy”
      He stayed hood and will always be hood. No huge Hollywood stars hung out with him, mostly rappers. He has no debilitating dirt to spill on any big wigs.

  6. It does sound like hush up money though. And what does he mean his wife started the day off on the right foot. Why doesn’t he call her by name instead of his “wife”, like it’s her only title. The woman has a name. And why does he think we care and want to know about his day. I hope the dynamic duo aka the Smyths can control him better than the others who tried.

  7. I don’t trust the Smiths. Will got turned out by Quincy Jones and Benny Medina and Will tongue kissed his own son. Those two have sold their souls and their assholes to the hollywood demons.

  8. Nobody in hollywood gives you something for nothing. Will gave Tyrese “Sweet Lady” Gibson 5 million dollars? Will must expect something big in return. I don’t want to know what it is.

    • Will and Tyrese were in Dubai last year, they took pictures along with Will’s boyfriend Duane.
      They were all smiling, like people don’t know that Will has been sleeping with Duane for decades..

  9. so only fuckin with white women didnt benefit him after all. he ended up having to get it all back from black anyway.

  10. And no where in any of that did we hear a “thank you” to the Smiths. Incredible.

  11. tyrese sucked will smiths dick while jada fucked him in the ass with her strap on saying jody

  12. Sounds like Mr Tyreese had to perform some “favors” for that little 5 mil. Just like he and Will were in Dubai “stuntin” for rich Arabs.

  13. I see Jody gave them that “work”. Even in them movies Ty acts like a real MITCH. Because of HIM I can’t stand any of the F&F movies he’s been in. Instead of buying his baby girl an island of her own, according to what he told Wendall when he was on his show, he should sale the island get his finances in order, make SMART business choices, & then maybe buy Lil mama a vineyard or something…
    She doesn’t need an island right now, & he sure could use the money!

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