Chrisette Michele Admits to Stealing Gruesome Miscarriage Photo

chrisette michele fake miscarriage photo

Chrisette Michele stopped by The Breakfast Club and admitted to using a fake miscarriage photo on Instagram.

The singer said she found the picture on a message board and used it to illustrate her point. But people are still outraged because Chrisette made it seem like the picture was of HER actual miscarriage.

At the end of the day, her miscarriage was real. Can we forgive her or nah?


  1. She did not need to see a photo of a miscarriage. Still doesn’t change the fact she had a miscarriage. Some things you keep to yourself or doctor, or family specially if she hadn’t announce she was expecting.

  2. i Wouldn’t wish a miscarriage on any woman and with that being said she looks like she’s trying to get pity from the same people she basically said fuck u I’m singing for trump! She gets no sympathy from me. Best thing she can do is coon herself out even more and maybe become a country singer or something.

  3. How many abortions has she had? Maybe the miscarriage was a side effect of her past. She needs to stop feigning victimization, unless she’s ready to put the entire story out there. Shock value and attention getting at its best. smh

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