Terry Crews Reveals He Was Sexually Assaulted by Hollywood Exec

terry crews sexual assault

In the midst of the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandal, actor Terry Crews has revealed that he was assaulted by a high-profile Hollywood exec as well.


  1. What is sad is the silence is what allows this behavior to continue.

    Imagine if all these people came together spoke the truth, outed this madness and took appropriate legal action how many people this could save in the future.

    These people are allowed to cover up all the things they have done and continue to do to children as well. Like in the McMartin Case (children taken to Hollywood Hills and forced to participate in rituals & assaulted), Oak Hills & Boystown (High Powered Gov’t officials using youth homes as pedo-ring) where they used children sexually who lived in or were sent to these daycares & youth facilities.

    The children had more courage than these adults and told, but unfortunately these scumbags were allowed to intimidate these young people to the point where they were discredited.

    All this shit needs to STOP!!!

    These “stars” have an opportunity to speak and stand up for those who don’t have a voice and if they don’t after all this, they are just as big of hypocrites as the perpetrators they are protecting with their silence.

    • No “You” have the power to stop it! Cancel subscriptions, stop going to the Cinema, no DVDs turn your TV OFF. Can you lot do this? I have. This has been going on since before Clarke Gable got his role in “gone with the wind” via the casting couch, and it will carry on until you lot say enough!

      • If it were that easy why is all this shit still going on?

        You really think I don’t know how long this has been happening?

        People need to speak up and let people know what is going on and what and who they are supporting, but that means they would have their income affected as well.

        So those who care less about being famous and more about the human condition would have to be the ones who create the change in those industries.

        Too many people believe these situations are isolated incidents when they aren’t and until more people’s eyes are opened to what IS going on nothing will change.

      • At the end of the day I care more about what they are doing to children than any of these adults.

        The adults are making a choice, these children they use and abuse do NOT…it goes deeper than the “casting coach.”

    • The Hollywood Jhews have the billions, the poor and non-Jhews have the talent and want the millions. The Jhews know this and set up the society to make it that way, so they know they can abuse the masses and they will get away with it. How else will these others get their hands on millions?

      • Damn Tony, when did you start making so much sense? This isn’t the man I remember from the old days.

      • They don’t have shit, it is all a game and people are just too stupid to realize it.

  2. Terry needs to name names. Women are not the only ones groped and forced to do things. We are talking about the women now but you can’t assume the male directors / producers / power players were all straight. It’s great the casting couch is being burned to the ground but need more people to come forward. Right now, the guilty are shoring up for the flood coming.

    • No one in Hollywood is straight. Everyone is gay, bisexual/pansexual. Everyone in the industry, who has made it to a prestigious position, or has maintained longevity has had to do “things”, starting with getting on their knees, and taking some compromising photos, ect. The thing they don’t usually mention is how men and boys are also raped, and molested, and are subjected to the casting couch.

  3. THIS STORY IS A HUGE! A heterosexual married black man admitting that he was sexually assaulted by a hollywood mogul. This is proof that the hollywood gay mafia exists. This is proof that hollywood gay casting couch exists. All of the gay casting couch stories and DL stories Hollywood Street King have published are true. I’m glad Terry Crews was brave enough to reveal this terrible incident. I agree with Anonymous @ 10;04, he should have named names. I’m also glad Terry Crews controlled his temper. He used his brain instead of his muscles. He did the right thing.

    • These celebrities know that names could them and /or loved ones killed.Its not that easy. More is at stake than their celebrity status. But something has to be done to protect children. This is just wicked.

    • You are garbage, you say that after you praise the man?

      What kind of a two-faced snake are you really?

      If you were in that industry your bitch ass would be in a dress too and spare me the “no I would not shit”, because if you had any talent & entertainment were your passion, before youtube came along outing the industry, you would have taken the bait and fell in line like the rest.

      • If NBA was in the Industry he would dress up like Scarlett O’Hara if they gave him smce $$$and shine.

