Kim Zolciak Talks NeNe Leakes & Her Roaches

kim zolciak brielle nene roaches

Kim Zolciak and her husband Kroy Biermann showed up at “The Talk” to discuss the whole Brielle vs. NeNe Leakes roach debacle.

And Kim did what she does best…Lied her a** off!

Today on #TheRealS4, Kim Zolciak-Biermann, #RHOA, speaks on NeNe Leakes calling her whole family “racist.”

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After NeNe called Kim a “racist,” Kim has decided to “obtain legal counsel.”

“She put #KKK on the Instagram post. I’ve hired legal counsel at this point. It’s just that bad. It’s inappropriate. In this day and age, people are dying over racism. I’m on a show with all African-American women and I’m the only one that’s ever been on the show that’s Caucasian, so it’s the card that sometimes they play and it’s gross. And I won’t allow it.”


  1. To call it a “Card that they play” in itself is VERY White Supremist. That’s like both confirming that you think racist/white supremacy is both a card game, and something that other just make up in their heads. We all know White Supremacy is alive, well and “INSTIUTIONALIZED” in the US of KKK.

    • Thank you! I hate that phrase, “playing the race card,” because it trivializes it…and we know whites have been dealing from the bottom of the deck since we got here.

    • Kim needs to sit down. She would still be a nobody mistress whore if it wasn’t for Nene. And she is just another white women appropriating black culture for her own gain while using every black woman (not to mention gay or immigrant women) in “servant” positions. We know the real story with Kim Z. and her brood and who they really look down on.

  2. Millions of racist white females let black dyck into their bodies daily, but turn around nd threaten to have these same idiots locked up when they get in arguments in these relationships. #askAnInterracialDatingNegro! These chicks are royal so called, “card players”. They threaten everything to crying rape, having the black boyfriend locked up, etc if he does not comply to her wished in a “relationship”. So, the moral of the story is this: Kim could claim that her proximity to Black people makes her non racist, but there are white females who fuck black males and are STILL racist. May her case be dismissed. That comment she made, itself was racist AF.

  3. Kroy is dumb as all get out and Kim is racist.. it doesn’t matter if have black associates, you don’t treat them as an equal. Kim try’s to dominate everyone and her mini huzzy is no better.
    Tell your husband get a job

  4. ” I won’t allow it “. (???) Are they supposed to be on a talk show tour or something to tell their side of the story. Sounds like they are doing damage control so they don’t get labeled any further because that video and the texts are very ‘telling’.

  5. I read one time that they have nothing to do with his family. We know she is estranged from hers.
    So is their little clan isolated from ALL extended family?? I am surprised a man would ‘allow’ this!

  6. And this is relevant…. why?
    NeNe and Kim, are both ignorant woman with nothing better to do. This is what happens when they have entirely, too much free time. I don’t think it really has anything to do with race. They are just petty and vindictive.

    • True but Kim is worse than Nene because Kim uses a person until she gets what she needs, then she drop them via a lawyer. She never paid Kandi for that song, but she kept all the money.. Nene tried to tell Kandi that Kim is a user.. Kandi went off on Nene regarding the issue, and when Kim bit back Kandi was looking for backup and there was none. Don’t mix business with so called friendship at all, it’s never turns out right.. Kim and her gang is always going after someone..Why did her daughter come into someone’s house and film that, if not to start crap.. They weren’t invited to the party, this is the same woman that went after Kenya like she was going to hit her.l Kenya maybe crazy, but that woman boxes everyday, I would put my money in Kenya for the win…

  7. Pretty sure if there were any roaches, the Z”HO”LCIAKs bought them & filmed it to start some shit. Those stank ass neanderthots were already gripping like a frigging baby because they weren’t invited, but they still chose to crash the party in Kim’s hating ass birdbrain mind, she & her pitiful clan probably felt they were tardy to the party

  8. Kroy is a SIMP. He probably never had sex with a female before her. None of those rich tricks wanted to buy the cow, and Kroy got stuck with Elsy.

  9. Kim is such A NON FACTOR! SHe is nothing more than TRAILOR PARK TRASH! SHe came up on the backs of BLACKS. Kroy is stupid as hell! Marrying a hooka with two kids and he had none! Nene is supa stupid for bringing Kim to the RHOA! I refuse to watch that hot mess of a show. What the hell is DON’T BE TARDY?

    • In all fairness she came up on the back of her former Armenian Turkish married boyfriend Big Poppa. And it was Kim who brought nene onto the show believe it or not. I think it pisses her off that Nene became a much bigger star.

      Nene is liked a lot by white women and Kim is not.And we know how black women feel about her.

      • No it wasn’t Nene was the one to bring Kim and Sheree in the show.. Yes they were all angry because Nene became the break out star, they had more money than Nene..
        Kim is nothing short if a slut, but being white she’s good enough to have her own show..

        • Kim and Sheree did NOT have more money than Nene. Kim was a kept woman for Big Poopa who had (and has) a ranging gambling problem. And Sheree and kids were literally cut off from Bob’s money when they started the show. Nene was rich cause her hubby is a real estate consultant and was pretty wealthy in his own right before the show.

  10. When “they” play the race card it’s gross…wow and now tell us again who “They” are and why your not a bigot?? I’ll wait?

    • RIGHT!!!! LMAO @ your username… That shit is funny. I tried to give HSK a chance to be civil and phucked around and clicked on some clickbait ad that tried to download a virus. It’s back to AdBlockPlus for me. Ads are loaded witih roaches ??? ?

    • It’s a site, Nene needs to stop, because her old nose look better…

      • Yeah they both need to stop with the plastic surgeries already and I have to keep telling myself why should I even care because its all of this is just an illusion anyway. Shoot, they all are probably still friends sitting back laughing at our comments and counting their coins…

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