Miss Jackson Is Standing by Her Man!

miss jackson nelly rape

Shantel Jackson, also known as Miss Jackson, isn’t about to let those rape allegations get in the way of her relationship. Despite the rumors, she shared a picture of herself all hugged up with Nelly after the news broke.


She’s also using the attention to promote their reality show.


Nelly has denied the allegations, and although his apology hints that maybe he had consensual sex with the alleged victim, he hasn’t confirmed that he cheated on Miss Jackson yet.


  1. Off topic: Hollywood Street King, can you please post the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal.

  2. Man Im really a psycho. I cannot comprehend why a woman and one as beautiful as she would allow any man to not wife her and make her a girlfriend.

    Thaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn i really really really can’t understand how you get cheated on and don’t want to ruin his life forever!!!

    I mean i cant!!!

    • its called forgiveness and letting go… maybe she should move on… but ruin his life…? forever..? that kind of thinking leaves me to believe that you are single… forever…

      • Welp youre wrong. Youre kind of thinking makes me think youre cheated on alot and never been in love. Cheating aint easy to forgive or forget, if youre truly in love with the person. Now when youre not in love with the person, its easy to forgive and forget.

        The fact that these woman keep supporting cheaters and not demanding these niccas turn over they last names only further proves they are only there for the come up. A woman in love with him wouldve packed her shyt and left.

  3. Does anyone watch love and hip hop LA? Ive only seen 2 episodes and Booby has macked half the cast of females.

  4. Yeeeeeuuup! Miss Jackson to the rescue when it gets hot in here. Fake, staged relationships, humph. He seems to be more occupied with promoting his materialistic lifestyle than trying to proclaim his innocence, dang lips just as shiny as hers.

    Why do I even bother with these people they are soooo transparent to me. (giving serious side eye)

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