Did Tyrese Lie About His Jewish Dad?

tyrese lied jewish dad

After his court battle, Tyrese told his fans that his “Jewish dad” had whisked him away to a secret location on a private jet. But come to find out, it was all a lie!

Cryrese later posted a picture of himself meditating and said the jet took him to London. Then he switched it up and said he was actually in Africa.

But he outed himself by posting a Facebook Live video of himself at his home…he was in California the whole time.
tyrese lied jewish dad africa

In the video, a deranged Ty cries about his chef and twerks in his mansion’s hallway.

Stunt queen!


  1. Didn’t Will and Jada give him $5 million to stay offline? They should have had him sign a contract.

    Please Tyrese if you are reading this. Hand your social accounts over to a label rep and PR team.

  2. I believe the no name comedian when he outed Tyrese sucking dick for a movie role. Mr. Sweet Lady Gibson has baby mama drama and he is being accused of hitting his daughter? Those are big time signs of a DL brother. I have lost all respect for this dude.

  3. If Tyrese keeps fucking up, he is gong to end up more screwed up than Maia Campbell. By the way, Maia Campbell was in two of Tyrese’s music videos.

  4. I never believed it the first time, because his ass is broke.. There wasn’t any way he took a private jet anywhere on someone’s else’s dime. Common sense.

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