Child Abuse Investigation Against Tyrese Gets Dropped

tyrese child abuse dropped

Tyrese’s Jewish daddy came through in the clutch because all of his child abuse charges have been dropped!

The Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services closed its investigation that Ty beat his daughter Shayla.

They won’t be seeking any criminal charges against the (former?) Fast & Furious actor.

After his final court hearing, Ty’s “Jewish dad” whisked him away on his private jet to an undisclosed location. The actor confirmed the plane took him to London where he has been meditating and receiving supportive phone calls from his Hollywood friends, like Jada Pinkett Smith.

His ex-wife has agreed to give him supervised visitation today and on Monday, but since he’s getting his yoga on in London, looks like he’s going to miss out on those visitations.

So was he doing all that crying and pleading to look like a devoted dad? SMH


  1. Well thats good, im glad his evil babymama drama is over. I hope he stop posting stuff on social media, im glad his Jewish dad help and it sounds like he need to rethink about his wife.

    Most of all im glad he quoting the bible. The Rock seem like hes a forgiving person cause he ignored all of this. So maybe they will make up and Ty can still get his coins.

  2. Does she get the restraining order? CPS was probably dropped because there were no photos or medical records.

  3. No charges but he is now on the radar and with everything going going on in Hollywood with abuse allegations, child abuse, etc. we know this man will never lay hands on this little girl, ever. He has also made himself practically unemployable so good luck to him trying to get a job in that industry.

    • I mean they’re much worst alligations about celebrities than whopping your daughter, getting mad at the Rock and being bipolar on instagram. If anything Hollywood will use this to sell Fast and the Furious. Hollywood aint loyal to nobody and they only take sides with whats going to make them more money. And after this little family/ friend beef they will probably make more money by makiing them film together.

      He may have went cray cray for a week or so but, not to the point he ruined his whole career. None of it was that serious! Im sure the Rock aint care either.

    • And with what his babymama was putting him through im sure any body with a heart could understand. He just went off the deep end for a week. All them celebrities crazy, Tyrese not crazy he just emotional…

    • ??. I aint want to say nothing since he on such a positive kick from the other days. Lol just was gone let him be happy?

    • … Because the moral of the story is that, Celebrities are human. You aint supposed to worship anyone but the god in you.

  4. His Jewish Daddy, paid her to drop the charges.
    Now, Tyrese’s JD officially owns him.

  5. That “jewish daddy” of his took care of that real quick. They must had the time of their lives that night. Got him calling him “daddy” on the gram, lol. Dang….

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