Mariah Carey & Longtime Manager Split

mariah carey stella bulochnikov split

Mariah Carey’s Lambs have been begging her to get rid of her longtime manager, Stella Bulochnikov, and the singer has finally decided to pull the plug.

The two “mutually decided to part ways” after Stella found it difficult to manage Carey’s “erratic behavior.”

Now that Stella’s gone, sources say Mariah’s boy toy, Brian Tanaka, has been more involved in helping to manage the singer’s career and daily schedule.

This should be interesting…


  1. Ha ha. Why r u protecting this sorry ass topic.

    Who gives a fuck about mariah carey?

    • My question is why do they keep removing comments that call them out on their B. S. topics/stories this site posts? LMAO.
      Yes, not much interest in Mariah.

  2. Removing my response does not change the truth Sasha.

    This blog is not about what you want to see only, that is what you need to remember.

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