Old Video of Brett Ratner Being Creepy AF With Serena Resurfaces

serena williams brett ratner

Now that Brett Ratner has been exposed for his predatory ways, an old video of him and his ex-girlfriend, Serena Williams, has resurfaced.

The video is creepy AF, from Brett calling Venus “sexy legs,” and Serena dumping his crazy a** right there in front of the camera.

Serena dodged a bullet, but we forgot she’s been on that white peen for a minute…


  1. Like black men ain’t been out chasing white peen and pussy. Not her fault black don like darkskin women.

    • It’s not love. It’s a sick fetish – just like their penchant for raping.

  2. She looks like she doesn’t want people to know he’s her _______(fill in the blank). Someone who knows the industry said that white people are given black bodies – that no one black gets to choose who they will be with in the industry – they are just delegated like the antebellum times. Seeing this video makes me think that it’s true.

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