Nicki Minaj, Please Stop With the Butt Shots!!

nicki minaj fake butt

Nicki Minaj must’ve got a re-up with the butt shots because her booty is looking crazy AF!

The rapper posted these shots on Instagram of her body looking all sorts of cray.

Is this sexy to y’all?


  1. Like with Kim, this looks like a body deformity. The saddest part is that they did it on purpose.

  2. Same…just the thighs thickening out now. But yeah, take care of that lil girl ya bro put his hands on to save face. He did that shit.

  3. Sara Bartman HAD to pose like some do today because she was owned and placed in a glorified zoo aka as a freak show and Europe paid to view her. If only some could today move past their desire to display body parts.

    • Unfortunately most black women don’t know anything about Sara Bartman. Most black women can tell you everything about Nicki minaj, Cardi B, Kenya Moore and baphomet Beyonce; so sad!

      • @NBA, You are right. Sara was enslaved into a horrible life. These women have a choice.

    • Please don’t compare the sad life of Sara Baartman to these wretched women of today. Sara was sold initially by a free black businessman to Europeans who then used her as part of a freak show. Abolitionist tried to get her freed from that horrible life but the establishment ruled in favor of her owner because of some contract she signed. The contract was probably invalid. After her death, her body was dissected and her buttocks, genitalia, skeleton, and brains were put on display up until 2002. Her remains were returned to South Africa in 2002 and she was buried in the Eastern Cape on South Africa’s National Women’s Day.

  4. This Fix A Flat bitch really thinks she looks good? What hetero sexual black man thinks this hoe looks good. I’m shocked her fake ass hasn’t exploded. Onika suffers from a serious case of self hatred just like Lil Kim. #YouIsAStupidHoe

  5. A black woman who suffers from self hatred is a black woman who is possessed by the demons of white supremacy. Black women must learn to love God, love themselves, love their bodies and love their melanin. The original woman is the most beautiful woman. Melanin is a gift, not a curse.

  6. she dont see how ugly she is. or maybe she does. hopefully these pics arent for her brother you know how they get down.

  7. The sad part is Nicki is a pretty girl she doesn’t need all of that but oh well her life.

  8. All dat azz does not look sexy to me.

    Funny how the masses are so caught up in asses these days.

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