Barack & Michelle Let Malia Intern for Harvey Weinstein, Now They Regret It?

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Barack and Michelle Obama released a statement saying how disgusted they are by the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal.

“Michelle and I have been disgusted by the recent reports about Harvey Weinstein. Any man who demeans and degrades women in such fashion needs to be condemned and held accountable, regardless of wealth or status. We should celebrate the courage of women who have come forward to tell these painful stories. And we all need to build a culture — including by empowering our girls and teaching our boys decency and respect — so we can make such behavior less prevalent in the future.”

But for years, the Obama’s considered Weinstein a “good friend.” They, and other democrats, accepted millions in donations from him.

They also allowed Malia to intern at the Weinstein Company right after Obama left office.

During her internship, Malia was “ensconced in the production/development department…reading through scripts and deciding which ones move on to Weinstein brass.”

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  1. All these BS elected ”officials” are bought and paid for.

    If any of you think these people dems or repubes and I mean pubes are on your side you need to wake up.

    People need to realize it is time to get all these morons out and start from scratch, with people who actually have the people’s best interest at heart and who are not lining their own pockets with $$ from lobbyist, misappropriating funds or just plain stealing from the taxpayers.

    And all these shootings are false flags to trigger gun control, so if the people should ever consider overthrowing the gov’t…the real reason we have the 2nd amendment. We would not be able to.

    These people would not be able to do what they do without us electing them and they know this…I pray people wake the fuck up before it is too late. #Get & Stay WOKE Sistas & Bros!!!

      • Look bitch, just because you think you know a little…you don’t know shit.

        They don’t care what figure head wins, they control the pockets of the majority of these ELECTED and yes I said ELECTED officials.

        If you really knew anything you would know they don’t need to rig every election, because they use our $$ which they stole and continue to steal to buy these fools who are in office.

        The president does NOT run shit and has no real power, so they could really give a fuck who is in that position as long as the person does not know what their true agenda is, they could care less.

        If it mattered killary would be the president instead of the clown we have now! And trust if he gets too out of line they will take care of him like they have with any president who has stepped out of bounds.

        We the people need to be concerned about all these other fools in congress because they are the ones screwing us on the daily and they are the ones we need to overthrow to get things back in order.

    • Harvey Weinstein was the executive producer of Django Unchained, The Butler, Mandela: Long walk to freedom, The Janky Promoters, The Great Debaters and Scary Movie.

  2. Barack and Michelle Obama let their daughter intern for Harvey Weinstein. This was probably a sexual sacrifice. That’s one of the satanic rules in free masonry.

        • Only ill educated morons believe what they see and hear on YouTube and conspiracy theory sites.
          How do you think they makes money? By getting clicks. And to get the clicks they have to convince large numbers of people that they have the answers.

          But black people want to believe that shit because they hate white folks.
          Fine, I get it, but believing all the YT shit is very low informational level intelligence.

          • Only ill educated idiots, don’t know there are books with this information in them, fucking retard.

            Reading something other than blogs must not do much of either outside of talking shit on them.

              • Ha. Most of the dullards who spout the conspiracy theory bullshit here get if straight off off YouTube.

                I doubt they have read a book since high school.

                Anyone can write anything they choose in a book. It does not connote any credibility whatsoever.

                Try going to an intellectual site and then bring up one of the more popular conspiracy theories promulgated here regularly. You will be laughed at and written off as a loon.

              • LMAO…you talk about others, yet you go on “intellectual sites” for validation?

                You are sad and pathetic, try again…lol.

            • I get it, you come here to see what “black folks” are talking about and you report back on your BS “intellectual site,” acting like you know something here and there.

              I know you, you are a self-righteous prick and I know you are female, but you are still a prick…who thinks they are superior because of what you do, but you really are not shit.

              That is why you are sad and pathetic.

    • Agree. I guarantee there is more to the Weinstein story
      All of a sudden all these things coming out about him. Clearly, he really pissed some1 off.

    • Oh PLEASE NBA. She could not be less his type! I hope you are kidding.

      He wouldn’t touch her with YOUR dick.

      • You don’t think Harvey Weinstein is a pedo pervert, ask Rosario Dawson. By the way Rosario is super quiet about the Harvey Weinstein scandal; interesting!

        • Actually NBA I know for a fact that Harvey likes women between 21 and 26, preferably blondes. He may well be the scummiest heterosexual in Hollywood, but not even his enemies would describe him as a pedophile. He does not run in the Jeff Epstein circles.

          As for Rosario Dawson? N word please. She is in the same category as Malia.
          He is not interested. Rosie prefers the pink taco, but she goes both ways.

  3. Quote from Michelle Obama, This is possible because of Harvey. He is a good friend, a wonderful human being.”

    Get the fuck out of here, Michelle Obama is acting. She knows Harvey Weinstein is a sexual deviant. Michelle probably offered her daughter to Harvey Weinstein. Now the Obama’s are distancing themselves from Harvey Weinstein because his sexual devilish deeds have been exposed. The Obama’s can fool the weak and the naive, they can’t fool me!