  4. It’s quite funny how the people are saying they either had to witness him shower, or whatever the case maybe.. plenty know what that world is about but deny it, I believe it’s more to this story but all the detail won’t be put out because of shamfulness and it could bring a domino effect

    • It should bring a domino effect.

      People need to stop the cycle, tell the truth & take action against these predators.

      The problem is they let one person take the fall and the rest go unscathed, because the majority of people live in fear of losing what they think they have, which is worthless when you don’t stand up and fight for what is right.

    • We know he asked the women do inappropriate things, we know he touched inappropriately, he gave oral sex to a woman that kept saying no, and so far everybody was at least 18. He made starlets wear his wife’s threads by force. We know he did some crazy sh*t with his company and charity and maybe taxes. We know his brother threw him under the bus, we know this story was buried 13 years ago. We also know that he is not the only one doing this, and finally, we also know that it was not limited to females. All that but the ONE big bomb has yet to drop. This man may just drop from a heart attack.

      • @14:10 – Uh oh… Please do drop the ☕️ ? ☕️ ? You’ve come too far to turn back now!

        • Clearly anonymous is referring to pedophilia and casting couching the children. Parents selling their kids out, i think.

  5. He didn’t say anything because he wanted to continue working in Homoweird (Hollywood). satan’s seed controls the entertainment industry.

  6. Who cares terry crews was shaking his ass like a bitch in Friday after next tb tried to rape Kat Williams so he still.went along with the gay agenda which means he liked it

  7. This actually happens to more males than females in the industry. Mainly because, men are less likely to come forward. Sick industry that has been operating in that perverted way from the beginning of time.

  8. That is not the only reason they prefer homo activity and going after little boys, much more to it than that.

    • Bottom line, they are perverts. Going after boys to groom them and they are males… less likely to report it.

  9. The company logo speaks for itself. Everybody who still wants to work in Hollow Wood or be associated with film and entertainment will continue to throw this man under the bus, just watch and see. Especially the Black ones…

    I see his demise in 5,4,…

  10. So many suffer in silence either we need our job careers and so forth got kids and family to take care of so we blow it off..we deal with it..it’s hella wrong. But I applaud him for speaking out ??

  11. I guess the hollywood exec knew who he could fondle Nd get away with. However if you play with fire don’t be surprised when you actually get burnt. He acts gay on tv all the time, soooooo…

  12. He sold his soul to the Devil to ‘get in’ in the first place. He probably has had to take a dick too but yet he wants our sympathy? No one made you seek out a career in Hellywood so I personally have no fucks to give. Turn to Christ Terry and may your soul be saved.

    • The perverts have appropriated entertainment. Who says it has to originate from Hollywood or New York. Who said you have to have sex to get a role. There is nothing wrong with acting. The perverts have stolen that industry and made it what it is. Why can’g you go and audition for a role where you either get it or you won’t BUT with these monsters, you are told sleep with me or no role for you. This is illegal. Last time you applied to work for some company, did they ask you to sleep with the boss first. Nope. It’s illegal. Hollywood made it the norm and it has to stop.

  13. For whatever reason, the hollywood mafia exposed Harvey Weisntein, who is one of their own. I wish they would expose Steven Spielberg. Spielberg’s movies usually co-stars little boys, gee I wonder why?

    • Do you really want the answer NBA? Or are you just jaw boning?

      The Hollywood mafia is not the force behind the exposure of HW.

      Ever heard of Steve Bannon? He is one of the shrewdest, intelligent, determined men in the world of the major players. It is his mission to bring down the Jooish powers that be…in Hollywood, politics, banking and media. He spearheaded the alt right movement at Breibart, and then he was taped to help Cheetolini win the election. The Joo loving status quo whites had him removed(protecting their benefactors) so now he is on a mission to destroy Jooish hegemony. It remains to be seen if he will succeed, but do not ever underestimate Steve Bannon.

      Oh, and he has the Mercers behind him. You know, the Mercers who could buy and sell the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson 5 times. Money is no object.

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