Tyrese & His Black Queen Get Matching Tattoos

tyrese wife matching tattoos

Tyrese and his wife got matching ink and shared video from their ink session on Instagram.


How soon before she regrets this?


  1. I only see ONE black queen in the picture and it aint Samantha Gibson née Schwalenberg.

  2. Girl you don’t have shit for a husband, he’s just flaming like the rest of the men in Dubai..
    He had that same shit eating grin on his face.. I just can’t with these Bisexual people, claiming they are straight.. For darn sure he’s a bottom.. Let’s have 3 snaps for that tea, child you better get tested.. Because I don’t know for sure, but he acts that way from Baby boy lol

  3. @UncleTom, I totally agree. Ty definitely Gay, Bi, or Tri-sexual like most of them. Male and Female.

  4. his not a man…I couldnt fuck with a dude who likes dick….good for you girl…black queen…not

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