  4. Do you want to know what hollywood is really all about? There are three movies you should watch; Black Starlet, Starry Eyes and Eyes Wide shut. Those movies graphically depict what happens behind the scenes in hollywood. One more thing, when you watch the blaxploitation movie, Black Starlet, you will notice that the star of the movie looks like and acts like a certain A list black actress.

    P.S. The movie Starry Eyes was blackballed by hollywood. Gee I wonder why?

    P.S.S. The director of Eyes Wide Shut, Stanley Kubrick mysteriously died one week after the release of the movie.

    • Wow, so you watched a couple of movies and youtube videos.

      What the fuck do you really know though? Pick up some books and read to know what the real agenda is and start working to do something about it, instead of rattling off about that which you think you know, but don’t even understand.

      • Here are some books I recommend black people read:

        1. Autobiography of Malcolm X: Alex Haley

        2. The Millionaire Next Door: Thomas Stanley

        3. Dancing With the Devil: How Puff Burned the Bad Boys of Hip-Hop: Mark Curry

        4. Dark Alliance: Gary Webb

        5. Secret History Of The American Empire: John Perkins

        • LMAO, No fool re-read what I wrote and try again!

          Just because you think you know a couple things, you really don’t know shit!

        • Include “The Synagogue of Satan: The Secret History of Jewish World Domination” by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock. It explains how the Bauers (Rothchilds) got the world economy from poppa satan and how they stole Jewish lineage from Black Americans.

      • NBA is hopeless. He believes all the stuff he reads online.

        It’s sad because he has an actual brain.

    • Yes, Starry Eyes was blackballed and buried. This would be a time to re-release it and if anybody tries to stop them the people who made it, out them too.

      • (in response to your handle) I hear you, um waiting for the sky to come unzipped…came on here in 2012, been MFed every since.

  5. Obamas are actors, they deserves Oscars, Kennedy, critically acclaim slug past his brain!

  6. Fact: Harvey Weinstein donated millions of dollars to Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign.

    • So what?

      He has donated to others campaigns too.

      Like I said these officials are bought and paid for, which is nothing new.

      • Weinstein is producing a movie about Trayvon Martin along side a little known Rapper called Jay Z. The story about Weinstein broke around the time the Cosby story broke. He paid off that accuser, but no black people (apart from me) ever spoke about it! Too busy burying the black man.

        • A trash ass predator is just that…race has noting to do with it.

          I hope cospig is convicted and this dude follows through with his suicide threat, since they are saying they don’t have enough to charge him yet.

          • Yeah ? How many Jews are on the list of assaulted by Weinstein? Lisa Bloom is going after Usher and Rob Kardashian, her Mum after Cosby, whilst she is representing Weinstein. You must share a Synagogue.
            P.S. Dr Luke who Kesha accused of raping her is what religion? Not fighting to get him sent down? Credible people are accusing Weinstein, convicted prostitutes and proven liars have accused cosby. Chloe Goins, Lousa Moritz, Patricia Matsen, Carla Ferigno ,Kristina Ruehli has repeatedly told a story that she was drugged and woke up naked in bed with Dr. Cosby. However, she forgot her original version of the story which was that she woke up fully clothed.

            • So because he is black he can’t be a rapist?

              Like I said REGARDLESS of race any pig deserves what they get and coshog is no exception.

              He chose a particular type of woman to offend because he wanted people NOT to believe them. Defending him just make you look as stupid as you seem to be.

          • Have you called out Director Brian Singer Annon or Dr Luke for raping Kesha? What religion are they? Race nothing to do with it indeed.

            • LMAO, why are you asking me who the fuck I have called out?

              What the fuck are you doing to combat the issue if it is one to you? Nothing, so please go sit down and STFU like you’ve been doing.

  7. Let’s not forget malia is already doing drugs and she was arrested in a drug bust and she was acting a fool.showing her ass twerking and this year she was head banging at a killers performance

  8. Harvey is a sick pervert, but ain’t no where near crazy enough to try that shit with that girl. He knew better.

  9. He must be a full scale serial rapist..all these code words and ppl running for their name sake…pizza hate much all of them knew what he was.

  10. What’s interesting is that Harvey Weisntein’s sexual deviance has been exposed to the public. Harvey is one of the most powerful mafia members in hollywood. Even more interesting is when Bryan Singer was accused of raping Michael Egan when he was under 18, hollywood and mainstream media defended Singer. Bryan Singer scandal was mentioned in the documentary An Open Secret.

    • THEY all are NBA, tom hea baby let me give you some milk. Just kidding lol. Why are we all deluding our selves, y’all know the shit is finna hit.

      #Detractions #TheyDontReallyCareAboutUs (99%) #PickASide

  11. All you niggas shut the fuck up.

    You aren’t taking action to clean up your communities so STFU!.

    Niggas read a few books and think they know what’s goin on.

  12. @ e.i koon….

    MF you don’t know who is doing what.

    You can barely spell read let alone know how to do it, so STFU.

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