Exec Who Grabbed Terry Crews’ Package Placed on Leave

    terry crews accuser

    The high-profile Hollywood exec who grabbed Terry Crews’ package right in front of his wife at an industry event has been placed on leave.

    The WME agent, Adam Venit, was outed in Terry’s tweets on October 10th. Terry alleged that Adam groped him. He kept the incident to himself for years because he didn’t want to be ostracized in the industry.

    Adam was Terry’s agent, and a few of his other clients include Sylvester Stallone, Eddie Murphy, and Dustin Hoffman.

    HSK has a list of all the Hollywood bigwigs who’ve been exposed AFTER the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Time to add another perp to the list!

    SOURCEPage Six
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    1. I KNEW THE PERV WHO DID THAT TO HIM WAS NOT BLACK! mediaFakeout.com lying like a motha fucka. I knew it was a white boi. I’m glad this pervert got outed. Put that frog looking kermit ass fred munguwanga on the list next. Lyin ass.

      • That’s why I call it MediaFraudOut… MFO.. Yes I thought of that. I’m really getting tried of all their LIES.


    2. The way I see it, this is only just the beginning.

      What about exposing the celebrities that kidnap, rape, and murder innocent children just to maintain their “youthful” looks?

      I read somewhere that Jennifer Lopez does that type of sick shit.

      • Interesting that J-Lo became the hottest latina singer after Selina died. Even more bizarre is that J-Lo played Selina.

        • bizarre how? j-lo was the only option at that time. not to many latinas to choose from. highly unlikely a conspiracy theory. LMAO

        • jlo wasn’t that well known when selena died just a struggling actress and fly girl on livin color

    3. This white hollywood agent also represents Eddie Murphy? By now everybody knows how Eddie Murphy gets down. I don’t want to know what this agent and Eddie have done behind the cameras. Hollywood is a sick, satanic industry filled with homos and child molesters. My advice to Terry Crews is to get out now while you still have a chance. #BurnHollywoodBurn

      • “Hollywood is a sick, satanic industry filled with homos and child molesters.” <–This is the pathology of straight-haired human APE Caucasians. They have NEVER hidden their CRIMINAL NATURE. It is what makes them thrive and wealthy…perpetually. Without corruption, they are WEAK!

        They are only being themselves. WHEN are Blacks going to be their authentic selves. Emulating Caucasians in appearance, thinking, behavior and in activity is NOT the solution.

    4. So his agent groped him! Wow. The man is as big as T judging by the photo. I wish everyone was as upset and outraged by racism though. All this outing doesn’t eliminate racism-white supremacy.

      • Doesn’t end it. You have to know how these neanderthals were engineered. They will eventually turn on anything non-albino. Mark my words.

    5. terry still took the money he played gay roles so whats he complaining about aint no grown ass man gonna let a man rub his nuts and not get offended unless he was already fagging.

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